This one here from Teclast is their T40 Pro and it has 8 gigabytes of ram with that. Unisoc t618 chip, its got lte support, so dual sim with lt band 20 bluetooth 5. It also has gps a hardware compass with that gps fm radio. You can place calls texts on this, so quite a lot is on offer. Here. The screen is a 10.4 inch screen with a 2000 by 1200 resolution, its quite bright. There are four speakers and it has a 7 000 milliamp hour battery. This to me is right now the best of the affordable tablets. You can get with android 11 that it ships with included inside our box youll find a user manual. We have a charger which is a type c one and then a type c to type c, cable theres. Also, this optional extra that tech class do sell for it, which is a cover case for it. So it has this that flips right back, so you can use it as a stand and then the back just a standard kind of tpu style case. It does fit. The tablet perfectly, of course, coming from the manufacturer for an affordable tablet. This one really has a nice build to it. So its got this nice alloy on the back of it very smooth finish, and i love the fact that its got rounded nice curved edges all along the edges of it. 13 megapixel camera right here. There is a strip of plastic at the top thats for the bluetooth 5.

0, the lte band 20, supporting 4g antennas and then wireless ac that it has on board with it. So it does also have a hardware compass with gps built into it, and the build very good for this range, its even better the build quality than this here, which is the audio cube. I play 40 pro same spec, but this one definitely steps it up with the build quality that you have with it. Now it does weigh 480 grams. The thickness is 9.5 millimeters and when you take a look at the front of it here, bezels theyre not bad. Okay, theyre reasonably slim for these kind of tablets, theyre not super chunky. What we used to see before so eight megapixel camera hit the front, and this is another area where its superior to other models is. It does have an ambient light sensor built within it. So it is nice and thin about 9.5 millimeters, so we have two speakers here at the top and then our sim tray, so the sim tray takes micro, sd cards. If you give up on that micro sd card, you can then run dual nano sims here. So 4g lte band 20 is mentioned, support is there and it supports a lot of popular bands, which is great. I do have the european version here then down the bottom. We have a another two speakers and ill give you a sample of just how they sound. Then, on the left side, weve got our type c port, as mentioned charge times about two hours for the seven thousand hour battery and what i think is a little reset button.

Inside there, volume up and down and power buttons are made out of metal. So the build quality is excellent. Love those rounded corners, the fact that theyve gone with alloy on the back of this, and when you give it a bit of flex it doesnt flex, theres, no creaks it doesnt make any noises. It does not feel cheap at all. In fact, it feels really like a more expensive or mid range tablet, the build quality that teclas gone with, yet at the affordable category. Now we have an excellent screen in this tablet from teclast that is 10.4 inches. The resolution is 2000 by 1200. It is an ips panel. Now i dont have any problems with the touch response or accuracy. It is really good and it is a bright screen too. If i just get out of that and go into the settings here and turn it right up its going to completely overpower my camera, it is bright. Okay, 540 nits is the peak whites that im measuring, and that is excellent. So we dont normally see that, but now recently a lot of these brands are starting to use much better panels and its paying off, because we really want a great screen and a tablet of course. So if you go into our display settings theres a few little options that we do have in here, so your typical eye, comfort, mode, dark theme, colors and contrast, so we can go and tweak that white balance to your own preference there, which is great now what I do like to see: is this adaptive brightness its sometimes its very handy? Now it does work quite well.

It will set that brightness automatically, so you dont have to go and keep changing it if its too bright in certain scenarios, its going to be all automatically its a pretty standard thing, but most affordable tablets wouldnt actually have that. There is also this backlight power saving. Now this is supposed to save quite a bit of battery, as it helps to just tone down on the brightness there in certain scenarios, just to save a bit of battery life so good to see that options there. Now? What about the rom then? So it is an android 11 rom that we are running stock, android theres, just one criticism with this rom from me. The performance is very good, but i just wish with the launcher at least i could get rid of this here and have it maybe at the bottom, so youre not unable to do that. The fix, of course, is using something like nova launcher or apex launch. If that is still around, you can use that and then of course you do have all your apps there and an app drawer performance is good and youll, see here too fm radio, so weve got fm radio, gps hardware, compass, lte there, bluetooth five, it does offer Quite a bit this chipset and thats. Why were still seeing in 2022 now brands going with the uh unisock tiger t 618 and then the multitasking on this, its quite smooth, especially going along to your recent apps here, no real noticeable lag here.

If youre not running anything too heavy, that is of course now. If youve got a game going on in the background, then it might bog things down a little bit free available ram. You get quite a bit on first boot, more than uh the current four that ive got because ive got a few apps open there, but normally its around about six or so you get. It does have eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of emmc, 5.1 storage. So i get onto some benchmarks here lets: take a look first at what we get with free available space, so youre, looking at approximately a hundred and fourteen hundred and fifteen gigabytes, and of course you can expand upon that with a micro sd card. Now the antutu score here shows that this is low end okay, so it is a 236 000 points. Now it does actually perform reasonably well this chip. Now we used to get before some mediatek chips, some of the other ones that uh well older generation ones octa cores that wouldnt even perform as good as this or didnt actually offer as many options as weve got with this particular chipset. I think its fine, just using it now for quite a few days, its definitely a chipset that general kind of use is pretty good. Now, its not gon na, be a gaming monster and ill get onto the gaming performance later on. So there is gps built into this, which is really good.

