Although this is an octa core and it's an arm CPU – and it only supports Android – not a dual boot at all – just wanted to show you a few things that there are. There is GPS onboard this I'm indoors at the moment that you can get GPS lock relatively quickly when you're outside, and it does seem to support GLONASS, although it's not picking up anything now because I'm indoors and Internet everything seems to work pretty smooth just show you Internet now this is the default stock launcher that it came with. There were a few Chinese applications and there I did end up routing the device, so I got root access to it. I used a program called V root. There is a download for that program on tick tablets, comm under the download section and Android root tools. I think this is the name of the folder, so you can download it there and it is pretty straightforward to route this and I'll use that and Titanium Backup. Just to remove some of those bloat econ applications, whether it's going to help but tell the speed or not, I don't know, but it certainly can't help. It will definitely help. I mean just to get rid of those bloody apps that you don't need. Anyway. The wireless signal seems to be reasonably strong. I do have a comparison, video against the onda V, 9 1 9, and they were kind of similar, but the other was maybe just a little tad tad bit better with the Wi Fi signal that it was getting could be due to their antenna design.

But the antenna will be – and this plastic back here so it's, not exactly like it's behind metal, which would struggle to get signal. It is definitely up here. This is the reason why they do have that plastic strip on here and why the likes of the Apple iPad air has that so I'm, just going to show you a little bit of browsing here within the teller, if I can just quickly fire here the browser, I think it's, Google Chrome – this is the first time I'm actually just signed in and used it. So you can see those just signing in there now see how long that takes screen brightness now the moment actually is turned down a little bit. I will just turn this up so far. The tablet does seem quite snappy a little disappointed in the manly t760 performance. I was under the impression that it was going to be a little bit closer to kind of, like the note speed, because the note 4 has the mali t760. But I later found out that the note heads like a 6 core version – and this is the cheaper version. Of course this is only the two core one so and that's taking a while to log into that. Skip that so I'll just test out BBC and we'll. Do the google at first BBC see how that picks up now the wireless does support 5g frequencies. So if you've got a crowded, 2.

4 wireless network, you a lot of people with different networks around you may want to get on to 5g. Then – and this will definitely be a good tella to get for that reason – I'm just going into the wrong thing there don't want to go into that that's Play Store, Play Store. What was working out of the box, which is good I've, had problems with other tick. Last tick, glass tablets that Play Store. I needed a bit of work, there's, something wrong with a bull probe. I had to fix and edit that to get it actually to work, but this is BBC website seems to be pretty pretty fast and I just hope and see if I can load any videos and we're the belts of other videos here. So okay, this is stuff. Just to go on there we go or no load, no it's, not what I like. Okay, so the accelerometry, mning movies and things seems to be fine average speed of just doing most of stuff. You would do. There is phone connection, of course, and everything I haven't. Actually got my sim card in there at the moment. I will upload another video, because I don't have 4G coverage where I live. I need to just go into town and get a little closer into the town centre. There is a lot of 4G around there, so it will do some speed, testing, I'll, use the speed test and just see how well that works.

Hopefully I can get onto the forty. Of course it should be supported and quadrant I've done. A few benchmarks is another video on all these all these benchmarks, all those apps already covered and video running video on there. I found out that my 4G clip here I'll just show you now that I recorded on my note 4. It runs, but if you can pick up on that there's a little bit of stutter it's, not very smooth it's a bit choppy the audio is kind of cutting in and out as well, so that's, not that's, not really the fastest. You can see right there. So 4k video playing 4k video on the tablet seems to be a bit of an issue, maybe something to do with codecs as well. That could be the problem I'm using MX player here, and I did install the codecs right, but maybe that's an issue but there's a 2k trailer here, which is gravity which we normally run on these tablets. I get to review and just show you how that runs lost focus there we go so 2k video does work. This is a 1080p HD DVD clip quite old it's it's, showing its age a little bit so that's working everything else seems quite fine, it's a decent screen of course, it's the same screen that isn't in a lot of these tablets in the tech class x98 year. So there's good view angles on it. You can see it as a super reflective, but doesn't help.

I'Ve got overhead lighting here, but the the glass, it is glass, say G Plus G screen, and there is that gap. You can see, maybe just like the iPad air. If you go into a store and check out the iPad air and then compared to the iPad, air 2 you'll see that there is a noticeable difference between them and that's, because there is. This is not a laminated display where the er 2 is, and if you just look, you can see there's a bit of a gap, but a millimeter gap between the actual IP is panel below and the touch glass camera is having a bit of an issue focusing Doesn'T, like it it's picking up more in the reflection, so that's something to keep in mind, but the overall. The build quality is as good I've tested out. The headphone socket and I'm happy to report that there is no buzzer or hum over that which is really good. There'S. A couple of these tablets, I have been looking at the tick last X, 80 H in Windows had a bus over that, and that was horrible. I mean I hate to have audio and then you've got an interference noise running in the background when you connect them up which isn't the best and it seems to be. This is just a normal kind of stereo, 3.5 millimeter and put there. So you, if you try to use a headset that's, got a microphone on it.

