As you can see, it is basically the same. Exact tablet got the same rear on it. Fingerprint reader and a funny kind of location, it’s still really the same tablet. But what they’ve done has changed the internals, but still got the four gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes storage, the rest of the specs. If you understood right up here, but they’ve swapped out the chipset so no longer has the hexa core MT 81. 76 from media tech, it still has a mediatek processor. Sadly, no one seems to switch to Snapdragon only a few Chinese companies, but it now has the hey leo X, 27. Now the hex 27 is faster so that one turbos at 2.6 gigahertz and the GPUs clocks slightly higher, but this also means we have 4G support on this tablet. Now. So not really a huge upgrade but let’s check this one out in detail and see if it’s a worthy upgrade so let’s first take a look at what you get inside the box, so the packaging is exactly the same as the master t10. No changes here and at the tablet, you’ll find a SIM tray tool and then we have a user manual and then a USB type c cable and our charger, which is rated to 9 volts 2 amps. The tick last master t10 weighs 557 grams and, as approximately seven point, nine millimeters thin, so small uses the exact same screen as the master t10. In fact, the exact same build.

So what we have on the front is a 2560 by 1600, fully laminated IPS panel. Now this has a PPI of 299 a front facing camera, and this is a 13 megapixel sensor. Next to it the ambient light sensor and as you can see, it does come with a pre applied screen protector. There is, however, a change to the rear camera. So this is now 13 megapixels. Up from the 8 we had on the original master T 10. The rear of the tablet is mostly metal. We can see. We’Ve got a very awkwardly located fingerprint reader that this has not changed at all from the previous model plastic. Along the top here, this is for our wireless AC, the Bluetooth and also GPS, a little you can see down the bottom. That is where the microphone is either side of the tablet. You’Ll find the speakers so got side, firing speakers and then up the top. We have metal power on and volume buttons there now these volume buttons they feel alright, they do not rattle around. So, of course, this is a 4G model, so we’ll take two nano Sims or a nano sim and micro SD card. We have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with mic support and then at the top there type c for data and charging. So overall the build quality is good here, no creaks, no flex. Now we do have the rounded corners on the back of the senior body making a little bit more comfortable.

So what is missing, of course, is micro HDMI out. I would love to have this on all of my tablets that I review and that fingerprint reader is in a bit of an awkward position, they’re kind of hard to get to so not the greatest location. I never liked it on the master, t10 it’s location, taking a look at this 16 by 10 panel. We have a maximum brightness on this one of 410 Lux, and that is good there’s. A really good brightness, considering it is fully laminated now have noticed on my unit that when the screen is first powering on I’ve got some screen bleed just around the corners, but you can’t actually see it when you’re doing normal activities and normal things on the table. You don’t see that, at all the gamma of the panel checks out it’s, almost 2.2 it’s about 2.1, which is not bad at all. The touch accuracy and response is also very good on the screen. I’Ll just show you some of these real world demonstration images and it is really nice exactly like the master T 10 very good panel, and what really makes this tablet now the same complaint I had with a master T 10 remains here. Unfortunately, when we take a look at the screen brightness so who put it on the lowest setting it’s still far too bright? For me, this is kind of crazy, so for night use you do have a couple of options here, at least that you can put a couple of filters on so you’ve got a reading mode and then we’ve got eye comfort.

So I can’t fit turns everything black and white reading mode just removes the blue, so it’s like a blue light filter, and we also do have a mirror vision. Now, if you haven’t seen my other videos with the media tech tablets, this is one thing I really like that mediatek does and that allows you to tweak the screen to your own personal preference. So we’ve got picture modes here, stand it as what it comes out of the box on you, got vivid and just boosting and bolstering up saturation and then use a mode where you can customize and just tweak everything there to your heart’s desire, so you’re able to Change, you can see all the options here. We’Ve got quite a few things there in even sharpness, color temperatures – probably the most important for most people, but I find that out of the box it’s actually not too bad with the screen. It’S, more of a neutral white, which is good, so these are the apps you get on first boot with the ROM. So this was really good, there’s no bloatware on here at all, but you will notice that one thing is missing compared to the other media tech tablets I’ve looked at, and that is where is the hardware FM tuner? It seems to be liking that for some reason, but it is a very simple ROM, straightforward and the performance of it so far seems to be really good, but I’ll get into that in detail soon.

