0 tablet that is powered by a media tech. 81. 73. This is a hexa core cpu and the graphics is a power VR GX 6250. It has four gigabytes of RAM and you get approximately 50 gigabytes of free space on the 64 gigabytes of internal storage, so the tablet weighs 550 grams it’s 10.1 inches and around 8 millimeters thick made out of a metal unibody here build quality is very good. We do have some plastic along the top for the antenna, Bluetooth and GPS reception. This camera on the rear here is 8 megapixels autofocus camera. So you would have seen there that the fingerprint reader is in an awkward location. Now you can access it with your middle or index finger when you’re holding it unlock. Time is around 2 to 3 seconds, so it isn’t fast, it’s, quite slow, and it works around eight to nine times out of 10. Only the ports are also in an odd location, which I don’t particularly like I’d, rather have them on the side of the device. So we have micro HDMI out that supports up to 1080p micro USB 2 in there for charging and data. Yes, Oh TG does work on this and then the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and in a slot for the micro SD card, so that micro SD card slot does support up to 128 gigabytes, at least that I know of that I’ve tested. But it should support even up to 250 plus cards and you can set it up as either the internal storage to install applications on or as portable storage here, the buttons on the top right hand, side these are made out of metal.

They’Ve got a good feeling to them and they are so much better than the likes of the plastic ones we used to have on the x98 series. Particulate also made a wise move of moving the best camera of 13 megapixel one to the front of the tablet. I’D, love to see more manufacturers do this, and next to that, as an ambient light sensor, and then lastly, we have the speakers so left and right on the device. You see these tiny little girls here, the loudness of them isn’t that bad at all, I’ll give you some put them later on in this video. So the screen is a fully laminated sharp panel. It has a resolution of 2560 by 1600 maximum brightness of 418 Lux. So it is very bright. You can make it out in direct sunlight because it is fully laminated as well. So you don’t have as much of a problem with reflections as you do on the non laminated panels. Colors, look good blacks, quite deep standard kind of IPS panel. Really here you know I do have on my unit there a little bit of glow around the edges, mostly on the right hand, side, but overall, a really decent panel used in this tablet here. So, as I mentioned there in the beginning, it’s running Android, seven so it’s, not the latest version and the security patch of it is dated from April the fifth this year. So it’s, not the latest there either, which is a little bit of a shame.

There have been some over the air updates just to fix a few bugs and things, and you can do split screen with apps that support it there, just like other Android 7 tablets, so it’s good to see they have that enabled at least now the ROM is A stock Android ROM, which is great so we don’t, have any bloated launches on this, and you also notice that there is a few bloatware applications. You can uninstall all of them. Apart from this Chinese security, app that’s, the only one that I could not remove Play Store is there, of course, working fine and no issues with that. Third, all ROM performance I’ve found to be decent, it’s, quite smooth, swapping between applications as well, not a problem with that it’s quick. I have noticed that there is sometimes a little bit of animation lag or stutter, just in the launcher here, it doesn’t seem to be as smooth as some other devices now. This could be because of the high resolution having a bit of an impact there on performance and fur going to Chrome 2 rather heavy website here, scrolling performance, and that seems very smooth indeed, loads and pages quick to the master t10 does support GPS, but unfortunately there Is no hardware compass in here so it’s not as useful, and I noticed that the GPS lock does take a long time and you only lock on to a few satellites. It is very slow and the performance really is not good at all.

It’S, very poor. For GPS, I wouldn’t be buying this model for its GPS. Definitely not. Now, when we have a look at benchmark scores their typical scores for this chipset here, that is the Geekbench full result, and this is the compute result here and then the antutu score of 80 thousand, which is not bad at all and here’s. A look at that internal storage, the speeds here quite adequate for an e MMC. Four point: five point: one spec drive now the wireless I had a bit of an issue on the first ROM. Well, the first update that came through and on my old router. I had wireless AC hooked up, but for some reason I feel it’s my own routers problem that I’ve got here. I can’t seem to jump on to the wireless AC. I’Ve had a few issues with other devices too, but on wireless in getting the maximum speeds possible. Here so thanks to the plastic that put on the top here, which you commonly see on other devices, the wireless reception in range is really quite decent. Here, I’ve had no issues in the studio apartment here and moving through other rooms getting good coverage. Most of the time, it’s still at full strength. So what a books and PDFs like on this system, I profund they perform quite good and it does look really nice on the screen, ticks because of that 2560 by 1600 resolution. So I have a very large PDF file here and when I skip ahead, you’ll see that it’s not the fastest, so it does take a little bit of time, sometimes to search through those ones.

So if you have a massive PDF file, it’ll certainly will not win any speed records, but because of that resolution and the screen PPI text, a fine does look really quite good on this, so the better live turned out to be better than expected on average I’m. Getting around seven hours to seven and a half hours with the brightness set to 40, but when I was watching some movies on it, some light chrome use and the brightness set to approximately 30, where it is at the moment, perhaps a little less. There. I’Ve got 7 hours and 27 minutes here, with around 30 batteries still left so that’s excellent result there and it takes aprox four hours to fully charge the tablet, so it’s not the fastest to charge now on to the loudspeakers. Thankfully, they have improved things on their Android tablets, at least tear glass, because the excellent eight series they had some poor speakers on and they just weren’t very loud at all. Now these aren’t great, but at least they’ve got loudness, but they do tend to distort a little bit at 100 volume anyway. Let’S have a listen to how they sound now the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack it outputs loud sound. However, I’ve noticed there is a tiny little bit of static present, and this is another demanding title here hit now. Don’T believe this one is actually running in the full resolution. I believe it’s just scaled up from 1080p or even 720p.

There aren’t some little pauses now and then, but overall really playable and all the games I’ve tested do run well. However, I did run into a problem with one game: it’s Ash felt extreme. It just will not run for some reason on this tablet. It keeps crashing when it goes to check my online profile and there we go crashed again and now for a quick sample the front facing camera, which is 13 megapixels larger than the 8 we get on the rear, but it doesn’t have an autofocus on the front. Here, but for video calls and things you can see that the quality is actually quite good. Ok, so, just to summarize here, their performance is a lot better than I expected, because the resolution of 2560 by 1600 isn’t exactly a light or easy resolution to drive. Android games and things, but they all are playable with good frame rates. Even those games there that do run at native screen resolutions like Mortal Kombat X, playable framerates, all the time it’s over about 30. You do see the occasional stutter, so the screen is the key feature here. The best feature of it that it’s a really nice screen, it’s nice and bright good blacks, its sharp, so you’ve got a good amount of storage on here, 64 you’re not limited to 32 4 gigabytes of RAM. Overall, the speck is really good: it’s thin relatively light. 550 grams and overall, I feel for the price.

You are getting a good tablet, but it does have a coarse its cons. The fingerprint reader is slow, the location of it’s quite poor and a little bit clumsy. I feel when you’re unlocking takes around 2 to 3 seconds, so it’s not great and then, of course, the port location along the top to charge and also HDMI out, I feel they should have put it on. One of the sides would have been a little bit better there, so the speakers are loud, but they do distort they’re, not high quality speakers, and there is a tiny little bit of static over the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. But apart from that build quality, the screen the battery life, it does come recommend it if you’re looking for a cheaper Android 7 tablet out of China.