It must be the mel ET 760 mp2. Now the two stands for to cause, I think – and the note 4 has the MP six, so it's got three times the amount of calls in it so that's. Why there's this big gap and performance I've just been looking on various websites, notebook check which has information. We have data sheet on the actual GPU and it would seem that the results i'm getting a kind of a little bit lower than what the Melly 760 mp2 can actually do. So, maybe, as a bit of wrong, optimization is needed on T plus behalf. So just be aware that if you are going to get this tablet that, like me, I was fooled thinking that it was the mp4 version which we have four calls, but it seems it's just a two dual core GPU. Someone do please correct me if I am wrong because I'm, just looking on the internet I'm, no by no means no expert on gpus arm, GPUs arm CPUs at all, so yeah that's, something to keep in mind.