Last p98 4G been using it for a while. Now, and this is the stock launcher, as you can see, I've just flashed the recent firmware update, which is 1.16. I couldn't actually just do the over there update for some reason it wouldn't. Let me do that so I'm, on the newer version. I'Ll just show you that it's still Android 4.4.4, not Android, 5 KitKat, sorry lollipop it's on KitKat at the moment, and you can see that in KitKat so far the tablet is fast. The wireless perception is good. The build quality is also excellent. It'S, just like the tick last x98 f3g, so the build quality is great. You have that sim card slot. It does work on 4G. For me, at least here in Spain, it works on bands 3, which is 1800 megahertz. I think 1800 and 2100 million Hertz 4G. So that's working fine for people in Europe – us buyers I'm, not too sure that that's going to work for you to people on t, mobile and other networks might have problems with that. But the speeds are fine. The CPU seems to be very cool. It does not really get that warm at all the temperatures running games and things that really gets up to around 40, something degrees, 50 it's, a very good chipset, and that regard that heat wise. It seems to be excellent. What I have found disappointing is the lack of support for some games. Don'T seem to work, I've tried.

This is just alien vs., predator and you'll find that this is common occurrence that the game, just unfortunately, it has stopped and it doesn't work. The same works for dead trigger 2 and a couple of the games, I've tried just seem to fail to to work and load on me, not too sure why me that's, probably maybe something to do with a rom, maybe it's the chipset hardware support or something, but The room itself is quite poorly optimal because when you do have a look or any things like cpu z, to have a lot of the RAM usage see there. This is the obvious gun. Eight core CPU here you can see when having a look at thermal it's. Really, quite a cool running chip there nothing's getting that hot. I have just been using it lightly at the moment, and The Bachelor life is also excellent. But when you have a look at the RAM usage available, Ram, we've got nine hundred and forty four megabytes it's free and I don't really think I've got much running no low Harleen. You think really running at all there's, nothing really running there. The ROM seems really poorly optimized to me because if you have a look at that, you've only got 50 of the RAM available on even on a fresh reboot you're, only getting around. Maybe eleven hundred megabytes free Ram, which seems to be a lot why the ROM is taking up about nine hundred or maybe it's the allocation of the RAM to the GPU.

The Mallee t760, which for me has also been quite a disappointing. Gpu of to show you quickly a couple of benchmarks that I've already run. If I can just find the gallery here now so looking at benchmarks here, this was the 3d mark. I strum score and there's a little bit lower than what I suspect expected from this and this GPU here. I know that the bay trails they said – 37 36 435. Those Adam Bay, Trail chips with the quad cores. They can get around 7300 there's there's a little bit less and when it comes to the ice storm, our limited score that is really quite low there and the bay trails seem to be able to do a lot better than that of notice. Patch files can have a score of about 14000, and this is just shy of 10000, so when it comes to the three years a little bit disappointing. Otherwise it still seems pretty much quick and snappy. When you doing everything else, there's a lot of blood. That kind of comes on to start with and they're just launching here you probably want to get rid of that and use something like Apex Launcher on Nova Launcher. There was an issue with a camera on the first firm way had that if you took a photo, it would later just come out completely black, and that seems to now be fixed, which is good but there's still that real troubling issue that I'm, having with the Tablet at the moment is that I can turn the screen off and come back to the tablet about 10 minutes later and go to put it on it.

Look hang on it won't turn on. So hopefully it is actually an eternal now. Normally you just quick it off flick it off. Sorry now it would come back on quickly, but if I lift it for an hour two hours even sometimes 15 minutes, then I need to flip the tablet over and I need to actually use the reset little button. In the back, so I need to use this little tool here and stick that in the back there to reset it, which is really annoying. So the ROM itself has some stability issues. It seems to be when the tablet oil, it goes into deep sleep it's, just not coming out of it, which the update 1.16 was supposed to fix well to stability issues that mentioned I'm pretty sure. So the stability is still an issue with this tablet. As saying that, everything else seems to be pretty good with running the internet, just looking around on the internet, that's all fast enough and all very well, and so, if you're doing anything, you know gaming or anything, and the performance is quite good and very life you're. Looking probably around 7 to 8 hours of screen on time, it is really quite good, so you can see yeah. This is the BBC website. There everything lines up fast performances, it's, really good. There is no complaints really there at all when it comes to that aspect. On the tablet – and if I just quickly show you now on the battery stats, I have initially been using it much at the moment because it lifted on overnight and got in a deep sleep there, which wasn't the best to have a look kind of a battery.

