So this one is called the m89 it’s a MediaTek powered tablet. It has the hexa core MTK8176 so that six cores paired up with three gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of storage. That is expandable. So, on the left side of the tablet, we have a micro SD card slot, so you’re able to put up to 256 gigabyte micro SD cards in there, which is great. It runs stock, Android 7, and it also has a camera on the back, which is 5 megapixels autofocus up front and a very common now I’ve seen a lot of them. Retina screen on this it’s, fully laminated with Gorilla Glass on the side. We do have these plastic volume up and down and power on buttons, but they’ve got a ok feel to them and that’s really the only plastic we get on this tablet, so you can see also, there is of actually a strip there for the antenna reception. So down the bottom of this little plastic liner, you can see that’s for the antennas and there is a microphone there as well. You know at the top here, you’ll see the loudspeakers. We have Micro HTML, which is really good to see where so many manufacturers are dropping HDMI out support on their tablets, which is an error so great to see that as here type C port as well and overall, the build quality does feel really decent it’s solid. In hand, I cannot hear any creaks between the joins or anything like that.

So overall, a very decent, build let’s. Take a look at what you get in the Box. You’Ve got the tablet that isn’t, a nice protective or plastic wrap there’s to stop it from getting scratched out now it does have this pre applied screen protector from the factory, which is good great, to always have these on there, so you don’t have to put one On yourself and if you’re anything like me, you probably hopeless at putting on screen protectors without getting air or dust underneath and in it. So right here, we’ve just got an instruction manual and they tool there. So this, what looks like a sim tool was the same kind of thing has actually for the tray for the micro SD card. You got a little warranty card there and whatnot that’s all in Chinese, and here we have the power supply. So this is gon na. Be a Chinese one. Obviously that’s been a Chinese mobile, sorry tablet, and this is rated five volts, amps, so standard charging rate and inside the last little box, a white and great type c, cable for charging and data. So the screen is a very familiar one. It’S the same as the iPad Mini 4, for example, and we’ve seen so many tablets with the screen now, but even after all these years, this is still a very decent screen. Really good. It is fully laminated has Gorilla Glass. The resolution is 2048 by 1536. The gamer comes out to be around about 2.

1, so it’s, just under it should really be 2.2 and it does ship with mirror vision. And what mirror vision is is an app that is from mediatek and it allows you to tweak the display to your own personal preferences, so the white balance saturation contrast. You can change all of that and really get this display to look quite good and reasonably accurate. So it is of course, four by three aspect: ratio, the same as an a4 sheet of paper, so it’s, quite squarish whites look good darks reasonably black! Here you can see the difference between the black of the bezel on the top and bottom and then of the image, but for this type of panel this is really quite good. Now the maximum brightness tops out at 330 lux, which is decent. This is good and because it’s fully laminated it’s not so susceptible to reflections like the ones that aren’t fully laminar, they tend to be a lot more reflective, so there’s no gap between the digitizer and the IPS panel below this is optically bonded and overall. After all these years, as I said, still a really good screen, so I would say that this is probably the biggest con of this tablet that it’s running now a dated Android 7 security patch level is April, the 5th 2017 so that’s a long time ago. No custom launches – and we only have three Chinese bloatware applications, two of which can be uninstalled.

The only one you cannot remove is this right here, which is some sort of security app. So we don’t get a lot of free space here, 23 gigabytes, but at least of course you can install the micro SD card, so it has three gigabytes of memory on board and typical kind of views. It gives us around about 1.8 gigabytes free drm info reports. There, the Widevine level is security level 3, and what this translates into this jargon is that Netflix and HD will not be possible with this tablet and it does not even come up in Play Store because it’s not supported, so the wrong performance is really quite decent. This tablet is actually a lot smoother than the recent decade core tablets. They have been looking at now YouTube here, for example, I’ve noticed that there are no options for changing the resolution. It’S just captions there, so you can’t increase it, which a little bit of disappointment there with that, but otherwise it really is quite smooth getting around the ROM and as mentioned yeah, it just feels so much faster than the hell yo X. 20. Even though really it shouldn’t, because the X 20, when it comes to your synthetic benchmarks, like antutu, for example, actually gets a higher CPU score here, but the score for this one, not bad at all. So there we go, you can see. We’Ve got almost a hundred thousand, which is about what the hell yo X, 20 gets.

But when you look at the CPU score, the Hollyoaks 20 will be a little bit higher and the GPU score so comes out a little bit higher here. This is 15000, which you could say is a little bit low, but synthetic benchmarks always take them with a pinch of salt. It really is down to world performance, real world performance. Sorry and you’ll find that things are very smooth multitasking. You can also do split screen, because this is of course an Android 7 tablet which introduced that feature now on the toggles for the ROM here. So when you swipe down this, is your typical Android they’ve got a few other things in here, so I comfort it’s, pretty straightforward I’m sure most people know what this is so it’s, removing the blue from the white and a lot of people like this. For nighttime readings so apparent it’s not going to keep you up at wake because your eyes aren’t, seeing that blue and the other thing is here reading mode. So what reading mode does is kind of similar but it’s, just gon na turn. Everything into black and white. Only and we also have an ultra battery saver mode now, if you use this as I’ll, show you later on. With my battery pushing out the review, you can get up to a possible 8 hours of battery life, so your ebooks are going to look good on the screen because it’s quite a sharp screen.

