I know a lot of you are saying well what’s, going on with all those mobile reviews. Where are the tablets where the laptops they’re coming there’s, just not really a lot out there that’s interesting at least the more unknown kind of brands that I took the people review. So this is tech, last new flagship, it’s, the t30, and what it has now is a much better chipset in here, so we don’t have any more Hal EO x, 20 series chips. Finally, the Chinese manufacturers are putting in the heli au p series. The new P 70 is in this and it’s a lot faster, especially in terms of GPU performance. So it’s gon na be a lot bit of a games in my week. Now with this it’s. Definitely a lot smoother it’s, also a much more efficient chip in terms of better life, as you see later on it’s a pleasant surprise for this model and we’ve also got, of course, the dual sim support from the previous model. It does support GPS, but no hardware, compass, four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage. The screen is 10.1 inches, but they’ve dropped the resolution inside the box. You will find the tablet with a pre applied screen protector that’s outlining all the specs. So if you buy one of these new and you don’t have the screen protector on it start asking questions so the charger we get EU one – and this is rated at 5 – volts 2.

5 amps. So it doesn’t support their pump, express to which the chipset does, which is a shame. They’Re so charged time is a little slow, it’s going to take approximately three hours and a half to fully charge the 8000 really an hour battery type C cable in white it’s. Not particularly long this cable either so we’re going to five megapixel camera right up here at the top, the bezels are relatively large. You can see there about a thumbnail, the width of them down the bottom. There is a pogo port connector right here, so there is an optional keyboard for this particular tablet, but at the time of my review, it’s not actually out so unfortunately, I don’t have it maybe later on. I can cover that but it’s a hardware one which is good, so it’s, not using bluetooth, so the build is rounded edges here, metal on the back. Yes, I still have the protector on here because I don’t want to get it scratched. Our camera on the rear is autofocus, eight megapixels, a very tiny poor sensor. Nothing amazing, I think it’s, one of those omni vision, ones and you’d use your mobile phone for better photos anyway, but it can at least take photos of text and documents and there’s also a LED flash just a single one there. So along the side here. This is, on the right hand, side they’ve, labeled, which I don’t particularly like it’s, a little bit ugly.

When they do this, so you can see we’ve got a mic here. This is our sim tray. It supports two nano SIM door, micro, SD card type, C port. It does not support video out, unfortunately, that would have been really nice, but I guess it would have pushed the price up beyond two hundred US dollars that it’s currently selling for, but there is no HDMI on here as well. So absolutely no video out, which is a real shame. We’Ve got right here, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Now this does sound good to me. The quality, no complaints there’s no static. The loudness is good, but it’s, not the best audio quality. I’Ve heard phones. Do it a lot better, okay and then volume rocker right here, so this is made out of plastic. The feel of this button is okay. Doesn’T really feel cheap. It doesn’t rattle anything like that. So that is good. A little reset button here, if you pushed in, for example, a paper clip there, you need to reset it and right here up the top we’ve got two speakers up with firing. There will be a sample in this review the power button. This is again plastic, but the quality of it does seem. Okay, it’s, not bad. Now the glass is 2.5 D and in hand. It does feel good if I give it a bit of a flex there’s, no creaking noises, it doesn’t feel cheap the build overall.

It is a solid, well put together tablet. Now. The thickness of the tablet is eight point: five millimeters. That is actually very good and it weighs well. A typical kind of tablet wait a little bit heavier, maybe than most at five hundred and forty six grams. Okay. So let’s talk about the ROM performance. It has improved okay, so multitasking. I noticed that it’s definitely a step up from the hey leo X, 20 series, so the X 27 X, 23 tablets we’re all a little bit choppy this still isn’t perfect. Okay, I wanted to demonstrate to you. The scrolling performance here in Chrome could definitely be better now. I can’t just suddenly flick and have it scroll down to the bottom now whether that’s the touch digitizer, it probably actually is that’s causing this, but the accuracy worth the touch is good but just be prepared to, as you can see, swipe a lot more to get To the bottom of the pages here now, the screens maximum brightness is good. It’S, 320 lux it’s a fully laminated panel, but a step down in resolution and quality as well from the previous models here. So if I quickly just go into display tester just bring up this image here for some reason: it’s flipped around the other way you can see we’ve got a decent panel and I think most people will be very happy with it. But if you’re really into your displays and very fussy about them like I am, then you won’t, like this – the lowest brightness sitting, it’s just a little too bright.