Shortly in this video, I just want to also point out one thing I don’t understand and that it ships with Android 7.1.1. Okay on the master T 10, we have 7.0, so they’ve upped the version slightly, but look at this security patch level July last year. This is really old, so why did they not go with at least Android 8 we’ve got that on there more cheaper budget focused M 20, and this will probably never get an update to Android 8 ever so. They also means we don’t have treble support and, as expected, the wide vine version. The certificate is a security level 3. So this means Netflix will not be able to run in full HD. You can only run it just in the standard definition, which is a shame now, since we do have the Jaleo X 27, with its tin cause one of the features of this chipset of courses, GPS, so we’re getting there, which is great and it seems to work Out all right now it did take quite some time to get the first lock and I’m talking about a minute or over, but once it locked on it started to use almost all of the satellites and accuracy hovers around three to four, which is good testing out. The 4G performance: I noticed that the download speeds they’re, ok, but the uploader is quite good really fast. There I’ve noticed a signal, strength of the ford g per haps it’s, just the bars and the way it reports.

It seems to be quite low, but everywhere i’ve been inside the studio, Aaron’s out on the street, it’s been fine and who don’t seem to have really too many issues with that. The same goes for the wireless performance, so excellent range on. It really really good speeds. Here for this type of tablet, so with other tech that I have, I can push the full maximum on 300 megabits per second out of my fiber line here, but for a tablet in this price range with this chipset. This is very good, so the Wireless is great and the 4G is okay, but just be wary of the bands, because there is no LTE band 20 for me, and here in Spain, I’ve got band 1 and 3 that works so I’m. Fine but it’s very limited of what this actual modem supports and as for the antutu score, so it does check out for the faster clocked Jaleo X, 27, the X 20 tablets, I’ve, checked out and the X 23 get around about a hundred thousand points. So here we’re about 10 percent faster, give or take. It really depends on your use here. It’S just clocked up now to 2.6 gigahertz and the other version. So there hey Leo X, 20 is only 2.1, so we’re getting quite a boost there. The internal storage speeds here are very good, so 232 for reads and then 102 sequential writes and the 4k random reads and writes as well.

There ok for each MMC, four point, five point, one spec quite fast for that speak of EMC, so at least they didn’t cheap out on us, oh and free storage. On first boot, you get approximately fifty two gigabytes here, which is not bad and remember. We do have micro SD card support, so we have the fingerprint reader in that same kind of awkward location, but once you get used to it, it’s not actually too hard to use. With your left hand, your index finger. So what I’m going to do now is just lock it and I’ll show you that the speed here has not really improved so it’s, an always on one which is great and that took about two to three seconds. It’S gon na take about that long, every time. So I’ll just tell you what I’m gon na about to touch it so I’m, just feeling for it now where it is the location. Okay, one two: there we go alright we’ll! Do that again, I’ll try and touch it a little quicker so I’m touching it now about tier two seconds, so it’s definitely not the fastest, but it is good having this option, but ideally I would love to save him and their future tablets. Put it down here. On the front, like other manufacturers, or maybe even on the side like they do with some of the Lenovo tablets, ebooks on this tablet do look good because of that 299 pixel per inch.

