I was just doing a benchmark. Video against the on the v9 19 just handed background, and all I did was just simply block the device using this button here. Lock, it ok great whoops it's, not coming back on holding down the button, nothing's happening, it's just gone us completely locked up there and the on do I'll push that oh there it is. It comes back alive, so that's good it's good to see that hasn't jammed up or anything and now I kind of understand why they've supplied this little reset button. Here. I'M gon na have to use this preset button, and this is probably about the third time I've done this now, the first time I thought, okay, maybe that was just a one off, but it doesn't actually appear to be that way so push there. Hopefully it's gon na. Let me power it on again: okay, yeah there we go so it's coming on, but that's not good. So this definitely in some sort of issue with the ROM that when their device is going into sleep or when the screen is off, that it is just not coming back out of that sleep that's going into so there's a bit of an issue there. There is an update by the tick last border updater system. This is all in Chinese, but it is stating something about the camera performance. I think it is in the wireless I mean trying to update and it's just taking forever it's, just so slow and maybe it's something to do with my my eyes.

Pe the connection to China or something but it's just taking forget to download that. But that is dis only planning to optimise camera shooting logon to resolve question of era Play Store. I didn't have any problems getting into Play Store, so I don't know what that is, but maybe you know hopefully less contain some kind of fix there for that issue. That I'm, having with the device that's not coming out of sleep, that this doesn't want to come out of that ended I'm. Pretty sure I can reproduce that I'm pretty sure now that if I just we're to lock it now and leave it just for a little while and see if that comes back and comes out of sleep now, if I just leave that okay, so I've left at About a minute I don't even know, if that's enough probably need to leave it really for five minutes or so. Okay, it's coming back on so that's good, but I think it's when you leave it for maybe ten minutes or so that it's just it's not coming out of that so there's a bit of an issue and tick. Last. If you do ever watched my videos about your tablets and you've got a finish: you're there to fix, maybe it's something that xda developers for and maybe there's someone that's pretty cool it up about roms. Maybe we can get a custom ROM, so I'm gon na have a look at that and we'll be good to you.

Someone have a look at the performance issues with the boom, let 7 six, so that doesn't seem to be performing what I thought the GPU would perform. It seems to be running differently below par, or at least on my p98 4G. It doesn't seem quite up to scratch of what I thought that GPU could do so it may be. Someone who's up with the numbness can have a look anyway, so that's just the tiny little issue there. I have as head and I've encountered that just a couple of times now and hopefully that's got a fix if you did like this video.