It is called the t bolt 20 pro its powered by intels core i5, its the 8259. U, it is an 8th gen one, so it is yes dated now. This laptop here has 8 gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of sata 3 storage with expandability. You can add another ssd in this the battery capacity 55 watt hours. It has a full spec type c port backlit keyboard, a large touchpad and ill screen on this one. 15.6. Inches its 60 hertz full hd anti glare, so lets take a look at the teclast t, bolt 20 pro. So inside the box. We do have our power cable, a 57 watt charger, which takes just over two hours to fully charge it windows, user manual and a warranty card, and then the weight of the t bolt 20. Pro lets take a look. It is 1.88 kilos pretty much spot on with their claim, and the total travel weight is 2.17 kilos almost 2.18. Looking at the right side now of the laptop we do have here, a kensington lock slot usb 3.0 usb 2.0 headphone jack with mic support and a micro sd card reader, and like always, this one is just usb 2 spec, so it maxes out at about 23 Megabytes per second reads and writes on the left status led. This is our dc in there for charging hdmi 2.0 spec, which is 4k 60, another usb 3.0 type c. Now this one is full function.

That means data power, delivery and video out up to 4k. 30. Is all im able to get out of that one, and this is just a data usb 3.0 type c port. This little switch here with the status led, that is to disable the webcam along the front of the laptop theres. Nothing and the back here is our exit vent where the hot air, from that core, i5 8th gen, is going to be blowing out the back 28 watt cpu. Now the thickness measuring right here is approximately 20 millimeters, but this rear rubber foot, which is very large, adds to the height thats, an additional. Then eight millimeters bringing up the total thickness right here to 2.8 millimeters, making it well as thick as some gaming laptops so standard affair here with the keyboard, its not a bad keyboard to type on im, pressing down really hard here in the middle. There really is no flex its an average keyboard to type on like its not super premium, the feeling of it, but the keystrokes are okay. The feedback we do get from it. Travel is only about 1.3 to 1.4 millimeters. You can see a compromise here with our number pad its a little cramped and then the half size arrow keys. Now there is this here, which is a function lock, button thats rather handy to have media controls, and yes, it is a backlit keyboard. So its two stages, you can change that thats using the function.

Key youve got the first stage and the second so just turn off the light for a second, and you can see, it does stand out now its actually looking a little worse than what it really is, its great to have a backlit keyboard, but again were seeing An uneven backlighting from it, so you can see backspace here that is slightly brighter on one side, dull, in the middle, the same with over this area too, but all up its not too bad of a keyboard and the touchpad lets talk a little bit about this. One right here so its not a glass touch pad. It is very large and i find the finer movement and the sensitivity are good and of course it does support windows. 10 gestures. The lid on this laptop is made out of a brushed alloy, very, very easy to scratch. It does have this plastic on it for transit, so it doesnt get scratched up and the lid cant be opened, one handed well. Actually it can just be opened up. One handed, as you can see right here now: weve got two loudspeakers and our power button is separated away here from the keyboard, which is good, t bolt branding and this palm rest here and this area is made out of plastic the underside material. This is plastic. We have a screw right in the middle. This is why the keyboard does not have any bounce or flex to it.

It feels quite rigid, and you can see here that giant rubber foot there at the back. So it looks like intake vents right here. There is no easy access, hatch to add another ssd or more ram to it right here. Either side are two downwards firing speakers, so there are the two at the top and then these ones making four in total and the internals. So a little difficult to get off. You have to unclip and use a pry tool around the edges. So weve got some good and some bad in here the bad. Well, this sold it on ram so thats ddr4, spec, 2.4 gigahertz wireless card, not im upgradeable tech. Last brand sata, 3 ssd. We can install one more right here. You can see that can take a 22 by 80 55 watt hour battery a lot of free space. So this is why the keyboard, doesnt flex, another reason its got a metal backing behind it, so thats why it does feel quite good. We also have a metal hinge and around here there is a bracket to reinforce that, which is quite good, that connects up to the kensington lock slot, at least there, and you can see the downwards firing larger speakers and then the two little ones at the top And over to our screen here, 15.6 inches its an ips 60 hertz and the maximum brightness, according to my spyder5 pro, is about 290 nits and were just looking now at its color reproduction here and the coverage so weve got 48 adobe rgb poor, very poor p3 Is 47 ntsc is 46 and srgb of only 64.