We have on the screen and of course, you’ve got the built in night mode or you can use the one with Google Books that I’m using at the moment. So sorry, not night mode, but I comfort they call up. You can go into reading mode, everything’s, black and white, and you can also turn on eye comfort and that has removed all the blue light from that, and it looks pretty good and I will just give you a zoomed in close up here of that tech. So you can see it’s a nice and sharp so ideal for reading and what about PDF file? So yes, this is a dated PC Mag that I don’t think anyone would be reading now because it’s two years old. However, the purpose is just to check out the speed here, so this has been downloaded and you can see when you skip ahead, that it’s, definitely not the fastest nothing’s gon na beat the newer Apple iPads when it comes to PDF files. I think, but it looks good zooming in and moving around, and all that is very smooth thanks to that great touch response that the screen has so it comes with Google keyboard, of course, keyboard. That is all stock here: it’s a stock rom stock launcher. So no silly half chinese keyboard here. No none of that now typing on that is great. I don’t really need to cover that. I feel because it just works flawlessly.

Fine, as you would expect, but I did want to show you is the performance here of a YouTube, video and the maximum resolution. So no issues with playback. This is in 1440p, you can see, there plays perfectly fine, and the same goes for Amazon Prime tested out Amazon, Prime. It kicks into later on the high quality, no issues there whatsoever and Netflix is the only one that will run, of course in standard definition, because it doesn’t have that a level one certificate or it. So what about performance in general with your general everyday kind of tablet, tasks and things? So this is chrome and everything loads in pretty quick, now, it’s, not the smoothest when it comes to scrolling. I mean it’s pretty good, as you can see here, but just not quite not the smoothest it’s not like I paired smooth, but it is really quite good there and fast so I’m, just going to open up one of these articles here that I have not actually Cooked on yet that’s one here with, while we cheating on benchmarks – and you see that popped up pretty quick there, so that is good and all those images and things load it up so multitasking. That also seems quite good now, depending on the app that you’re using that some of these ones. That will support that. Of course, you do have split screen, so I can split screen, Chrome and this one right here and that all seems to be smooth.

The animations and you notice that sometimes this looks a little bit slower, but in fact that actually seems faster there, probably because it squeezed down so it’s not having to render that full screen. So this resolution, the 2560, I feel – can be a little bit demanding for the hey leo definitely for the Hallie, Oh X, 20, but the X 27 is yes handling it better. I can clearly see it it’s a noticeable difference and it also just notice that things are smoother with the animations and everything. So overall, the tablet performance in general gets a thumbs up from me. It is performing quite nicely okay. So what about audio 3.5 millimeter headphone jack? It sounds okay. It seems to me that tech lass have tweaked up the loudness of these speakers ever so slightly, and I do remember that they did have a little bit of distortion. A hundred cent volume on the master TTM, but here it doesn’t, seem to be the case now I did make some voice calls as well as expected. The quality is not really that great, because it’s just got a single microphone using the headset does improve things, and when I answer the calls way just got to remember, you need to put it on to speakerphone, because I couldn’t hear anything. I keep forgetting that with tablets that were they’ve got the dialect. You have to go and put it in to speakerphone, but I’ll give you a sample now of those two side frying loudspeakers.

So the speakers are okay. One good thing is that when you hold it with your hands, left and right blocking the speakers, you can’t really completely block off the sound 100 because it still resonates within the internals, which is good now. Ideally, I would like them to be a little louder. That’S. The only real complaint they’re not super high quality speakers, okay, so for battery life, you’re looking up to about ten hours of light use. So if you just an youtube video streaming and things like that, because my test, I did one hour of YouTube with the screen on at approximately forty percent brightness and I lost about eleven percent battery, so that is quite good, so they’re gon na be almost ten Hours there, which is great, and if you turn down the brightness even further, then you can course extend that time now mixed juice, which is what I’ve been doing at the moment. My estimated battery life is looking around seven to eight hours, which is more or less on par with the tech last master T team, which has the exact same battery capacity of 8100 milliamp hours, now charge time, you’re looking at just under or around three hours to Fully charge that battery so I’m pleased to say that pub G is finally smooth and playable on a mediatek helio device. The x27 is performing much better. I managed to get seven kills so far. You can see that was most your spots or whatever, but the main thing is: the frame rate is keeping up it’s a lot more fluid a lot more smoother than the X 20 or the X 23.

