So what they’ve done is their approach is slightly different. They’Ve gone with the Helio X23, which is just a tweaked version of that same chipset, it’s, slightly faster with a 2.3 gigahertz maximum turbo, and it also has a slightly faster GPU clock. So that’s going to hopefully aid in performance because, in my experience with these tablets, which all very similar a gaming performance on very demanding games, hasn’t been the greatest where you can still play them. It tends to be a little bit laggy. So this model has four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage. It has wireless AC and dual Sims in there, so the dual sim support as LTE, so you get 4G support FM radio. You can also make voice calls with it and it does even have GPS. So, for about 160 pricetag that this is currently selling, for it does have a lot on offer. The screen is also high resolution, like the others. 2560 by 1600, now just be careful with band support with these tablets, because this one here it has band 1 and 3, which are bands that commonly used in Europe, while in Spain here I’m, not going to have any trouble so because that 1800 megahertz 4G LTE. But no LTE band 20 and some of the more common ones, so it’s not really like a global LTE modem that they are using with this particular model here so it’s well packaged up you can see, and I can see already that’s got that protective screen protector On it so put the table aside for just a second and we’ll, take a look at what else is here in the box, so there is an instruction menu in here that is Chinese, but also in English.

This some sort of warranty card and it’s right here. So quality control check pass, which is good to see. That means that someone has actually check this out and checked it for faults. So inside the largest white box here we get the power supply, which is rated to 5 volts 2.5 amps. So no it’s, not supporting me or ticks pump, Express and then I’ll charging cable, which is USB to microUSB. So this is just USB 2, so we don’t have type C on this one. Unfortunately, the cable is a quality one it’s rather thick and that’ll, make sure and ensure that we’re getting net point five amps going through to it, but it’s, not very long. Okay, as you can see, I just pulled it out of that white slip, and already I can tell that this is not a fully laminated pen or now. I did have my doubts with the price of this and this being fully laminated. It was tick last. I think I saw a gearbest, they listed it as OGS, which means one glass solution and clearly it’s not now. I estimate that gap between the touch digitizer, glass and then the IPS panel below to be about two millimeters. You can see it’s quite a substantial gap. There, hopefully it’s not going to be very distracting, so you can see the frame around the screen is plastic. Then it clips into the unibody alloy housing on the RHIB I’ve got one speaker grille right here and then you can see the volume and power buttons.

Now it looks like it’s made out of metal, but of course, for this price range they’re going to have to cut a few corners somewhere. They feel like they’re, just like that. Chrome, imitation metal but they’ve got a good feel to them and I’ve checked them out. They don’t rattle around now this little tiny hole here is a reset button down. The bottom is where you’ll find the microphone it’s facing outwards, which is good. This is tiny little slit there and that will let the sound in so. On the left hand, side you’ll see the other speaker grille, so it does have stereo speakers, which is good and in this video we’ll test their volume of course, and then, along the back. We have the teclast logo with a five megapixel autofocus camera that will not have very good quality. I can guess that already, so this top portion is all plastic for the 4G wireless and Bluetooth reception there and even GPS, because this does have GPSS model. So we need to remove this plastic on the back and it is actually really hard to first get off it clips in there really. Well, you see, we’ve got that USB micro, USB port 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with microphone support, and I managed to get that off. So I’ve already put my summon here ready for when I power this on. For the first time it takes two micro, Sims and there’s a space there for your micro SD card up to a hundred and twenty eight gigabytes.

They claim – and I shall just check the weight of it like I do with all of my videos. It comes in at 601 grams, so it’s not super light, but for a 10 point one inch with the middle build. I feel that’s okay, it’s reasonable and then the thickness of it is nine point. Eight millimeters, so it’s, not the slimmest tablet here, and that is probably because of the non laminated screen. So I must give it a class credit. Where do that, even though this is a budget tablet, I feel the build quality is good, it’s, solid, there’s, no creaks, there’s, no flex, and nothing really is moving around so feels solid enough in hand, and I do like the fact that they have gone with this Grey matte coated paint job on the alloy unibody, so I have removed the screen protector completely. I tried to remove just the first layer and I ended up lifting up the layer behind it and I got a few air bubbles on this. So, just completely just throwing it away now, just screwed it up so once that tablet is on the screen is not so reflective. Now now I’ll show you the screen in detail in just one minute, but I first wanted to point out here: the stock apps. We have so we have FM radio as well on there and really no bloatware whatsoever, which is really good. Now this is running android 8.

