1 tablet. It has an octa core 2 gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of storage. So is it any good? Such a cheap budget tablet here well that’s. What I’m here to find out I’ll go through some benchmarks, a little bit of gaming, general use and my overall opinion. Now, since I got this one here from banggood, I don’t have the original box they’ve shipped it in this polystyrene box here. So you get the tablet in this little plastic sleeve, you get some instruction manuals, micro, USB to cable and then, depending on what region, you’re in I’ve got an EU charger here, which is 5 volts, 2 amps. The v10 also comes with this pre applied screen protectors. So no, it does not have scratch. Resistant glass weighs just 543 grams and it’s eight point: seven millimeters thick so for ports, starting from the right here, we’ve got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack microphone micro, SD card reader that supports up to 128 gigabytes tested Demma, got a micro, USB 2 port for data And charging now to charge this. It takes approximately three hours just over three hours, to fully charge the battery, then there’s dcn, but they do not include that that’s 5 volts, 2 amps and then the loudspeaker and on the left, the other loudspeaker we have so we’ve got two of them for decent Stereo separation so along the top we’ve got the plastic volume and power buttons. Now the feel of them is ok, they’re not loose, they don’t rattle.

Hopefully they will stand the test of time there, and then we have a reset button, and this part along the top here, that’s all made out of plastic here, that’s for the wireless and Bluetooth reception and then finally a front facing 2 megapixel camera. Now the rear of the tablet is made out of this metal and so it’s a unibody. The whole thing it’s well done and really I feel, for the price – that book quality is good, it’s, quite solid, there’s, no flex in it whatsoever, and we do have a rare 2 megapixel camera. You can see there. So the screen is an IPS panel, it’s 1920. By 1200 resolution, maximum brightness is 280 Lux now it’s non lemon, so we do have a gap between the digitizer glass and then the IPS panel below of approximately two millimeters, which is one of the larger gaps. You will find colors overall, decent blacks, aren’t that deep, because it isn’t fully laminated so it’s running Android 7.1.2, which isn’t the latest version, but it’s good to see because there’s still a lot of tablets that come out with this price range that are running Android, 6 Or even android 5.1 now I’ve lived the bloatware here, so you can see it. You can see. We’Ve got about approximately five or six bloatware applications, but the good thing about them as they can be uninstalled and removed, and then you left with a basic stock, Android and launcher.

Now. There isn’t over there update system – and I have already received one update so that’s good – to see that tick lustre at least pushing out updates, but don’t ever expect this tablet to get Android 8. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, certainly not in this price range. Now you will see now and then there’s some animation stutter. I believe that that is probably caused by the fact that we’ve only got two gigabytes of RAM and it’s, not exactly a super powerful chipset that’s powering this using Google Play here is a perfect example to show you the kind of speed you can expect from this Tablet that it will now and then be a little bit stuttery. The same goes for web browsing performance now because it does run Android seven. You can do split screen on apps that support it, which is good to see, but it can be a little slow. You can see there a little bit of lag, not exactly the fastest and I’ll run chrome here too, just to demonstrate that this is no speed demon of a tablet that there is a little bit of stutter. It does need sometimes a little bit of time to catch up and the touch response. As a result, isn’t super fluid. Now to the guy that asked me: does it run Netflix? Will it run it? Well, you can search it, but it doesn’t show up, so that to me means that this tablet is not supported, but other streaming services like, for example, Amazon, Prime video that I do have installed.

This actually runs quite well PDFs and ebooks. They actually look surprisingly good on the screen and the performance isn’t bad. If you don’t expect a lot, for example right now, it does take a little while this is over Wireless for it to load in large heavy images on this large PDF file. I’M testing. Now, taking a look at the performance, this is the antutu score, so 41000 that’s not breaking any records there. You can see the CPU does alright, but where the weaknesses of this particular model is the RAM speed there and the 3d as well it’s, not a particularly high score. And when you look at the internal storage, the EMC that it has on here rather slow, sequential write, speeds there. 19 megabytes per second and the 4k writes as well so very slow. The spec of drive they’ve used on this, but that’s to be expected for this price range that have cut some corners with the full middle, build the IPS panel and then on to wireless speeds. So they do advertise it having dual band wireless in. But I couldn’t get on to the 5 gigahertz band list on my router here, and these were the maximum speeds that I managed to push through this on wireless in so not particularly fast now, the range of it it seems, okay, because we do have that plastic. There, on the back for the antenna reception and then when it comes to battery life.