, so it is a poor panel. Now the brightness indoors for light general office kind of tasks, internet browsing stuff like that, its fine, but not for professional use, at least being anti glare and around 290 brightness. It does look okay here indoors, its just that color coverage is really bad and up the top here, weve got our webcam and the top bezel hd quality here is a sample. Now. This webcam quality is not that good ive got standard lights on at the moment. I havent turned my powerful studio lights on, but the frame rate of this video look at this. You can tell its not 30 frames per second, its only about 15 frames per second, the audio is being recorded on those dual array: microphones, that are either side of the camera and it does have a status led to let you know its on and if you Flick the switch on the left. You can hard wire, disable it so thats wired up its, not software, its completely cutting out that camera. If you wanted to do so for privacy reasons, just briefly a look at the bios which, as expected, is completely unlocked, get all the advanced settings, and that includes overclocking menus. So this is where you could under vault increase power limits. If you wanted to do so, but the trade off is, you will generate more heat and probably run into thermal throttling. So absolutely every setting there is available to us.

I would not mess about with any of those settings if you dont know what youre doing so lets get into windows now so t bolt 20 pro here does have 2.4 gigahertz ram ddr4 spec and you can see there that it isnt dual channel okay, but only Eight gigabytes, i really wish this did ship out with 16. I think, would have been a little bit better. Now we have windows 10 pro here: okay and its activated with a digital license. There is no problem with that. Now. If we take a look at the device manager here at our disk drive that i showed you, it has the tick last label on its their ohm branded ssd, and these are the speeds here on the right, so its a sata 3 drive, unfortunately not mvme spec. Although for some reason i put nvme here so ill remove that, because no its not so on first boot, you get about 205 gigabytes free the wireless card. This is a disappointment, so we have the wireless ac 9461 and we should have wireless ax. Intel, ax, 200 or 201 card would have been a lot better with bluetooth 5.. This one has a bluetooth, 4 spec. Maximum throughput is about 340 megabits per second, which is all right, but there is no gigabit lan on board here with this particular laptop, which is a shame. So our processor, with the iris plus 655 graphics, 28 watts, and you can see right there.

We do have it listed eight times because it has eight threads, its a quad core and 3.8 gigahertz is the maximum turbo with this. This is our geekbench five score here, so just over at 1, 000 points for single core score and over 4 000. Here for the multi core score center bench are 23 scores, so 3 687 points is not bad at all. For the 82 59 you, okay, the core, i5 ive, seen close to 4 000 and i have not undervolted or increased power limits or any tweaks. This is all 100 stock, so system performance overall seems very quick, so document spreadsheets all load up pretty much instantly, no real problems, even large ones. I wont go over that because its pretty straightforward there now a couple other benchmarks. I did run 3d mark. So this is firestrike, so under 2000 points just under for our graphics score, not amazing, but for integrated graphics for 8th gen. This was quite good, of course. Now the iris xe does perform a lot better than this, and then we do have the night raid score here for integrated graphics, graphics, score theyre, just over 8 000, not too bad, and later on, i will get on to the gaming performance. So i wanted to test out youtube here in chrome. I have a 4k test, well see how this runs it, because we should be able to handle this just fine ill, enable those stats. The only possible problem really is my internet connection here, but no that actually seems to be working just fine.

Of course, i will full screen this well see the result so drop frames, none very good. Vp9 codec plays it just fine, okay, so native file, playback, vp9 and hevc really no issues at all with that. You can throw everything at the iris plus graphics 655 here and it just handles it with ease so a very decent performer. Even though now of course, yes, 8th gen is quite dated and onto our audio now so we have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with mic support, no complaints from me out of it its loud. It does sound, quite clean the audio through it. So right now, im going to test out these speakers. Weve got four in total. The two downwards fraying ones are the best. The ones up top dont really seem to add that much but hey at least we have them. They are so far. Probably the best speakers in a tech last laptop but theyre still not really that good, so heres that sample at 100 max volume, 4k video editing now this is with adobe premiere pro. So the timeline here with the playback resolution set to just one quarter is fine. Okay, it drops frames occasionally, but really for the maximum performance. You do need a dedicated gpu, even though the integrated gpu this one, the iris plus 655, more potent than what we have seen on previous or other 8th gen, its not too bad the timeline here, but still not the fastest so export times.