Now this could be down. Two tick lasts optimization, but I think it’s, probably just more those faster clock rates, because that Meli t 80 is actually clocked a little bit faster, and that is the reason why it’s just a little bit smoother. You can see some little hiccups now and then well. The main thing is to also when you get your weapons out. I hang on the zoom in there. You can see that it is quite a bit smoother in fact there’s some one right there, no, but overall, looking good, definitely performing much better than the other tablets. I reviewed with the heli rx 20 now the same goes for lineage 2 here revolutions. This is a very demanding game and it can really choke on some tablets so with the Holly or x27 it’s performing okay on low settings, it’s, not the smoothest, but it is still playable and that’s the main thing and a little bit faster than the Hollyoaks 20. Next 23 tablets, I’ve reviewed, here’s, a sample of the camera. Now I thought it would show this in low light, rather than my powerful studio lights, and you can see. Yes, it is dropping frames, but the quality is too bad. So you can see this quality is not amazing. Now there is like this transit plastic particular over the camera lens, so make sure you remove that. But if you can see the exposure is a little bit over the place.

It looks a little bit. Blurry it’s, not really that sharp and it’s not as bad as a VHS quality. We had on the tick last m20 that one was really bad, but still your mobile phone will be so much better than this. Okay, so tick last have really just upgraded the tablet. A little bit the master t10, this isn’t a full, updated new model. Even though it’s called the t20 they’ve dropped the master from the name, but the build quality it is really decent. It has a very good screen on here there’s a little bit of light leakage around here, but that is very money. You don’t actually see it when you’re using it in its and use run. Performance is good it’s, not the most fluid tablet I have ever used, but overall the performance multitasking is good. We’Ve got the four gigabytes of RAM. The storage speeds are good. Wireless is really fast. We now have GPS and improved camera on the rear, which is another new change here, but no HDMI out. They didn’t add that I would have liked to have had HDMI out on this tablet. If you follow the channel. Most of you know that I like to have HDMI out in tablets, because I think it’s something that’s practical, that you can use and good to have there. I know you’ve got mirror vision and all that sort of sorry miracast and you can wirelessly transmit, but it’s. Just not as fast to get a little bit of lag with that.

So when it comes to cons, so the fingerprint reader it’s there, it is good to have it’s just so that took about two seconds. Then I’ll touch it again, it’s just a little slow. So touch that once more oops I can’t even find it now I’ll see the position of it’s a little bit funny there. We go so about two to three seconds: it’s, not the fastest, so they haven’t been able to improve on their. I guess it’s the hardware they’re using it’s, just not as fast, I don’t think it’s a good x1. I don’t know what brand it is, but it’s just not really that fast, they’re, so stock rom. You can make voice calls for some strange reason: there’s, no FM radio, normally the Leo chipsets, have that so I don’t know why that’s not there, maybe they just didn’t put the application on there, but it seems to me that it’s completely missing, so the speakers could Be a little bit louder, that’s, just a very minor comm there, the LTE bands as well it’s, not full support it’s, not a global modem they’re using in this. So for me, it’s fine in Spain, I’ve got LTE band 1 amp 3, which works here, which is your 2100 Hertz and 1800 megahertz that’s good, but no LTE band 20. So that could affect some people. So if you have the master TT and definitely not worth the upgrade, the performance is very similar.

Okay, we’ve got the six cores on the master t10 10 cores here. You’D expect you’re gon na have a lot better performance right, but not really at least it’s great, to see that the Halle Howe x27 can finally handle demanding games with playable frame rates at this resolution. So the Mele T 880, and this one has clocked a little bit higher than the other versions of the heli rx 20 and things that I’ve reviewed. So that is why now Pub G is finally what I would call playable you get a couple of depths, but overall it’s pretty good overall performance in general good, I think it’s a decent tablet here: it’s, not perfect good, Barry life as well, and we do have Type C on this, so it is offering quite a lot for the price, but there are, of course, other options if you want to spend a little more there. Thank you so much for watching this review and I do hope to catch you back in the channel.