The high resolution that has things do look great the colors the reproduction images here. This is a rather heavy magazine and the performance is good, so it’s going to keep up with your reading pace, but skipping ahead, really quick. You can see it will take a little while and load in, but overall the performance of PF files as long as they’re not super heavy once I’m talking over 100 megabytes and things like that, then it’ll be be perfectly fine, even with that location of the antenna. Being at the bottom of the tablet, so if you use it in portrait mode, your hands will probably block it. I have found the signal strength to be decent it’s good. I haven’t had any issues now connected up to my wireless AC router at home. No problems with the throughput you get up to a maximum of around approximately 230 megabits per second, but this has happened. I have been disconnected three times or so now in the three days using this, it will happen now and then I get disconnected and it reconnects very quickly, but this should not be happening, so the wireless is not 100 stable for internal storage. The m89 uses e MMC four point: five point: one spec it’s, not the fastest it’s a little bit dated but it’s. What you’d expect and this price range of tablet – and you can see these sequential reads and whites writes here. They are they’re perfectly fine for this type of storage and it’s, not really going to cause any bottlenecks.

Taking a look at the battery times now that you’re able to achieve from the m89, whether it’s, four thousand eight hundred and sixty milliamp hour battery in it screen on time maximum that I managed to get on the ultra power saving mode. You can see right here. This is this figure here, eight hours, just over eight hours, really pushing it. That was mostly Chrome, YouTube streaming, some Amazon, Prime, so very light use. There are screen on time averages six thousand forty six minutes, but it is really about six hours. I believe, five to six hours, depending on what you’re doing if you’re gaming non stop. So I played pub G lineage to revolution and I managed to burn through the battery in to just over three hours, so it really depends on what you’re doing there now charge times. It takes just under three hours to fully charge the battery. As I showed you in the start of the video. We have those two top words firing speakers and, depending on how you’re holding it that you can block them, but it doesn’t tend to make too much of a difference, because the speakers seem to be situated internally. They don’t sound, brilliant. The volume on them is also average, but here is a sample now. The headphone jack quality is also average. Here we do have a little bit of static coming through on the line which does annoy me now, it’s, not excessive, but it is definitely there and once you hear it, you cannot unhear it and more demanding games.

You could say, like lineage to revolution, you can see, is playing on the high settings with a normal frame rate perfectly fine. In fact, it is smoother than the Helio x20 that one has the MALI T880 GPU in it, and I just find that the performance of the hexa core, the mediatek 81 76, to be slightly better, in fact, quite a lot smoother. So this translates into much smoother gameplay. When you play games like pub G here, I roi a much more enjoyable experience. Just got some bots here trying to kill me. You don’t see all those stutters and lag that you often see with the Helio X20 and by the way it’s running on the medium framerate on the HD setting. So after 20 minutes of PUBG, it gets up to 35 and 37 degrees on the front. So it is getting warm, we check the rear of it. Now does get warm just around that where that camera is here, so the back is actually a little bit cooler than the front of it and here’s a sample from that front facing webcam. So the audio quality average the quality of the video, as well as average, that it will be sufficient and now for things like Skype and that’s, all that really matters at this price point. So there we go. That is the tick last m89 and I feel that overall, for the hundred, sixty nine us you’re getting a decent tablet and why that is well.

You’Ve got a good screen. The Retina screen, maybe a dated screen. Now it has been used for a long time since the iPad minis they made their way into Android tablets years ago, but it still is very, very good, even in 2018. Okay, with mirror vision. It helps because you can tweak the white balance, the saturation and the colors to your own liking, it’s 330, Lux bright, which is fine but it’s, fully laminated, so that just makes it a little bit better and it does have Gorilla Glass on here. So you could actually just probably get rid of the screen protector that is on there. Their build quality is good speakers on the top aren’t wonderful, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack does have a little bit of hesse, which does irritate me but kind of to be expected in this price range of tablet. Battery life can be anywhere from about three hours. Worst case scenario just full on gaming right up to almost eight hours or eight hours with the battery saver mode and just looking at YouTube and very light you so on average you’re gon na get around five six hours. I feel with mixed use, so some gaming, some YouTube some streaming looking at, say ebooks and things like that is when the battery tends to last a little bit longer there. So the front camera on it and the camera on the rear. There average your mobile phone will be so much better.

I’M. Pretty sure you know that you wouldn’t be buying this, these kind of tablets for their cameras anyway, as a general package it’s looking good, there is a little problem with the wireless that it will disconnect now and then now would happen. Maybe once a day, then it connects up again really quickly, but even so very irritating. When I was in pub key – and I was in again for 20 minutes lost my connection and that really did annoy me there. So that’s not wonderful to see. Okay, we’ve got type c on there, which is good, that’s, more modern, and we have HDMI out great to see because so many manufacturers are just dumping that saving obviously cost savings. Why they’re doing that so good to have that on board good to have the GPS? There as well, I feel, go for a tablet like this, because the 8176 mediatek hexa core chipset just performs better it’s smoother gaming is better PubG. The demanding games are just overall a lot smoother than that. Helio X20. You go for the Helio X20 tablets, probably for the LTE, the 4G support, and that really is about it. So I would stick to these ones. The Master T10 check out my review of that one up here and my latest videos. Thank you.