So it does strain my eyes there we go that’s, the lowest. So when you’re using this at night, you’re using this, for example, on a flight on a aeroplane which, in some movies you’re gon na, find it a little bit too bright now you can get around this there’s. An application called screen, filter install that and then you can dim it down to acceptable levels. Maximum brightness will quickly show you comes right up here to that 320 and overall, that is good, and the white balance out of the box cannot be calibrated, so there’s no mirror vision, application that we normally use to tweak the white balance is absolutely missing, but the Calibration of the white out of the box is almost neutral white, which is good we’re, not seeing a warm white we’re, not seeing a blue tint on the whites, at least with my screen here. That actually seems to be pretty good. I’Ll quickly, show you the gamma. So gamma is off okay that’s what it’s 50 brightness the gamma is coming in at about 2. If somewhere between about one point about 1.9, I would say it should ideally be 2.2, but this is normally off and especially on cheap Chinese tablets. Ok, jumping now onto the ROM, a game will take that look at just how it’s performing so. What I used to swipe up like that that were the previous tablets with the mediatek helio X, 27, and even just doing that it will be a little choppy.

A little laggy we’re still seeing some of that. Okay. So even when you multitask you swap over to other applications, you get the occasional little stutter, but overall, this performance. What the ROM is just so much better. You can see just thing so that when that came in all right now, it’s good, it does feel a lot smoother than the previous, but it’s still not as fast as the qualcomm powered tablets that I’ve reviewed. So these are our stock applications here that you’ll find when you first boot up the tablet note that we do have FM radio. There is an over the air update system, but I wanted to make it clear that definitely would take last. You will not see Android 10 on this tablet. Ever they will probably just push out the tick last T 40 with Android Ted next year, and that is that okay, so the only updates will be to small bug fixes. So a bit of Google bloke we’re on there, and this is the free storage you get as well on first years, you’re going to have 55 gigabytes approximately free – and this is to point out – we have a depth of brightness here. You can adjust the font size and the display size there’s a standard Android settings there, but unfortunately, as mentioned no controls for white balance, Widevine level, cert, 3 – ok, not good. So that means Netflix is and standard definition. You will not have full HD ever probably on this tablet.

I see this a lot with Chinese tech. They don’t really care about that, and this is the internal storage, so we’re, seeing relatively good speeds here. This is EMM. C5. Sorry for point 5.1 spec. So not amazingly fast, but it will not bottleneck the system. The bottleneck will be L, CPU and the chipset here, so you can see and to two scores – 141000, not bad. This is a step up over the old, hey Leo X, 20. I don’t know why it says real me v Pro there it’s, because I restored a Google backup, but trust me this is this particular unit that I did run and on ok. Let’S take a look now at our 4G speed, so you’re gon na see approximately 20 megabits per second download, but it’s all gon na depend on your carrier, but this is kind of standard here and no problems with the reception signal. Strength is actually good dear, and that brings me on then to our wireless. You see. The screen is sometimes a touch, not responsive and a lot of speeds, very good, ok, but but there is a, but sadly I have had a couple of dropped connections. I don’t believe the range of this tablet is that good. So if you’re stealing your neighbor’s wireless, you won’t be added to it with this tablet, because the range of found as a standard kind of like four or five rooms away from my router and then the speeds plummet.

This was taken on the other side of the studio and it actually did okay here. So it really depends. I think, on the kind of router you have. Gps works well accuracy of two meters. Now this surprised me mediatek doesn’t have brilliant GPS, but it actually works. Okay, no, how do we compass, however, so if you want the best kind of GPS navigation, you want to go with a tablet that does have a highway compass like the galaxy s5 Eve, for example, would be my pick now there. It is again sorry so to skip that and all your on to better life. Now this is the area where it is actually excelling this tablet, so you can see. I’Ve got nine hours, 37 minutes I’m still at 30. So this is really good. I’Ve placed only eight minutes of phone calls call quality, seems fine, it’s like a normal mobile phone, and so I believe, you’ll be able to get up to 12 hours depending on your brightness of this. So that is the definite strength here of the tick. Last t30. Is pretty good battery life surprised me? Okay, so now on to the audio quality top firing speakers and they sound okay, they do have a little hint of bass. I’Ll give you a sample here, just a movie clip. It really depends on the audio source on how loud, they’re gon na be I found with some games. These speakers are very loud with some audio, not so much but here’s.

Just a quick sample. This Terminator 2 get down. Applause, see that actually sounds all right. That sounds better than the tick last t20, so there’s an improvement there, but I’ll give you an audio track as well Applause Music. So you can hear that some bass is actually coming through yay. Finally, a bit of an improvement here with tick last speakers all right. So what about ebooks and PDF files? This is a very large PDF I’m. Looking at here, I’m using Google Play Books and it does look pretty good. The performance is a lot better, see it’s playing a little bit of catch up. They’Re loading things in, but their performance is a lot better than the hell yo x27. In the previous models, as you can see, here’s let’s take a look at text or there’s. A little bit of text here so zoom in now that looks alright, but we’ll take a look at an e book. I’Ve got one on here and then I can give you a quick sample of, and I think it’s fine now lists, of course is just what the screen in its normal mode, but you can swipe down from the top of the menu at the top here and Just simply put that into the reading mode to remove the blue light and that’ll be a lot easier, so Amen text actually looks good, so it’s gon na be fine for e books, a gaming performance. This is where we see a massive improvement here in performance, because right now on the high settings at 60 frames per second.