Now its not the greatest gps chipset. It will take a long time to get that accuracy down at the moment. Here i had six meters the longer you wait, the better its slowly eventually going to get now it does have a hardware compass built into this, which is normally missing a lot of tablets and even sometimes flagship ones will have gps, but no compass so thats great To see that its even on board with this and then here we go wireless speeds, wireless ac, um, not amazing, so it is able to achieve relatively normal kind of speeds, for this particular chipset around 145.50 maximum and in the area downstairs still getting reasonably good speeds, But i like to see at least over a hundred so its a little bit slower there, but its held up well and it didnt cut out either the wireless, probably because theyve got that plastic along the top, where the antennas are located so thats. Why theyve gone with that of course, so emmc 5.1 spec storage – these speeds are pretty good here, considering the spec of this tablet theyre not too bad at all, so its not going to be holding up this system, the storage, the bottleneck is, of course, the chipset Itself and now then, okay wide vine already pointed out that before so yes level, three cert only so netflix amazon, prime video. All of that stuff and standard definition. It is the definite con of this device battery life 7, 000 milliamp hour battery.

It goes from this fixed test for almost 11 hours, which is a good score, so you can squeeze out just over 10 hours on this with battery life. I still had 17 left when i took this screenshot, so the battery life good, okay, theres a lot of positives with a tablet like this, its just not a powerful tablet and not a huge beast of a thing, but good battery life, ebooks and pdf files. How are they on the screen? So not bad? I do think they look quite good, fully laminated nice screen to look at and the pdf file speed. This is a very large file that i like to test out and ive been testing this one for years. Isnt. Exactly a speed demon if you need to really skip ahead a lot of different pages, but it does an okay job there now, of course, if you zoom in a little bit that text does look quite sharp and im happy reading that not a problem lets. Take a look at ebooks, same story with google books here that the ebooks are just fine, they look good and i can happily read them with this now. Youve got, of course, the eye care mode. You can invert this to be a black background, white text. If you wanted to do so, and then you can also flip it around, it does have, of course, the accelerometer in there its going to sense that so you can use it in portrait mode like so for reading ebooks, which this tablet is going to be pretty Good at its not too heavy – and i will be happy to hold this four hours on end reading with this, but its not as light as some of those dedicated ebook readers.

Of course, those are much lighter, but then this can do a lot more than those and a sample of our front facing camera. So this ones 8 megapixels and it can shoot 720p. So hd video with this front facing camera the rear one similar kind of quality to this. Your mobile phone will definitely take better video and photos, so i wouldnt really bother too much with it, but its not that bad. I mean its its okay, at least its 30 frames per second here. What youre listening to is the built in microphone with the t40 pro from Teclast and then gaming performance on it well, ive managed to get six kills here in pubg, i have the ultra frame rate option, which seems well smooth enough for the speaker. Tablet and ive got really no problems at all. Looking around ive experienced, no serious lag, theres been a couple of definite frame, dips and ill just get into this car. Oh no, i wont and looking down the scope when you move around um, it seems good. Okay, no real lag so for light titles like this, the t 618 octa core its going to game just fine with the mali g52 graphics. I think it is and then the thermals on it well. It gets a little warm just around this area here, but this chipset doesnt really have enough power to generate enough heat to have a problem or an issue and because its all metal, its dissipating that heat a lot better.

I think than the plastic build of the likes of say the iplay 40 pro all right, so it does have a lot going for it over my old best. Affordable tablet for 2021 was the Alldocube. I play 40 pro now. This model here has a superior build quality to it. Its got the metal unibody on it when you give it a flex, theres, no creaks or anything that autocubes all plastic and certainly feels so much better in hand. We have slightly louder speakers. It has 800 milliamp hours more of battery capacity versus the iplay40 pro. It has a hardware compass built in which the other model does not, and then the storage, random reads and writes are a lot faster, thats, four reasons right there, however, the storage capacity is half of what you get with the iplay 40 pro, which is 256 gigabytes. This ones 128, so we do have dual lte support, really good to see band 20, you can place voice, calls text, messages, gps, hardware, compass and even fm radios built into it. So you get a lot from this chip from that tiger. 618 performance wise for general. Tabling needs its very good. The ui is smooth its fluid its stock android 11. It will probably never get android 12 update, t class dont normally do that they will probably have a new model by the time they would get around to actually doing that. They just pump out a new model thats how it is so cons here with the teclast t40 pro no 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack. There is no wide vine level, one cert so netflix, sadly in standard definition, which is a real shame. Considering this is such a nice screen that it does have so there we go thats the full story of teclasts t40 pro.