This is the tick lasted p. 9. 8. 4G, with the Mallee 760 GPU has an octa core, MediaTek optic or 64 bit processor to not running a 64 bit operating system. This is android. 4.4. Point 4 on both systems – and this here on the right is the under v: 9 19 air 3g, which is running an intel quad core, the z, 37 36. If this one clocks up to two point 16 gigahertz and this one can get up to 1.7 gigahertz. Okay, so i will run try and run both of these. At the exact same time will run ice, storm extreme and i'll just make sure i've set the demo not to show up. You can probably pick up here on the video that this one looks whiter. I'Ve got both of them set to maximum brightness. It does seem that the under screen is slightly brighter, so it's, not the camera. Okay, so run ice. Storm extreme both are running the same at dpi, which is set at 264 for both of them using resolution changer. They both have root they're both had a fresh reboot, so there's, nothing in the background that should be running that would heat the test or anything and make it unfair. Okay, so let's run even though they're both set at the same ok because recommended for your device. Don'T know why that is so. It looks a little bit different now that they are both exactly the same DPI alright, rather than sit through this whole video I'm, going to actually just pause the video and skip ahead shortly.

So you can see the end results. There is no need for you to actually skip ahead and I've just gone for about 10 seconds more and then I will skip to the end so I'm. Just picking up the video from here. This is now in the CPU part of the benchmark there and the onda seems to be a kid, so far definitely finished before the tea glass device, and if the scorer is a 7432 and let's see what's called the t. P 9 8 kids well fails unless so. This is interesting because when i run n two to five point six point: two ethnic division. Is it reports that the that the tech last atopy 98 4g gets faster, 3d score? But when i run 3dmark it seems it's. The other way round so which one to believe I don't know maybe it's got something to do with the optimization of the graphics driver or the kernel that they're running or the rom on the tip blast is not so good or who knows who knows, but there Is a difference there so that's the 3dmark test on both the under the 919 a 3g and the tech last p. 9. 8. 4G. Thanks for watching this video, if you did happen to like it, please give me a like that. We very kind of you.