If this was the t20 on the old halle or X 27, this would be choppy and it’s actually really quite playable, a big step up. It almost feels like we had double the graphics performance, even though the increase isn’t that much now occasionally, you will see a few little tiny micro starters a couple of little pauses, but it is overall just so much more playable. So much more fluidity here and the heat okay. After a couple of hours of gaming, you get a little bit of build up around here. I use my football probe and checked. It was up to 38 degrees, so we’ll get warm to the touch but it’s, not gon na cook itself, it’s, not gon na heat up and burn you or anything like that and another demanding game here. This is called a julienne let’s see if I can just get this guy right here. Where did he go? I was that initially standing right. There is up against the shotgun and I managed to take him down. So you got a playable flame red here. It’S, not the fastest I’ve seen this game running because remember. This is just a mid range low end kind of chip, but the main thing is, you can get the kills and it’s on the high settings that moment here. So you could even lower the settings a little bit too. Perhaps low I’ve got it on the highest frame rate sitting that it’ll, let me select and overall you can see performance is good.

I don’t have any issues by the way, with my touch response here or ping times ping times on the European server, also good and I’m, not seeing any noticeable lag okay. So this is a sample from the front facing camera. As you can see, the quality is below average and not amazing the mic as well. What you’re listening to is we being recorded on the tablet as well now the rear cameras I won’t even bother with a sample. They are bad. Okay, your mobile phone will take a much better photo and record much better video than this tablet right here, it’s not really a priority. You can see I’ve teclast to install amazing, wonderful, high quality cameras. No, they are very cheap cameras on this tablet, but do the job for Skype and basic video chat apps, and that is it okay. So just to recap, I’ll start with the positives. We’Ve got a very good gaming performance for the spec. It is okay, it’s not going to be a Snapdragon 855 plus no it’s not going to be an iPad pro. No no, but it is a huge step up from the previous models in terms of gaming performance used to see Shadowgun with a lot of stutters a lot of lag pubsey quite choppy Call of Duty is very, very choppy, but you can play Call of Duty on The medium sitting and the highest possible framerate option they give us and get kills.

In fact, they ended up winning that round of a battle royale there, which was good and something you probably couldn’t, actually do with the previous gen one, because it would just be too stuttering there and this because they’ve got a little bit of bass to them. So they are improving their finding listening in those areas. Then, of course, we’ve got voice. Calls text messages. Dual sim support: GPS support, FM radio that’s a lot of things here that has going for it for the 200 price tag that build is decent, it’s, solid and then the battery life really really good. You will struggle to kill this battery in a day. No it’ll. Last two days, three days and you’re gon na look at about screen on times I would say anywhere above 10 hours and in gaming I game for 30 minutes and I lost 5. It was on a lower screen brightness, but that is excellent. That is really really good, so there’s some improvements coming, but the screen is a downgrade the resolution isn’t just the only thing. The touch response in certain applications is quite poor, for example, Chrome, as you saw when I tried to just swipe up and get to the bottom of the page, like you can do with mobile phones and other tablets. It is really quite bothersome to just keep having to do this all the time, so the touch response then need some optimization. I feel the screen doesn’t have white balance calibration.

For us me, revision app is missing no DRM level, 1 cert, but you expect that. So if you bought this to watch Netflix and Full HD, not the tablet for it, ok, you want to get something a bit more premium, something from Samsung like the Galaxy s5 II would be my choice, but, of course, that cost close to what 400 us double The price of this one, so if you’re in a budget, this tablet does offer a lot it’s, just still not perfect, but we’re getting there with seeing improvements coming through we’ve got Android 9, but remember this will never get Android 10. Ok, you don’t see major firmware software updates, like a jump from 9 to 10 that’s, not going to come through with these Chinese manufacturers. It will with other brands, but these guys only pump out bug fixes and the other thing that’s worth mentioning. And then, in my experience here, the wireless is ok. It’S good it’s been excellent at my house, but here in the studio that if I go out the door here, I’ve noticed that the wireless range isn’t the best. So if you’re, using your neighbor’s wireless or your routers on the other side of your house, where your phone gets only 1 bar or 2 bar signal strength, this tablet will get 1 bar or maybe not even get the connection. So the range is a little short there on the wireless, especially we with 5g, 2.

4 G, better of course, but 5g, not so great there. So thank you so much for watching this tablet review. I know I’ve been focusing a lot on mobiles because there’s not a lot of tablets, but I will have a Windows: 10 core m3. The 8100 Y powered Chewie. You Book Pro in the channel, probably next week, I’m running for dear dear child, to drop that one off to me.