, Just in is this one that ive been testing out for a few days now, a lot of you did ask to see my review of the tech glass t40, plus very similar to this tablet, which is the Iplay40 pro ive got a full review of this one, also so im going to review this one here in this video, but also do a comparison to this to see if its going to dethrone this one, which is to me still really the best you can get For the price, so it has, as mentioned, that same tiger, t 618 chipset this one, its got a 10.4 inch screen its ips 60 hertz, fully laminated its brighter than the iplay 40 pro and its got 8 gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of storage micro sd card Support dual sim support 4g and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which this is sorely missing and a metal build to it, which some may actually prefer included with our tablet. We have a user manual, the charger, which is only 12.5 watts. It does take over three hours to charge the 6600 milliamp hour, battery type c, to type a cable, a sim tray and micro sd card tool, and then this, which is just a little card there to join their fan club and their social media links. So when you pull it out of the box, youll find that its got this plastic on it thats just to protect it in transit.

I will get that off right now and then, if you flip it over, there is a another screen protector on this. That is the first layer that we do need to remove this t40 plus ive measured the thickness. It is 9.5 millimeters and the weight of it 453 grams, which is not bad. Now, look at these bezels here they are nothing like their press images. The press images that they use lately tech last while for the last couple of years, always like this, they are so misleading. It makes it look like the bezels are not a finger nail width here, but a lot slimmer than what it really is. I mean these bezels are not too bad theyre, not the huge chunky, bezels we used to have a few years ago, which you could land a 747 on. So right up here, weve got a 5 megapixel front facing camera. There is this dual tone, gray that i do like the look of so this part here. The back of it is made out of a brushed alloy with this gray, matte finish to it, the paint job this part at the top thats plastic. Now why have they gone with plastic? Well, it makes sense its for the widest antennas and also the 4g in this. So this does support lte band 40 for those in europe. Sorry lte band 20, and here we have an 8 megapixel camera which does have a pretty bad quality heres.

Just a couple of samples just to show you what i mean by bad. Your mobile phone is going to take a much better photo than this down the bottom. We have these two downwards firing loudspeakers, and there is right here, a reset little button hole there, which hopefully, we will never actually need. I dont even know why they have included that and then up the top another two, so its four loudspeakers in total weve got power button on the side here and then these are the volume. Now these volume buttons are made out of plastic. This top part here is plastic. I can see a little bit of a seam right there, so its not super high in quality, but its not actually too bad. This here is a microphone, so just the single mic on this, but you can also place voice calls and there is a headphone jack which ill show you now on the left here, type c, port usb 2 speeds only with this. It does not support video out. There is no hdmi out on this, which would have been really good plastic power button, and then this is the sim tray tool so removing this now you can see it will take two nano sims or you can give up. One of those nano sims for a micro sd card. Now i do have a 128 gigabyte, one that ive tested. It seems to be working fine with it its a little difficult to insert and as mentioned before, it does support lte band 20 for those in europe which is great and then on the right, a 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack. So if you need that which i love to have on a tablet, especially then, this is the only one with these t 618 unisoc chips that has it you can see when i do this put it up next to now, which is the iplay 40 pro this One, as you see, does not have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so thats, really the main reason why you would go for this particular model, the plastic build of the iplay 40. I do actually prefer the edges of it. Theyre rounded, off its a very solid feeling. Tablet this one, because it does have an internal aluminium frame now the t40 plus here with the 10.4 inch screen, is very very similar to this one, of course, and that is that iPlay40 pro really about the same size. So this is the plastic on the back of it, its not a bad material to it, but yeah having the middle here does make the t40 plus just feel a little more premium. The bezels on both of these tablets are very similar, but it looks like it could be a fraction slimmer, although its probably because of the rounded edges on the iplay 40. That gives us that illusion that it is when it really isnt so theyve all got this curvature right in the corner, either love that or you dont. I wouldnt mind if it was just squared off, but i guess it gives it a more modern look.

