And so congratulations, i own pago montero sports, earphones, charging, cable, yeah and then guys, Music and charger, brick yeah, so charger big is 12, something what which is a little foreign and so um. Actually, oh wow wait, mirror stylus pens, Music, and so we have here nano sim adapters, unknown tablet, okay and and wipes and and otg and usb type c to usb console Music up and down and young charger and the adidas. And then you know and myself. If we um the long speaker, yeah, okay, so i’m gon na need to guys cheap, but Music, yeah, um and so for exposure and eight megapixels Music processors, um and i Music, um, Music, Music, um, Music, Music Music is like 210 000 points, santa to benchmark, and So teclas m40 is already six gig rom and uh one to eight ram. So you, my bang, bang bang brand spawn on top. That phone is like, ranging from 15 30 um 20. You know 20 000 for a entry level of a uh cell phone tablet, but this one is just like less than ten thousand and so manga cons or manga is uh. Build quality is like plasticky, something so hindish are recommendable for uh babies or small toddlers. Music. Music, all right so um camera try nothing Music. So what do you expect for an 8 megapixel camera and for a less than ten thousand camera high and bono? I am all right all right: okay, so Music, 8 megapixels of selfie camera.

So very s, analysis for vlogging all right, so yeah that’s it for the camera and uh uh yeah, so screen display no um for vince. I don’t see unboxing diaries like three seconds: a low quality so see you guys on our next unboxing video.