Also so it’s got the same speaker, MediaTek 81, 73 that’s, a hexa core CPU, four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage and it runs Android. Seven it’s got a really nice screen on this, so it’s got a resolution of 2560 by 1600 that’s. Sixteen by ten aspect ratio and at just eight point nine inches. The screen is very sharp, it’s, also fully laminated, with very decent colors, deep blacks and not so susceptible to reflections. Color reproduction is good overall, a top screen it’s also very bright too, with a maximum brightness of 310 Lux, which is good for a fully laminated panel. So in the Box you get the tablet with a pre applied screen protector, a tool there for the micro SD card slot. Yet the charger which is rated to 12 volts, 1.5 amps and then a type C white, USB cable. So at the top we’ve got a 13 megapixel camera and then an 8 megapixel camera on the rear. So tich last have made a wise move here and put the best camera on the front. Next, to its an ambient light sensor and right here, you’ll see a fingerprint reader that works about seven out of ten times, it’s, not the fastest. It can be quite slow at times, so it looks like a sim tray. Here is, in fact just the tray for the micro sd, so you need that tool to get the micro SD cards in and out.

So not only that good for swapping out cards quickly. But if you want to keep a card in there large capacity, one I’ve tested up two hundred and twenty eight gigabytes and they work fine. We have two downwards firing: speakers as well on the top left a microphone and then on the right. A reset button, metal volume and power buttons. Now these power buttons here, don’t rattle around they’re, made out of metal and they have a good feel to them. Then, at the top we have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a plastic strip here for the antenna. Now the sound output out of this jack here I did notice that it tends to be quite flat and I wish it had a little bit more volume to it and then on the left. You can see there our type C port. Now I couldn’t actually get any video output out of this, so it’s only charging and data, so the rear of the tablet’s made out of metal. So it has a metal. Unibody feels really good in hand and you’ll notice. There that’s our rear facing eight megapixel autofocus camera. Now the photo quality and the video out of these cameras is ok. The front facing camera actually turns out to be a lot better than most, because it’s got a higher megapixel count, so it can take a decent selfie, but you must be in good light and I roll there build. Quality of this tablet is excellent for the about a hundred and seventy nine price tag.

I have seen this selling, for it runs Android 7.0, so it’s, not the latest version and the security patch level is from April, which isn’t exactly recent either and when you first get the tablet, there are about five or six bloatware applications and then, of course, your Default, Google ones here you can see – we do have Play Store on here – chrome in photos, but for some reason, there’s no standard gallery app on there, but the good thing is we can remove that bloat, where you can just uninstall it apart from one right here. You can see this little lock, icon that some Chinese security program that’s the only one I couldn’t uninstall and because it’s running Android 7. You can split screen apps that support it. Of course – and you see here – I have chrome and then Amazon, Prime and it’s, quite quick – the performance is decent. Now let us point out a couple of things. So teclast are pushing out over there. Air updates bug fixes. I got this update 0 1 here which just patched a few things which is good to see, but I don’t think we’re ever going to see Android 8 on this device. So when you first get it, you get about 53 gigabytes, free storage. Now onto my better life testing, now I decided to push it really hard here. So I was gaming, the whole time and I got close to four hours, but in fact, for as a screen on time, but you should be able to get with light use like web using a little bit of gaming at least six to seven, maybe even higher Hours there eight hours, so that was four hours of screen on time, almost three hours there of gaming with hit, but I also played a few other games.

It totaled up to about another thirty minutes or so – and this is the charge time here. So it takes approximately three hours and thirty minutes to fully charge this device and on to wireless speeds and range, so very decent performance here that maxes out this is wireless AC, that it has but it’s, not a super high end chipset, so sort of tops out Around 200 megabits per second – and I found the range to be good, not quite as good as the tick last t10. For some reason, I think it’s, because we’ve only got really that limited antenna space here along the top of the tablet, and that could be the reason why we just don’t have that much coverage of the antenna and more metal around the outside, but overall, quite decent And I’m very pleased with those speeds there that I was able to get also ebooks look really good on the screen, because it’s, nice and sharp now you all notice that the colors it doesn’t look like a perfect white at the moment and actually actually because of The screen protector that’s on the screen now I don’t know whether it’s scratch resistant, so I haven’t removed it I’ve just left it on because they don’t scratch the screen up, but yeah that’s what’s, causing that funny looking sort of patchiness and the different shades of white They’Re now looking at PDF performance, so this is a very large PDF. I have here with large image files and it looks really good on the screen because of the screen quality, the deep blacks and the sharpness over it over all that we have good colors too, of course, and the performance of it well, if you skip ahead recently Fast, it takes a little while to display the images, but overall this performance I feel, is very decent.