For one minute of footage, which i will select, this will be with the youtube preset, well see how long it is going to take normally. This is just over a minute there we go so that was approximately one minute and 52 seconds or so so. Ah, just two minutes almost double time here, not the fastest result. I have seen counter strike now. So how will it game here with that iris graphics, which is the iris plus 655, so were getting a frame rate here about 60 frames per second and yeah? A few little dips right there, so i wont touch you too long here with my terrible gameplay, i tend to die pretty quick anyway, so the performance here with that smoke and that grenade just going off all the flames and everything did dip down, but its all Right here considering this is integrated graphics, the 8th gen. It used to be really good, but its been superseded, of course, by that iris, xc, graphics, so im just go charging in here. Oh, i cant believe i didnt actually get a kill. There must have surely hit him. I didnt see him at first all right, oh well. Im dead lets take a look now at gta 5. How thats going to run so by the way counter strike here was 1080p lowest possible settings and gta 5. Here i have set to the normal level of settings, so the population density view distance and that other one is set to the middle and you can see its not even 30 frames per second here at 1080p, so its just too demanding.

So you really need to run this game in 720p. Then you get around 40 frames per second making it well semi playable i mean if youre used to playing this on older last gen consoles, then thats pretty much the frame rate we had anyway around 30 frames per second. So you could say that yeah i mean look were getting 30 now its yeah kind of playable, not too bad, but really id love to have 60 frames per second, but the iris plus graphics simply cannot do it onto our thermals now on fan noise, so unfortunately It gets up to 93 degrees c here, as you can see, and it does trigger thermal throttling affecting the performance a little bit once it gets up to those temperatures. Now i have been pushing it very hard for one hour now so thats been benchmarking gaming thats pretty much the hottest it will get now above the keyboard is actually very good. The temperatures so no problems with that fan. Noise is excellent too, its just a minor little whooshing noise. You can hear there in the background. It does not get super loud at all, so thats the positive but the negative. Yes, it did throttle now onto our linux support. So, just very briefly, i wanted to point out that it works just fine on this particular t. Bolt 20 pro laptop audio controls are working, the touchpad is working, fine wireless is working, so everything does work here with a new distro.

As long as youve got a new one, the drivers will all be supported. This is an old wi fi chip, so no issues whatsoever with drivers and yeah. It does run really well on the spec of laptop and now our battery life, so at 30 brightness the screen and just doing light work relatively close to my wireless router. I was able to get just over seven hours, thats just youtube and just doing very, very light kind of work. Now, if you step it up to mixed use and youre doing something thats a little bit more demanding, then the battery life will drop down to about five hours if youre gaming or video editing youre, looking at about two and a half hours with only a 55 Watt hour battery – and it is a rather powerful 28 watt chip that can use up to 55 watts, or so at its peak there. So the backlit keyboard it is nice. It is like an acer or a zeus, keyboard from about two three four years ago: laptops the medium or entry level laptops from them that is touchpad, not bad at all. Finer movements are great because the cursor does not jump all over the place. It is a usable touch pad which is good, its a plastic palm rest plastic on the bottom, and then the lid is metal. The hinge is good, its quite stiff. It goes all the way back. It is a metal hinge and not bad.

The screen, as i pointed out, is disappointing, so this is only 290 nits and the color count coverage there. The gamut um its not good at all, okay, so not for professional use, not for editing photos or video this, even though the spec of laptop is good, for that is quite powerful, so you can edit 4k video. You can do a lot of photoshop things like that with this. It has that power, so the non expandability is quite disappointing for the ram. Okay, we cant add an extra sodium and bring it up to 16 gigabytes thats a disappointment. We can add an additional mvme drive in this, which i do like, but on the bottom of it. Where is that quick and easy access single screw a little hatch to then install a secondary nvme drive? No, you have to remove the whole rear cover, which is a hassle, its probably just a one off job. You will do, but still its not for everyone, a lot of screws and then its clipped in quite hard. You need to use a pry tool, theres risk of damaging it, and why is the boot drive safe to three and not mvme? I guess they saved the faster spec for the expandable storage yeah, not great so wi fi ax. It should be sorry. It should be ax, but weve got wi, fi ac, so wi fi five spec with only a single antenna to it. I still managed to achieve over 300 megabits per second transfers, but really they need to be on the latest generation of wi fi.

I feel with a laptop like this now the pricing of this one here. How is it i think, its too expensive, so 580 euros at the time of me. Recording this review is a bit too much thats too steep for me for a brand like this. Considering the fact that if you spend just a little more at least here in europe, you can get a 11th gen intel core i5 laptop with a very similar spec to it, with probably better build quality and probably even a better screen. So there we go. That is the full story of tech. Last new t bolt 20 pro.