Now so the only running three and a half hours that big gap there was when the tablet was actually stuck and they deep sleep that I couldn't get out of it. So I had to push the reset button and that's another reset they're, not using a SIM card at the moment, hopefully someone maybe from XDA or there's. Anyone who makes wants to make a custom ROM for this will someone who knows maybe about the issues with this mediatek tablet or the minitek chipset that's, causing deep sleep issues. If anyone it's got a fix for us, then please do post in the comments. So these green screen on time of just over two hours there and i've lost about well lost 22 percent, so that's running the brightness. I think i've got it around yeah round above fifty. Four fifty dollars are in about forty percent, maybe it's this little bit less brightness, which seems pretty good. This green is nice and bright and it doesn't dumb down that much really that's the demo setting and that's maximum brightness right there so running about there, i've managed to get roughly around 10 percent every hour or screen on time, which i think is very decent, see. Looking around nine hours, maybe if you put it on the lowest brightness setting, maybe even squeeze out ten where i'm using it at the moment. I think about yeah about eight hours at least and it's, not factoring, and, of course, things like when you start to play.

Games that's going to go through the battery quite quickly and have installed too many games on here at the moment, because i had to do a factory reset. I was running on just a few other games to test and i'll. Just quickly show you modern warfare. 4 minor combat sorry, and I just see the full volume just right then now I've only just started the game to get into it, just as a quick test to see how it ran said: it's not gon na be that choppy in most games. But I did test out asphalt. 8 airborne there's, another video of that. If you check on my channel – and i found that asphalt, 8 did actually glad a little bit. There was quite choppy it wasn't what I would really call playable. So there could be down to some optimization that's needed on tech class behalf of the ROM, but this game here which isn't the lightest game it's, not the newer modern combat 5, which is more demanding, missed or a relatively demanding game lots going on. It was six run fine with no slowdown or anything there. So just quickly look around seems to run just fine editors playable. So, if you're using this for gaming videos, internet it's, still gon na be a good tablet, but a would recommend is holding off until tick class gets an update for this out that fixes that deep sleep issue, because it's just completely unstable at the moment.

It'S such a pain to have to push the reset button and start all over again, just because the tablet it's gone into a deep sleep and it's just no way to get out of it, and hopefully it is something that ticklers would know about I'd assume that They would have probably sold quite a few of these already and they'd have users coming in with a lot of complaints. Saying log you know I'm just tablet is: is just freezing up on me: it's not coming out of sleep completely black and it's just unacceptable. That it's, like that at the moment, so wait you're thinking about buying this, because you're interested in obviously the price of it's. Not too bad, and it is a 4G tablet. So if you want the four gene you are interested in using a tablet similar to this one. I recommend looking at maybe the teclast x98 ear. 3G they've got dual booting, so you've got the best of both worlds. You'Ve got windows and Android, in other words, if you do want this to have that. Well, just wait until there is an update that actually officially confirms and fixes the deep sleep issue, because that is just a really problematic overall it's, not too bad. There is a slight buzz to on the audio of just using some hits it plugged before it does seem to support a microphone, because if I don't plug in an Android headset that I've got them chill beat quad beat sorry headset that I have of LG.

That supports a microphone. It does come out with like a microphone logo on Android, but the sound doesn't seem right so it's still using like the Apple kind of setup, it's only really supporting the two prong 3.5 millimeter jack. Therefore, the heat seat, not the the four which supports the microphone that seems to be a bit of a problem and I'll, just demonstrate that now, if I plug in here, the court beat LG headphones that do have a microphone. You can see there's a microphone on them here. It comes up with a lot ago that it is supporting, they could say well, it's detected, it hit certain microphone, but it doesn't actually seem to work. So it sounds funny too it's, almost like you're missing one track of audio does not sound right when you're using it. If I were to use it standard plug like for this and which is just a standard stereo one plug that one in and then I don't have any problems at all with the audio, there is a slide kind of buzz or bit of static just behind it. When listening to music tracks it's, not as bad as some of the other tablets, I have heard that with, for example, the kick last x88, they had a bit of a buzz through the headphone jack. This is not as bad but it's still not 100 clean audio. That I would like it's definitely not as clean and as good as my note 4 is, which is currently recording this video.

So anyway, I think I've talked enough about this. The tick last p98 40 good hardware, lovely screen good brightness, great battery life, it's, let down by ultimately by poor software, optimization poor 3d performance for the chipset and then is that deep sleep issue that I've mentioned a few times now, which is a real deal breaker At the moment, so the hardware's there, but the software's not so class – need to pick up their game. A little bit come out with a bit of ROM fix the problems fixed, maybe the 3d drivers that are causing gaming issues with some games not running and the performance issues once they do that, then this way of decent octa core 4G tablet. I think, and one that will probably be a bit cheaper in the future, once a process that to come down a little. So this at the moment, is around about 210, which isn't bad, but with those problems stay away from it at the moment, and you've got your core tablets now for around 230 OS X, 9 8 air or the cube eyes 6, which is definitely something you should Probably look at if you're thinking you want an Android tablet and you might want to use documents or something like that Windows then go for a dual boot, one anyway that's the p98 4g thanks for watching the video. If you did like a place to give me a like do subscribe, I have more up and coming videos of tablets from China I'm, currently waiting for the cube by 7, which is a corium tablet and I'm waiting on the tick last x16 HD, which is a 10.

1 inch dual boot tablet as well from tech last another one I'm waiting to review, and there was also the people 4w. Sorry, the w4e 'us that i'm waiting on another dual boot tablets, similar to the chewy VI, 8 and I'm, also waiting on.