So we do have a really nice panel on this one im not doing it justice, its vibrant. The contrast is actually very good for an ips panel and ill just go into display test its an app that i like to use to look at this. So resolution 2000 by 1200 and its 10.4 inches its a 60 hertz ips panel, so we dont have 90 hertz or 120 filtering down into these cheaper tablets. Yet so i really like the colors now maximum brightness is coming out to be an impressive when measuring whites. 680 nits, that makes it one of the brightest chinese tablets from these kind of brands that i review brighter than the uldu cube, iPlay40 pro, which is 580 still very good and brighter than the chewy ipad pro its a really good screen. However, theres one area of complaint from me, and that is that when i go and turn the brightness down to the lowest possible point, i find this to be still too bright. This still registers about 30 nits of brightness and it should really be about five. So if you use it in the dark on an aircraft and a long haul flight, you might find that a little bit more tiring on your eyes. Of course, youve got night mode there dark mode. Sorry, you can change the over blue light filter and i will just go into some of the options and settings we have with this display, of course, which is important especially to me, and here you see that weve got our colors contrast, white balance, you can change And tweak all of this, which is really good to see so overall, i think everyone out there is going to be pleased with this display for an ips for this price point its actually a really good one.

Now i wanted to talk a little bit about the rom. Now, how does it perform so? We have stock android, 11 stock, android, 11, 8 gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of storage versus 128, with the tech last and the same chipset, which is that tiger t 618. So in theory, they should perform equal right with the rom. Now ive noticed this, you can probably see it coming through watch as i do this really. At the same time, i can pick up on this, and hopefully its coming through on camera im, only recording at 30 frames per second. However, i can see that the fluidity of the ui, and even when i go into things like recent apps im, noticing that it is actually a little bit better on the audio cube iPlay40 pro again, even though they have the same chipset both using about the same Level of ram here its just down to the rom optimization. Now you cant really go wrong with both of these. For the price point, i think its acceptable and i love the fact that theres stock roms theres, no bloatware theres, no silly custom launcher or anything like that and just bring out all of our apps. That speed seems to be about the same. There now some benchmarks that ive run on both of these certainly do show that there is actually quite a bit of a difference, even though theyre the same spec of tablet. As i mentioned with the same chipset, the gps is clearly better on the iplay40 pro a bit of a difference there.

It sees more now both of these compared to a mediatek or a qualcomm. Powered tablet are no way near as good as those its a little bit slow, the gps wireless performance, so speeds topping out about 180 megabits per second on my iplay40 pro versus the teclast t40 plus here, which gets a slower 118. Sorry, 131 maximum speeds there, and why is that? I think its antenna design could be rom. Optimization is why we are seeing that both sadly have a wide vine level. 3 cert. This means netflix, amazon, prime video disney plus, is stuck in standard definition, and it just does not look as good now. The only tablet that does have out of the chinese brands i review wide one level. One cert now is the chuwi ipad plus pro sorry, which i have a review of in my channel, now a bit of a difference here with the ram speeds you can see here that the i 40 i play 4d pro here does have better memory speed and This is what im, seeing too is well in use that it just generally seems a little bit faster. The score is reflecting that there, internal storage speeds is another area where this one pulls ahead. The larger capacity is normally faster and it is here clearly you can see that the sequential reads and writes and the random reads and writes, which are impacting a little bit on that performance. Uh well theyre very similar there, but its definitely the iPlay40, which has the better speeds now battery life on these are pretty much the same.

I dont certainly have the result for pc mark here, which is a looped fixed benchmark, because this one here kept crashing on me. It crashed about seven hours into it. I ran it again. It went for a long period up to about eight hours and it crashed with just a blue screen in pc mark. So it just would not finish the test for me, which is disappointing, but really about the same so expect around 10 hours of light media consumption. Media content on both of these tablets to get a very, very similar score. Their battery runtime on both of them is good, getting 10 hours onto the audio and well yeah youtube performance. So when youre in youtube and youre scrolling here, you can see both of them feel about the same. Perhaps imagine fraction better on the iplay 40 that im seeing with this. So i wanted to point out the audio performance on these is similar because weve got the four speakers on the iPlay40 pro versus the four on the tech class. Now the tech glass has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack because hes okay over it, i dont find it to be too bad for handling calls with a sim card. Of course, when theyre in here you can use the phone dialy, you can answer the calls on both of these uh. You end up answering it and it will go on to loudspeaker all right and the quality from both of them.