In my testing here, I managed to get close to 5 hours with 22 battery left and half at that time was actually gaming, so I do believe you’re able to get about 6 to 7 hours on this, depending on your use, which isn’t too bad idea like To see more, of course – and you can see my screen on time there of almost five hours now – this was continuous use by the way, so the p10 can stream YouTube 1080p perfectly fine. The Wireless keeps up with that and it’s the maximum sitting. We can get on this, so you can’t go any higher than that that’s all it lets us go with quality 1080p perfectly fine. There and I’ll give you a sample of those twin speakers. As I showed you in a start, we’ve got one on the left, one on the right. So what about fan noise? So, as you can hear from that, the speakers have a decent amount of volume to them: they’re, not quality speakers. There is like a continual hiss at low volume that I can hear coming from those speakers. 3.5 millimeter headphone jack also has a tiny bit of interference and static on there. Now, depending on how fussy you are whether that’s going to bother you or not. Now, when it comes to senses, it has the bare minimum. You can see. We’Ve just got a gravity sensor also know as in a cellar ometer, and that is it no gyroscope.

No GPS, no compass, not on a 99 US tablet. So what about gaming performance? So this is Marvel’s conquest of Champions and you can see it definitely does have a few stutters. But overall, this game at least is playable and modern. Combat here is play born out as using the lowest visual settings you can tell, but at least it does have playable frame rates. It just doesn’t. Look wonderful that’s all, and this title here is another one that’s running on the Unreal Engine, it’s Mortal Kombat X and you can see well the frame rates, not the smoothest, it’s, certainly playable, which is the main thing so that’s good, at least and even more demanding Titles here like heroes of incredible tales playable, but you do see there’s quite a few stutters in the beginning, at least like just then quite a pause but good to see this tablet’s able to run the game. So, having a look at video, playback, now I’m playing a 4k file here, this is h.264 codec and it plays it pretty slow there. You can see it’s running about 20 frames per second instead of 30. So, ideally, you want to play only 1080p max files on here now it does not seem to support HEV C codec, the latest one, at least not in the native gallery player. Here you need to install something like MX player, for it at least be playable, but I notice that the frame rate was really choppy, so it’s best to stick to 1080p files and older kind of codecs, not the latest ones, because it will struggle with them.

So to wrap up this 99 US tablet does offer quite a lot for the price. Considering you’re getting a full metal unibody build you’ve got a 1920 by 1200 IPS screen with decent brightness to it, and the speakers are quite now, but they are flat. There is some static over them and a little bit of static and interference over the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack you’ve got a stock Android ROM with some bloatware on that there can be uninstalled placed or of course, is their Android 7. So it’s a recent version. You’Re not stuck on android, 5.1 or 6, but don’t expect to see this tablet ever getting android 8, at least not through the official channels from teclast. Now there are a few cons to it that their performance, isn’t, amazing, so you’re gon na see some stutters in use. If you start to multitask and quite heavily, then you will see some slowdown there, but what surprised me is it actually turned out to be decent enough to play games like you can see here in the background hit that’s running perfectly fine. There will be a couple of little stutters that all of the games I tested did have playable frame rates. Better life is reasonably good as well. You can get between 6 amp 7 hours out of this, so that’s, ok and it is a little slow to charge around 3 hours, but overall again have to look at the price 4.

99 us. I feel that this is a decent tablet. Now, if you want better performance, have a look at something like teeth: clasts master th check out my review of that and I will also be reviewing soon. The 8.9 inch tick last master t8.