So we have the two downwards firing speakers and they’re actually quite loud, but they do distort a little bit and they lack bass. But I’ll give you a sample of them right now. Now this is the antutu scores, her 81000 that’s, quite a decent score for this type of tablet and it’s, a couple of things to point out too that this tablet, unlike the tech last t10, this does not have GPS in it. It doesn’t have a gyro all. It has four sensors as the ambient light sensor and then the accelerometer, so the ROM is stable. Apart from one thing, the camera application tends to often crash like right here, it’s just completely jammed up on me. It stops responding. That is the only bug I have encountered. Hopefully, teclast is going to patch this. So before it gets started on the gaming performance, you can also buy this optional Bluetooth controller that teclast are selling with their own branding on it. You can see it’s called the wireless controller, well, the tee box. Wireless controller know it’s Bluetooth and we have a charging port here down the bottom, which is micro, USB 2. You get your typical controls in a sort of like an Xbox, 360 layout, and so you’ve got your typical keys here. Media controls here some home select start buttons and the triggers at the top there you can see. So what it does is it locks in place. It’S spring loaded, but then you can lock it here, there’s like a locking mechanism, so it’ll lock it on there, and it just gives you these wider extra grips.

Now the controller itself is ok. I’Ve noticed that probably I need to change the settings or something I notice that it’s very sensitive the movements here, so it takes a little while to get used to controlling with this controller it’s, certainly no Xbox, 360 or Xbox one or PlayStation 4 controller. But you know it does the job and I guess it makes things a little bit more comfortable having the controls either side. Now our gaming performance is exactly the same as the master t10 because of course, it’s the same chipset and GPU power, VR GPU that it has in here they promise, is quite good. You want to combat v this game. You see a few styles and legs now. Man, I mean it’s not perfect, but super playable with a high graphics quality sitting to this total here, which has hit hero’s of incredible tales running really well on this. So, even with a lot of things going on on the screen, the GPU and the CPU is keeping up. So you get a very smooth frame rate on this one, and this title here, World of Tanks very good frame rate on this one really smooth. That seems to be running in most the time at about 60 frames per second and getting hit here and I’m stuck, I see if I can at least fire back at this enemy completely missed as well as you can tell. I don’t blow this game a lot, but it is running well and yeah: I’m dead, already Mortal Kombat X really smooth.

Now this is running at the full resolution, so this game, doesn’t upscale from like 1080p or 720p, looks great and it’s pretty much running perfect. Here. A little bit of slowdown, perhaps but it’s not like it isn’t gon na be playable. Now one game, I could not get to run as Ashe felt extreme here. For some reason it just keeps checking the online profile times out. It has an error and it keeps repeating and repeating and repeating getting nowhere – no I’m, not too sure who’s to blame here whether this is game lofts fold, or this is something to do with the tablet. But this one does not work. Oh and there we go it just crashed again on me. So to recap here: the master t8 from teclast is a great little tablet. It is a premium tablet really because it has a premium screen in there that is fully laminated and has a unibody metal build on there. The build quality is excellent and overall great screen on there because it gets really deep blacks on there good contrast decent enough brightness and, of course, we have a stock Android 7 rom on here. Ok, there are a couple of bloatware application out of the box, but you can uninstall all, but one of them so it’s not really an issue there and we are getting some over ear updates too from tech last and I hope they patch that problem with the Camera so it’s a solid tablet with only two gray areas really, and that is that the camera app will crash sometimes and then the fingerprint reader can be quite slow at times and a little bit frustrating.

I sometimes just end up putting in my PIN number. Instead of using the fingerprint reader to unlock it, so if you must have a really good fingerprint reader, then perhaps this isn’t the model for you, but the battery life is also decent. I mean I can get a solid four and a half hours of gaming on this and you can get up to around seven hours of your typical kind of use. So a little bit of gaming mixed use, web browsing YouTube streaming. All good, also fast internet speeds to buy that wireless, AC and there’s. Also one other tiny little minor complaint to is that the audio output from the 3.5 millimeter jack does sound a little bit flat, it’s, not very punchy and there’s. A tiny, tiny, a little bit of hissing static over that line as well there, but overall, a great tablet here. If you haven’t seen my review of the tick last master t10, which is the bigger 10.1 inch version that also has a fully laminated display.