I would rate as yeah its not good okay, because both of these do not have active noise cancelling, so the microphones arent amazing either. So really, i would not place a lot of voice calls on these, but they can do it okay, so you can use whatsapp on this. You can also send text messages place. Those calls and using a headset on this one is actually a little bit better. Of course, because you cut down on a lot of that echo and problems coming through having the loudspeaker on when you place those calls so enough of the audio quality ill. Give you a sample now im going to play a track here in youtube and both of them 100 in volume well find out which one sounds the best wow. So what a difference between those speakers? It just means that four speakers on one tablet and then the four on the other doesnt mean theyre, going to sound the same clear winner. Here was the iPlay40 richer sounding speakers with actually a bit of bass to them. So i definitely like to listen to these ones over that one, especially when it comes to gaming, its just a shame that we dont have, of course, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with the iplay 40. However, you can use a type c to 3.5 adapter gaming performance. This title here is gen chen impact, and you can see when you first load it up, which is what ive done now.

There is a bit of choppiness to it. This is super demanding this game and it even makes flagships and mid range phones that i tested on struggle with drop frames as we are getting right now now, once it starts to cache things and fill up the memory with the area, it does improve the performance. So how does it feel compared to the iplay 40? I really cant tell much of a difference. I dont know what just happened. Then thats supposed to be really gradual. That effect of sunrise was just abrupt, so yeah a little bit of lag a bit of choppy and and not ideal really. But the main thing is like ive said with other tablets with this chipset is that this game is still at least playable here on the lowest possible settings pubg here with the settings and this tiger t 618. It allows us to run the ultra frame rate on either balanced or smooth if you want the better, looking graphics hd. Unfortunately, the frame rate then gets chopped down too high with this chipset lets take a look at how it performs, so it is only the low visual settings here and it still actually looks okay on the screen and not bad at all. I do like this particular ips panel that theyve gone with and this one fully laminated and just the contrast, looks really good. I dont know if thats coming through on camera, so i managed to get one kill already.

I did increase the sensitivity to where i like it, but i think i still need to tweak this a little bit to make it a little quicker and smoother there and no like major, lags or anything like that is taking place so thats great. So when you look down the iron sights or down a scope, if i had one there is no problem, there no lag so thats good to see the games. Playable runs okay and the kind of ex performance that i would expect out of a t 618. So not a gaming monster but adequate enough. Considering the price point ebooks look great on the screen, and this is a large pdf file which i believe is about uh well, 60 megabytes its, not super huge, and it does not have any problems going through this fine. Now, if you do speed ahead, it has to play a little bit of catch up there, but its actually quite good performance, considering its a well its a low end chip isnt it, but the eight cores does handle pdf files. Just fine – and i have it connected up here on to the 4g data and it sometimes swaps over to 3g, but when i ran the test, it was on 4g, not really impressive at all, so i managed to get 7 megabits per second for downloading only one For upload now, my network here and coverage is poor, but the modem thats in this one, even though its got lte band 20, that im currently on its not a great modem, its not very fast.

So this is the quality that you can expect out of the front facing 5 megapixel camera. It is only 720p, it does not look good. I mean at least weve got a front facing camera, but yeah poor quality right here. The rear camera can shoot in 1080p, but its not a very good 1080p quality at all, in fact, its downright terrible, so not good cameras on the tech, glass, t40 plus, okay, so final verdict did it beat the iPlay40 pro it has in three areas: okay, screen: A lot brighter better contrast, its a its a nice screen, the third 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, very, very important for a lot of people. So performance, however, of the iPlay40 pro by the way. Theres, a review of this one on my channel slightly better, slightly better rom performance, optimization, the ram speeds were faster on this model here down to, i think the ram speeds and possible timings thats the difference there: faster storage, okay, another difference, better speakers on this one Too, as well so in some areas, the tech glass just cant compete uh there and in the storage capacity of this ones, 256 gigabytes this 102. So if the screen is really important to you thats the thing you want to go for that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, its still a very good tablet for the price for what it offers. But, as i just showed you in this video, this one, i think, is still the one to go for now now both of these are missing out on a wide vine level, one cert.

What does that mean? Well, white: one level one allows us to play: netflix in full hd resolution, its standard definition on this: okay, amazon, prime video standard definition, but for netflix there is one chinese tablet, which is the chuwi high pad pro ive reviewed it in the channel as well. It has a widevine level, one cert – that is the only one out there out of these brands that i review so good battery runtime like it will go for 10 hours, this one for go for about 10 hours as well. The 4g support you can place voice calls and micro sd card support there as well, which is great anything this ones really lacking for me, is hdmi out, would have been great to have which neither of these do have. So. Thank you so much for watching my review here of the tech last t 40, plus with the comparison against which i still think is the champion here.