Calm and I've got the p98 in front of me it's the updated version of the p90 8 ear, which had the all winner, a 80 TCB on it. Now the newer version ticklers have now put a mediatek 64 bit cpu in there it's an octa core, and that is paired up with a Mallee t760 GPU, the same GPU that's in the note 4, so here's, the and 2 to 5 point 6 point to score. It'S, just over 40000 to show you the details here: I'm. Sorry about the reflection, there's, a lot of reflection off the screen in a touchscreen and it's quite a sunny afternoon, so that's not a bad score at all. That is definitely higher than what I've seen on other tablets for dual boot tablets just slightly higher, and I will just go and show you now. Cpu z is for more information on the chipset that's being used here. So you can see that it's a ARM Cortex 853 and there are the 8 cores there on the Mele t760 and this after running that benchmark the temperature seemed pretty low I'm haven't run any gaming or anything hard enough to get that warm, which I will do Later on, I'll do another video that we another video online, showing you gaming on this tablet. Here, the P 98 4G. I will just run out Geekbench and see what kind of score that gets. So you can see there that's a CPU that's, the MediaTek 87 52, and it does support 64 bit, but this is only Android 4.

4.4, which doesn't support it. What they're less this version is not using a 64 bit kernel it's only a 32 bit one. So we need to wait for Android 5 lollipop. They come through that update from tech glass, which is hopefully not too far away. Anyway. I will just go on and they'll run this benchmark and see what kind of score the p98 you can get. Okay, so the benchmarks just finished and there are our scores, so the single core score of 781 multi core of three thousand six hundred and sixty three so that's not too bad in result, there's, actually quite good. You know just compare that down here with the under V: nine one: nine it's, a dual boot system and I'm running and it's running sorry, it's running the Intel 037 36 and you can see that that scored a lot better. The P 98 on the multi core score that is single core the faster Intel that pops up to two point. One six has a slight advantage: there it's not really that much greater. This chipset in here goes up to 1.7 gigahertz for more details there. So it is behind the the Nexus 5 and slightly above the Samsung s4 that's single core performance, multi core. You see that it's actually quite good, where there's eight cores there so that's cause quite high a lot higher than what the devices are listed there at the moment now. My note 4, for example, gets 4247 for the multi core and for the single that gets 1266.

So it's not too bad they're performing so far and I'll just go in a kick out ml 3dmark and have a look what scores it gets: that's a bit slow there we go run. Okay, I'm gon na sit just going to pause this and at this rhyme because it's going to go through the force me to go through the demo and we don't have to sit through. All of that. So just pause. The video now and then resume once the results are shown. Alright, so here's the score of our 3d mark 6000, '8 that's, not a bad score at all, let's question quite good and how they compares to another device. Well, this, if I can do that when I go back into the my device, the benchmarks, okay, so kind of computer too near the device of the moment. Well, I try and see if I can do another video in computers against the under phenome, one nine and just last off, I will quickly run unity and see what kind of score he took. Last p98 for g get I'll just do this in 720p, all right! I'Ll, let that test just run and it's the score. We got as nine point eight to zero, rather have to sit through the whole benchmark, which takes a lot of time so that it's just some benchmarks that I've run as you seen here for the on the yards three on the tick last p98. Err if you'd like to see any other benchmarks, please leave me a note in the comments of this video and I'll see if I can run them for you and post a video on that benchmark.

Thanks for watching the video and please do subscribe if you're interested in this tablet and more Chinese tablets, because I will have more devices up and coming later on, that you can see thanks for watching the video and hopefully see you on my next one bye.