Yet to find another one. That’S as good or even close to this in the same price range hello there, everybody blue cj here so now, let’s get into the review. So this is the tech class p20 hd it’s a budget tablet that starts at 129, and it gives you the things that you probably care about, except for a few things, because, with this aggressive pricing, you obviously have to cut a few things intentionally to keep costs Down as much as possible, starting with the build it’s, very good it’s, a metal body with curved edges, which feels good in the hand. Of course, this isn’t really the prettiest design here. But you do have reasonably sized bezels here, so you can still hold the device without accidentally touching anything. The thickness is all right too, since you have that large battery, which will definitely get you through the day with no issues, you have dual stereo speakers, which are definitely nice, not really the best sounding, but at least they get allowed for all of your immunity, consumption And honestly, i don’t really mind at all, because the display is good, which we’ll talk about later. In addition to that, it has a usb type c port, a sim card slot and a headphone jack as well for the cameras they decided to do the intentional cutting here, because people don’t really care that much about their tablet cameras, since they mostly already have a Phone that’s way better for taking pictures and videos.

The rear camera is a 5 megapixel sensor and it takes okay photos for a tablet. At least it has good enough detail and you can definitely scan things like documents and papers using it for the front camera it’s. A two megapixel one and you shouldn’t really expect much from it, because no one really takes selfies with tablets and the only reason you would probably use this camera is for video calling it’s not that great, but it’s. Definitely, okay for that type of usage. It packs the unisock sc9863a, which is an octa core 1.6 gigahertz chipset, along with four gigabytes of ram, which is actually good for a tablet. At this price point for storage, it has 64 gigabytes, so you won’t really have much problems with storing files and downloading apps. In addition to that, there’s also a micro sd card slot for storage expansion, the performance is good, not much lag with the actual usage of the device like playing games, watching videos and using apps. Another reason why the performance is good is because this is actually running close to stock android, which i am a fan of, so actually no bloatware here only thing about that storage, though, is that it’s not really the fastest, most apps just load a little slow. In my opinion, but i guess that’s not really a deal breaker for sure for the battery life. This tablet has a six thousand milliamp hour battery, which is not really the largest, but it should get you around four to five hours with moderate usage.

Now let’s look at the display once again, it’s not perfect, but for this price. I think that this is a good display overall it’s, a 10.1 inch 16 by 10 ips lcd panel at 1920 by 1200 pixels, and i would say that this is definitely better than i expected honestly. I thought that this would be. You know only an okay display, but i actually compared this to my redmi nines display, and i found out that the color representation isn’t that far off at all, you can definitely enjoy consuming your media content here with no problems and the stereo speakers are also not That bad, so i’m sure you’re good to go with this package. The colors are decent. Saturation is good as well, and overall, i would say the display is very good for the price so that’s, the teclas p20 hd. If you’re looking for a good budget tablet that you can count on, this might be it, it has good performance good display, decent, build, decent battery life and okay cameras. In my opinion, this is definitely the best deal that you could possibly get as of right now and it’s, really tough to find another one from a different brand that comes even closer to this much usability at a similar price point. Let me know what you think about this great device in the comments below and also, let me know if you have any suggestions for other tech reviews anyway. That’S it be sure to like share and subscribe.

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