You'Re gon na be out of luck there, because it and support it. If you have to use just a normal hit set, and then you have the mic on the corner here, which is which is good, of course, having a mic, do you need a mic but it's not so great, having no support with actual headset? I don't know why I tell us now: can't start to use these plugs now 3.15. They can support actual headsets and microphones is something they should really start to do now, because I've seen it now on all their tablets, it's really time for these Chinese manufacturers. Just to start using that, because if you've got an Android device, that's got a SIM card slot and you can make calls on it. I know know most people don't make calls, but I've never made a call on a tablet and less than just testing them, but and some people like to do it, it would be nice to have the microphone this and you're not walking around having to hold the Tablet up to your face when you're talking and then you're gon na look a bit a bit weird. So look someone's making phone calls on their iPad it's. Not am i bad yeah anyway, gallery just quickly show you some of my demo images that I use on these tablets. It all seems to be fast enough, that's from the 4k video he just showed earlier. Sorry, if focus was just out then so that is fast enough.

The images look good it's green, looks great same screen, as I mentioned, on the two classics: money here: the same screens on the Q by 6 it's on the on d'ervy 9, 1 9. The LG IPS panel that used to be exclusively on the iPad, yeah and camera camera works it's 8 megapixel camera it's, not the 13 megapixel camera that's in the t98. I think it is, and it seems to be fast enough, just quickly trying to take a photo here. I will post samples from the camera on tick tablets, calm when I post up a review so Peniel for that and the front facing camera, and that is also working. Just fine. You can see my note for there it's, recording the video and you do get quite a few options. I know that there is high dynamic range modes now so there's a few extra features that are there, which is which is great to see because I don't remember seeing this on the 5 megapixel camera inside the ROM on the tick last x98. If 3g didn't have these features is face. Detection we have panoramic shot scene modes, various other modes here, I'll just show the settings of the camera. You'Ve got face beauty, lots of things there anti flicker, that's, all pretty standard mate mix mix was shot because I can't select anything the anti shake voice capture as well I'm still in one of these other just need to go back into the normal scene mode, and You can see when the camera there is electronic image stabilization.

I will post a sample of us up on Tech Telecom. If anyone is interested noise reduction and do you know what those features really do, I will see it's gon na do something video quality. You can sit as high medium low I'll put it on to fine, but I don't know whether that affects the framerate and you might find that it records. I think, 1080p. I will definitely find that out shortly once I do record a clip, but I think changing these settings will actually affect the frame rate, which is not the best, so high might be 30 frames per. Second, fine might actually lower that, hopefully not because whether things like file manager, which you need, the available storage, you get when you first boot, the thing up is around about 20 six gigabytes, so that's not too bad. It is a 32 gigabyte, emmc there's plenty there and you've got one of our things. Like the update, I tried to update this and I downloaded it will the tick last over the air update and that doesn't seem to actually work, maybe because I've got root access. Now to the device that it didn't like that, so it wouldn't it came up with an error. It rebooted went into like the droid boot mode and went to apply the update and it failed so not too sure what's going on there. Otherwise, you might be wise to dump the stock launcher and go with something like nova, launcher or Apex Launcher, which a lot faster and quicker it's, okay, but it's, definitely not the best launch.

I don't really look particularly like it too much, and one last thing is the okay. The DPI that it comes with is originally 320, so I've used this application here called resolution changer and just change that to 264, which is the excel pixel density of the screen, which a fine looks faster and it just seems to be sharper as well, because running 320 everything's quite big on the screen and just looked a little bit nicer. I found this way and it's a lot of other people who agree with me to our next EA forums that have set this dpi or to use 240, maybe or 260 the onder v1v. Nine one nine comes with the DPI set at 240, so that's, what underwing with and for some reason take that slice to go with 320 that's the way they've set it up so overall, the tablet seems so far: pretty good did trigger it's, not working. I don't know why some sort of issues there why that is, I do not know, but it just yeah that just crashes it's just not going to work for me and I have actually deleted it and reinstalled it. But if, for some reason it just will not boot dead, trigger overall GPS performance, yep seems good dpu. Okay, a little slower than I thought it would be. Cpu is very fast and they were good score on Geekbench and overall, not a bad tablet, but I've been finding that when I have been turning the display off and leaving it for about ten minutes, I can't turn it back on again.

I can't do this it's gone it's gone just gone on me and holding down the power button will just do nothing that's. Why you've got that little reset button here? I have posted a video up of this, so I've had to use this reset button, probably about four times now, which is really bad, so there's, something about the ROM that is unstable, there's an early ROM that something needs to be addressed. I don't think it's. Just my unit, but since it's only just coming out, I haven't reading you moralis of people having this problem and the Chinese sites that review these tend to be super biased and they probably wouldn't even comment about that problem. That say that no no yeah everything's fine. They won't mention the fact that they were on that's unstable when putting it into lock and the CPU goes into a sleep mode or a deep sleep. You can't get out of it. So hopefully that's not a hardware issue and I would assume maybe it's something to do with software. That tick lasts need to address anyway. I think of talks and blabbed on long enough. If you liked my little video this hands on and just look around at the p98 4G, please give me a like they'll be really nice. Thank you and do subscribe. I'Ll have more upcoming videos of this tablet and a few other Chinese tablets that I will eventually order once they're released I'm also waiting to get my hands on the new generation of item retina powered tablets written to screen tablets, which should be coming up later in The year, so there will be something differently with while looking into and checking those out, because I think performance wise there'll be a lot better when it comes to gaming, because the GPU is gon na, be a hell a lot better.

So the new atoms are something that's me interesting and lots of changing. This tick is changing really quick and the Chinese tech companies are really onto it. There'S pumping these tablets out creating new models. They have suddenly new models every year that are just coming out.