Yes, it’s been a while from the companies that I do. Cover releases have been far and few between we’re not seeing a lot, but this is the new budget model here from tech glass, that’s called the m30. This tablet has a 10.1 inch screen, IPS of course, and what we’ve also got as 4 gigabytes of RAM with 128 gigabytes of emmc 4.5 point: one storage: you see those speeds there they’re, not particularly great, and it is paired up with the hallyu X 27. This is a low end chipset. So this is the antutu score. You can see close to 100000 there, which is very similar to the other Collier X 27 or the X 23 tablets that I’ve reviewed so the boat of this tablet. It has an alloy unibody. So your aluminium or your aluminum, so it’s, not the thinnest tablet. Nor is it the lightest and you kind of expect that. So why is it so thick well, the display on it it’s not fully laminated. So there is a gap between the digitizer glass on the front. It is glass and then the IPS panel, at below it of course, of about 1.5 millimeters, so that’s gon na be a little distracting for some people, but after using it now for a few days, it’s not actually bothering me as much as I thought it worth Now we do have dual SIM tray on this as well, so we’ll take two nano Sims or one innocent and micro SD support a type C port.

This doesn’t support display out, unfortunately, and there is no micro HDMI out a 3.5 mm headphone jack with good audio quality, there’s no static that I can hear coming through the line with this, and it does support microphones, of course, for your voice calls. This tablet also has FM radio. It also has GPS, but no hardware, compass, the GPS accuracy you can see here is four meters, which is your normal, typical mobile phone. So the roms performance is one of the downfalls, like all of the Holly or x27 tablets. I’Ve been looking at, you can see here in the UI that just even moving back and forth, but there is this noticeable lag here with it now the display 100 sorry 360, lux as the maximum output from it, which is good, and you can tweak the white Balance as well with mirror vision. If you wanted to tweak the color saturation you’re, not happy with the bluish tint it has out of the box, you make it more of a warmer white that’s, all possible. You also got options as well from the top toggles to go into the reading mode, so the whole display is black and white, or the iComfort, which removes the blue light from this, and these are good options that are coming through. Finally, now, when you take a look at the gaming performance, this is another gray area here, it’s, not particularly good. You can see here in pub G it’s, playable I’m able to move around fine, but a little bit stuttery at times.

I’Ve managed to get 10 kills here, even over, but didn’t last for too long to actually get my chicken dinner and that’s, because it’s just a little bit too stuttering. At times with this, I did run into a problem as well with the Elder Scrolls Blade since a relatively new title, demanding game that I just can’t run on this tablet. It crashed and caused the whole tablet to reboot on me losing my battery stat. So I couldn’t get a screenshot for you, but the better life is very good, just like the other, hey Leo x27 tablets that I reviewed you’re able to get 10 hours that’s, just using things like Netflix or YouTube, chrome use basic kind of use, ebooks as well. Ebooks do look good on this tablet. They’Re fine! I find PDF files as well. Performance is a little bit laggy if it’s a very large PDF but you’re able to get that great, better life. If you’re gaming then it’s about 6 hours there, which isn’t particularly good now these speakers there’s two down with firing speakers on this tablet, they’re louder than most of the other well at least the older teclast and chewie tablets, which is good but I’m. A broken record here, these ones flat: okay, they’re tinny, here’s, a sample of those speakers, Music and, while I’m on the topic of speakers and samples. I also give you a sample of the webcam here too, which is there actually okay, but your mobile phone will definitely take a bit of picture, but things like Skype views and voice chat, apps, it’s gon na be okay, where here’s a sample.

So this is the front facing camera. It has quite a crop I’m holding it at full arm’s length that you probably wouldn’t be doing. Probably more. Have it like this, so it’s cropped in far too close, but the quality actually isn’t too bad. Now the colors are off I’ve noticed that it is very red now I’m, not sunburned at the moment, it’s just the way skin tones are coming out with this camera, so using a phone of course, it’s going to be a lot better than the camera. The quality that you get by front and rear is similar to this. You get 1080p max with video, but for a budget tablet. I feel that yes, it’s, possible and okay, so is the audio quality as well, so with Netflix and Amazon Prime you’re stuck in standard definition. So why is that you can see here wide vine live all the research. Now we need level 1 in order to get Full HD, so everything’s in standard definition. Unfortunately, that’s one of the cons of most of these Chinese tablets that I review so all up this table has got a lot going for when you consider the features it’s got so we’ve got voice calls we can make ticks messages, GPS, FM radios, onboard 10 hours Of better life stock, Android, 9, no bloatware, but then the cons here we’ve got a non laminated screen, it’s a little bit laggy at times, even just in the UI you’ll notice.

A ball stutter comes into play here and there gaming performance is not wonderful, but a lag Elder, Scrolls, blades, just crashes on me, so it’s, not supported by this chipset or tick, lasts, need to post an update on this and speaking of updates. This will probably never get Android 10 that’s just the way it is. I probably have a new tablet by then and of course, yeah. Overall, you need to make that decision. That is it better. Even though the sells for about 150 euros offers a lot 150 us. It really depends on your needs. If you want the best gaming performance go from what premium telly go for something with a Snapdragon 660 or wait for tick, lasts new premium tablet that is coming in September. So after I get back from IFA Berlin, I hope to be able to pick up one of those and that’s going to have a fully laminated screen it’s going to also be running Android 9 but, most importantly, will have the Hallie o P 70 in it. The Hallie RP 70 is a much more potent chipset than the Jaleo X, 27, much better GPU, so for gaming performance and even just general overall performance that tablet, I expect to be quite good. It also will be a little bit more expensive. I think it’s going to sell for about 220 or 230 us there. Thank you so much for watching this review. Hope you see you back in the channel.