1 inch. Android tablet known as the teclast m40 i’ve, actually had a lot of viewers asking about this, and really it comes down to the cpu that this is powered by it’s, actually using the unisoc tiger 618, and that might sound odd to some people, usually it’s a mediatek And these cheaper android tablets, but uh, sometimes we get a snapdragon but yeah. This is powered by an eight core, unisock soc and i’ve tested one of these in the past, it’s, actually not a bad cpu at all. As for the price on the tech, last m40 i’ve seen it go anywhere online for 140 to 180. It really depends on where you pick it up and on amazon it is listed for 180. But if you don’t mind waiting on shipping, you can pick it up. Cheaper from other sites, now inside of the box, obviously we’re going to get the m40 tablet itself, a user manual, a usb type c cable and our charging brick, which is only 5 volts, 1.5 amps. Unfortunately, this does not support quick charging, so it will take a little while to charge up the built in 6000 milliamp hour battery. I was really hoping that they would add quick charging to something like this, so straight out of the box. First thing i noticed with this tablet was the display, unfortunately, it’s, not the highest quality. It is an ips panel, but it’s a non laminated display at 1920×1200. Taking a look around the tablet.

This does have dual stereo speakers over here. On this side, we have our volume, rocker power button and usb type c for charging. This does support a micro sd card up to 512 gigabytes and around back here we do have an 8 megapixel camera, but unfortunately, when it comes to these tablets, these cameras are never great. When it comes to the specs on paper, it actually looks pretty good, at least for the internals. For that cpu we have that unisoc tiger t618. This is an octa core cpu 6a55 cores running at 1.8 gigahertz and two bigger a72 cores running at 2 gigahertz for the gpu. We have the mali g52 mp2 at 850, megahertz 6 gigabytes of lp ddr4, ram 128 gigabytes of internal storage, plus we have that micro sd card 802.11, ac, wi fi, bluetooth 5.0, and this does support 4g and as for the operating system, it’s running android 10, the Only extra bloat that’s on here, except for the google stuff, is their update app. I really love the way they do this. They don’t install any kind of ads or third party applications or anything like that when it comes to ui performance, it’s, pretty snappy, but really what’s. Holding this whole tablet back is the screen. We do have a little bit of ghosting here. This is a non laminate display, even though it’s running at 1080 by 1200. It still looks a bit low resolution to me, and this is definitely going to be a deal breaker for a lot of people.

I really wish that tech last would just go ahead and upgrade their screens in these things, because the last couple tablets that they had were decent tablets, but they were really held back by the display they chose to use, as a lot of us already know, these Cheaper android tablets usually have non existent widevine support and this one’s no different. We have level three, which is basically the lowest level we can get here. You will not get hd netflix amazon prime hbo go, but with the latest update of youtube, you can still do 1080p with something like this let’s go ahead and see how it handles it. So here we are, with the latest version of youtube i’m, going to choose a 4k video, but keep in mind we’re only going to be able to go up to 1080p with this. So if we go full screen, we can check out the settings over here and make sure we’re at 1080p go to advanced. I hate the way they have this new youtube setup, so we’re now at 1080p 60 and this unisoc cpu can definitely handle 1080p playback. I really have no doubt that it would be able to do 2k playback, but our screen is kind of limited here and since we don’t have widevine support on this tablet, here, you’re really going to be limited on what you can do in hd. On this thing. Now, if you wanted to do native playback from the internal storage or the micro sd card at 1080p, you’ll have no trouble doing it.

