A chinese word versions over here, uh. First of all, we’re going to take a look around the house, not much going on here. There’S no specification on the back or anything you just like to have t pad, and some uh distributions in chinese from down there and lives on the right side is all around with the glass buildings. So this is uh. Shall we, of course, you present with the tab itself and also the tab, comes with a pre installed screen protector because it comes with the usb c type which good and also 3.5 microphone jack over here, headphone jack, sorry, and also the couple offer it’s quite nice – That the glues with these open up – but i kind of feel that this is a little bit flimsy, so you have to be a little bit careful with it all right so down below there’s, nothing! Much on the left side. You can see that the uh. Of course, the button three button here on the right side is not you know at all, so just gon na boot this up. First, while we wait for it because you can see the powered by android and also take us in the middle here and let’s see what else we got in the box a little bit of a flexible form going on here, all right so down below cut a Couple of free gear, i suppose it’s like a stand, it’s a typical stand.

You got a gift from the seller that i got here from china different kind of academies here, so it depends on where you get. Maybe you can get it from aliexpress or any other online supplier, the center, so some of them they give some gift cards like this. This is not included and it’s like a free gift, also which really a stylus cam, as well as this adapter from usbc to usb port adapter and that’s pretty much it. Also. A couple of you know: user guides and use a manual here. Warranty rules even that’s nice – all right, so let’s see okay, yeah here the bus here, where you can find a charging board with the european style 2p charger. You can see that the usb there and the other side you got the cable and it’s. I suppose it is one meter long as usual, usb 2 usb c it’s always nice to see that the river load is like a all right. So yeah you can be a presenter with hi there, english let’s just quickly start. Let me just skip everything. First, oh that’s, pretty loud it’s and it’s only in the middle, and it sounds like super loud and it’s good, even though it is only have like a a single. Oh, you got this speaker grill at the back, which is super loud and also the camera. On the back, all right so let’s see let’s, see what’s the settings come with i out of the box system about phone all right, so here’s the phone ram.

You got 2 gb of ram and revolution 9 and that’s about it. So what how much? The storage, though, how much storage to react. So this template comes with 32 gb and 6.2 gb used, oh, and also the seller, that i got it included with a free plus casing, and this casing is from sac class itself. You can see that it takes us bending down below here, and it comes with a little bit kind of like a grayish dark, grayish kind of tone here, it’s, like flipped flip case and respect and uh, with a silicone soft silicone head up casing for you to Put it on, let me just quickly pop this in and show you guys if it fits super securely without any problems, pretty neat pretty good there. You can just put this uh. You can just put this casing like this, like this, for you to stand up, it’s, not gon na drop or anything all the way to here, maybe not here here it’s about, i would say about um, maybe 7 75 degree or so all right so it’s good For the server to include some kind of free, developing and that’s it, this is my just a quick unboxing and overview of tech class p80x it’s, an entry tablet, of course, but then it is really good for money. So it costs about too close to 300 ringgit. Reconversions is about, i would say it is about 75 75 to 80 us dollars, so it’s super cheap.