It has a beautiful screen, which is actually at a 2k resolution. It has android 11 and it has a lot of power to deal with what i need as someone who basically uses tablets to read the news uh to watch, videos and movies, and this can do it really fast. So today, im going to tell you all about my experiences with it lets begin by a quick unboxing. The first thing i want to tell you guys is that youre going to get everything you need with uh. This tablet definitely the charger, the usbc to usbc, cable and the box, and another thing i want to tell you guys that are ordering for the first time. A tablet from china is that this is not a screen protector. The first sheet is usually going to be just a plastic bag, so always take it out and not only take this uh sticker out. Take the actual plastic out because the screen protector is beneath it and many people that i met dont understand that this is just a piece of plastic thats, not an actual screen protector. So, first of all lets look at the tablet itself, as you can see. Right now it has android 11 thats. One of the biggest features with this tablet and for me, having an android 11 tablet means that i can get all my apps on it and uh im, basically future proof, at least for a year or two um.

Until my apps actually move to android, 12 and and then ill have to switch tablet because thats what you have to do with these uh type of budget tablets now, the second thing is the speeds um. We basically have a really good cpu here and we also get a gpu the money gpu on it and uh the cpu actually gets the job done. You can see that this unisoc tiger t618 is very fast and im. Sorry that you dont see everything in english. Actually, because im doing this in multiple languages, this video and by the way, if youre for the first time here, youre more than invited to subscribe uh, because i uh just review gadgets thats all i do here on youtube and i would love to see all my Future videos, so all in all, i got all my apps on it um. The screen is amazing. Its a high resolution screen its 2k screen, so we get 2000 by 1200 resolution on it. The needs brightness rating here is 350 and you really feel that its very high uh brightness you can take this outside youll still be able to read out anything that is displayed on the screen. Look how fast this is im gon na just open up. I have netflix over here. I have my videos on youtube. I just play a video right now and youll see thats one of my videos um its really amazing its fast everything is so freaking fast.

You dont expect that when buying uh such a budget tablet now the screen to body ratio here is also very good. As you can see, theres not much uh beyond the screen, you have the volume buttons on the top, which is not the best. If you ask me, i actually wish they were on the side, because its less reachable over here um, you still have it, though its the volume buttons over here the power on off switch over. Here we get the uh sd or sim cards dot on the side. That means that you can actually uh use this with a sim card. You can actually connect to a wireless network to a broadband network and actually get internet without wi fi, obviously theres wi fi on this uh, but uh you can get an internet everywhere just by using it and theres. Also an expansion storage card over here. So you can get 5 512 megabytes gigabyte, sorry extra, then what youre going to get on this, which is gon na, be 128 gigabytes with an eight gigabytes of ram. So if you havent watched this movie by the way its my last video of the asus vivobook laptop, so we just looked at the youtube video but, like i mentioned before, im going to open some more websites just to show you guys. This is one of the biggest uh and the busiest websites that you can actually access on my in my country and, as you can see, everything is ultra fast um.

It feels like it it just. The cpu is uh enough to to get anything done. If you are reading the news lets, have the gyro just make sure im gon na refresh the page and im gon na just gon na show you guys how fast this is uh, while loading pages so its its a big thing for me – and this is yeah Israeli media, you cant turn off the ads thats. What usually happens uh on these websites, so im gon na just gon na refresh it again until im getting an ad, which i can turn off here. It is so yeah very fast, very freaking fast, even on the busiest websites uh. This is a website full of ads, as you just saw. So i just i just love this. I think its uh one of the best tablets that ive used in terms of performance uh. I actually tried running geekbench on it and uh. I got a 382 score for the single core uh on this and uh. The multi core was also nice, but its not the best. I mean its around 1300, its not going to be a score that you usually see on a high end phone, for example, where youre going to pay 2 000. Maybe um im talking my currency like 500. More than what this guy costs so yeah its performance wise, it gets the job done so im going to put links in the video description.

Obviously, so you guys can see the current pricing for it, but i think we talked about most of its uh specifications. You do get a pair of cameras on it, um the 13 megapixel rear camera with autofocus and the front facing eight megapixel camera. These are not the best i tested them out. I dont think its something that you will be using, obviously to take any important photos or pictures with, but you still have the option to use them for lets say you want to do a zoom conversation or something like that um i did use it uh in My zoom conversations – it was good enough im, just gon na show you how it looks like um, at least so you can see from the tablet but uh its, not that very blurry. If i put it here so here, it is im gon na put also the source images, if you guys really want to see them on the video description, so its not the best its, not something that i would definitely use uh to take professional, uh photos and Videos, but it does get the job done for any meeting. You would have and an app that you need to to use obviously to get this meeting uh and the build structure. Didnt talk about that much its a 10.4 inch tablet, and the biggest thing for me was that this doesnt weight much it around its on 480 grams, which is amazing any tablet below 500 grams or half a kilo, is a great for my um, at least for My experience its not too heavy, usually you get a lot above 500 grams and its just too heavy for me to use as a tablet.

So the weight here is amazing and you do feel like its a premium tablet. You feel that when you hold it, you see the bezels on it its an aluminium frame. Everything feels like this is a high quality tablet, so yeah obviously really recommend it. Two things that you got ta understand when buying this, which is probably something that many people would uh would not even go and research um. The first thing is the cameras they talked about it, its not going to be a tablet youre going to use for photography. Obviously, the second thing is that, if you are planning to uh, do some heavy gaming thats, definitely not the tablet for it. It could easily run games like pubg or any other game actually, but its not going to give you the highest frame rate and its not going to give you the highest in terms of performance, because you will need a better, faster gpu cpu pair for it. So its gon na get everything running for you if you occasionally play games, but if you want to do some like tournament type kind of games, um thats, not it thats a budget tablet thats the one youre going to throw on your uh living room in your Living room in some kind of uh lets say drawer somewhere. You want to take it out and read the news and watch some movies, maybe thats it thats the tablet youre gon na get and its probably the best one you could get uh at this price range.

Its definitely better than the chewy one i tested or the iplay, so i love it. I think its an amazing tablet and im gon na definitely recommend you guys uh. If you are looking for a budget tablet to get this, i uh, i think im gon na go on and continue watching reality tv on it thats what i did before this recording of this review, and i definitely invite you to subscribe. If you want to see more of my video reviews, i have some cool stuff coming up. You dont want to miss out on believe me and i hope ill see you on my future videos im going to put two video recommendations over here for you to watch another one over here and the option to subscribe. If you havent done so already. Thank you very much for watching.