If you have a plex server and you want to stream from that it’ll also work. We don’t need widevine for both of those, but for all of our favorite streaming apps like specifically netflix amazon, prime and hbo go. We do need wide vine level one, and this only has level three so you’re going to be stuck at standard definition. The next thing i wanted to do was check out a couple benchmarks. First, up we have geekbench 5 single core ‘4 multi 1362 multi is actually looking pretty decent for an inexpensive tablet. Next, on the list, we have 3dmark slingshot extreme. This is testing the gpus opengl performance. We got a total score of 14.79 moving over to the 3dmark wildlife test, which tests the gpu’s vulcan performance, total score of 699 and finally antutu with a pretty impressive score. When it comes to these inexpensive android tablets we’re over 250 000, and if we check out that gpu score we’re at 47 000, which is actually really good for a tablet in this price bracket, now it’s time to move over to some native android gaming. First up we have minecraft, i do have fancy graphics on we’re at 12. Chunks and overall performance is really great going into this one. I had a good feeling. It would run minecraft at full speed. I mean, after all, we do have a pretty decently powered soc in this unit. Another one i like to test is asphalt 9 and by the way, with minecraft and this one i’m using an xbox one controller connected over bluetooth.

I mean it just paired right up. I also tested an xbox one s controller on this unit too. Next on the list, we have call of duty mobile we’re at medium settings, and i have the frame rate set to high or as high as we can go with this. I don’t think we’re. Quite at 60, but it’s still an enjoyable experience on the m40 tablet, but when it comes down to it, this game is very well. Optimized i’ve been able to run this pretty decently on lower end tablets, so let’s move up to something that’s a bit harder to run and that’s going to be gentian impact, and here it is we’re at low 30 fps and uh when there’s a lot of stuff Going on, you will notice a lot of stutters. This is not a tablet that i would specifically purchase for this game here. You could get by playing it. If you don’t mind the stuttering but it’s, not really great and we’re at low settings here. Moving over to some emulation: first up, we have dreamcast using the redream emulator. This is doa2 one of the harder ones to emulate. In my experience and we’re running at full speed, it’s actually performing really well, and i am upscaled to 1280 by 960.. Next, on the list n64 using the standalone version of moo, pin 64 plus fz for a lot of the lower end stuff, it’s gon na work out. Just fine, as you can see here with diddy kong racing even stuff like double 07, will be playable.

But i was able to upscale this to 800 by 600 with something like double 07. You have to keep it at that native res ds is another one that performs really well, but it comes down to this emulator. This is the drastic emulator. It just works great on lower end devices and you shouldn’t have any trouble playing these ds games and, finally, here for emulation testing, we have psp using the standalone version of ppsspp 3x resolution vulcan back in tekken 6.. This is a mid range game to run and, as you can see, it is handling it. Just fine, so let’s go ahead and see how it handles a harder to run game and we’ll go with ghost of sparta. With this one. Here i did have to drop it down to 1x resolution still using that vulcan back in and it’s, not bad at all. You will notice some hiccups every once in a while and that kind of comes with the territory, but the performance that the t618 is putting out for these emulators is actually really good for the price. Unfortunately, we do have some issues with this tablet and mainly comes down to the screen, as you can see, as for the performance of the teclast m40 for the price, it’s really hard to beat this kind of performance, but the screen really kills everything for a lot Of people viewing angles are horrible. They’Re saying that this is an ips display, but ips’s do differ.

I mean you got some high end ones. You got some low end ones like we have in here, and this has happened on other tech, glass tablets that i’ve tested in the past. We got good performance out of the cpu ram and storage. Now this isn’t, the fastest storage you can get but it’ll definitely get you by. Unfortunately, they’ve paired this up with a really bad screen if they would have went with a higher end panel, even at the same resolution, because 1920×1200 is plenty for a 10.1 inch tablet. I could have recommended this tablet to mostly anybody looking for a budget option, but since they added this low end panel, it’s really hard for me to recommend. I do love the performance that the soc they’ve chosen to use in here puts out. I personally think it’s a great budget option to put in 7 inch to 10 inch tablets, but we do need a better screen. I’M, not asking for a 5k super amoled display i’m, just asking for a decent ips at the same resolution. If they would have added that to the m40, this would have been one of the best budget options on the market, but, like i mentioned it’s really hard to recommend and it all comes down to the screen quality but that’s going to wrap it up for this. One i really appreciate you watching if there’s anything else, you want to see running on the tech last m40 or if you have any questions in general.