0 and the security patch level is August v, which is really recent it’s this month, so that’s great. Now there is a wireless update system if ticklers need to push out any bug fixes, but at the time of this video there are none at the moment so it’s up to date, so our Basil’s are very similar to the other tablets. I’Ve, looked at they’re, not the slimmest at all, so top and bottom bezels are large and even the sides. That is just the way it is with the screen they’re using so the rom performance. I just wanted to comment it’s nothing like the chewy hi9 Pro that I just recently reviewed with the hey Leo x20 that one had three gigabytes of RAM and it did feel quite choppy in the UI, but not the case here. It is actually a lot smoother. So going into your settings and things and scrolling is just so much smoother and even the animation just to rotate the screen as well. When you do that. That comes through quite smooth, so the screen has a maximum brightness of 200 Lux, which may not seem enough. It’S, certainly not going to be enough for outdoors with the non laminated panel about the indoors. I find that it’s actually perfectly fine, so for the rest of this review, I will actually be using it at about approximately 50, which looks good on camera here with my current settings. When I put it up to 100, you can see that it’s going to really overpower things now and just show you again that brightness set down to zero so at zero.

This is really good. It’S, nice and dull good for late night time use without getting sore eyes looking at, and I wish more manufacturers would do this because some of them set them far too bright. Now the screens gamma is really good. It’S, almost 2.2 it’s about 2.1. You can see when it blends in with the background gray, so this is good out of the box. The screen – whites are maybe a little bit off they’re, not actually too bad, but the good thing is that the media, tick tablets have what’s called mirror vision, and this allows you to adjust the colors to your own personal preference, so it’s in standard mode. You can adjust it to vivid and then a user mode is. When you get access to everything keys, you can go long and then start to tweak the sharpness. The saturation contrast pretty much everything you can think of real world images as well. Do look good now. I wanted to point out with my unit this will vary from IPS panel to obs panel that when it’s, showing just black, you get some color light leakage just on the side here, but you don’t really see it when you’re using the screen like right now, when You’Re, just playing games or images, but it’s. Actually quite a nice screen this one it’s a sharp panel and the resolution is 2560 by 1600, so overall good it’s, just because it’s not fully laminated.

Here we are getting a lot of reflections, which is probably the only real downside to the screen, and the maximum brightness means that this will not be good outdoors. If you wanted to use GPS so here’s some dark, colors there and there you can see just how much the glass is reflecting and keeping on the topic of the screen. So when you take a look at something like an e book which I have right now, this is just a Dan Brown’s Inferno and you can see very clear and it does look sharp the ticks because of the resolution. Pdf files also look great on the screen. Now they’re not going to be the fastest. This will never beat iPad performance. The latest iPads they’re just so much better at processing, PDF files, especially large ones here now looking at the Helio x 23. So this has 10 cores and we’ve got 8 of the cortex a53 and then two of the much faster, a 72 is which clock right to 2.3 1 gigahertz. So that is, I believe, 200 megahertz faster than the Jaleo X 20, and the GPU on this one is the Mele t8 80, which isn’t a very powerful GPU it’s rather weak, the ones you get like the power VR GPUs on the likes of Tec. Last master. T10 perform much better, so the m24 G does not have security level one for Widevine. This is DRM info. So what this translates? This jargon means that Netflix, you can’t run it and anything, but just the standard definition.

So no HD, no Full HD with this particular tablet, treble support. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to both the partitions. A and B they’ve only got just slot a so that means that we’re not gon na be able to have custom roms on this so easy. I don’t know if there’s going to be a way around this. This is our and two two scores, so it checks out it’s around one hundred and thousand normally fully hey Leo X, 20, and it doesn’t really seem to be that much faster. Then that particular model, even though it’s got two hundred megahertz more on the top clock speed so take, alas, did not skimp on the emmc, while it’s not a EMM and C 5 spec. This is four point five point: one. These speeches are actually quite decently good. So this is not gon na bottleneck. The system like some of the crappy e mm C’s they’re, really slow ones. We have seen on some of choice: hey Leo X, xx, tablets, testing out the 4G speeds they’re, not too bad here, so you get approximately 20 it’s. All going to depend, of course, on your network, so it’s not really that relevant, but I had no trouble downloading viewing webpages signal. Strength is good. Why does signal strength is well no problems. Voice calls. Yes, I have made a voice. Call with this. Quality is OK. I recommend using a headset, it does use the mic on the front and the loudspeakers so it’s, not amazing, but it’s, still great, to be able to at least make voice calls with a tablet like this, especially priced at 160.

Us wireless AC speeds they actually check out to be pretty good, not bad at all so I’m impressed with these speeds. You can’t get the full max out of my fiber line, for example just 300 and that’s, because the wireless AC here just will not permit there but stove chipset. It is not bad GPS. Well, not amazing. We don’t have a hardware compass on this one. Sadly – and I did expect this for the price – your accuracy is going to hover around three to four meters – sometimes up to five and six it’ll see a lot of satellites, but it doesn’t tend to lock on to them media tix GPS. For me, just does not seem to ever be as good as quail comms, the other major chip manufacturer. So video streaming. This is YouTube right here and what I’m testing out is 1440p quality? It doesn’t drop any frames, it runs. Well, you can see. Quality 1440p keeps up with it the same with Amazon. Prime no problems. General performance of the tablet is reasonable. Now notice that when you go into split screen, for example in my testing, that you do notice a performance hit now those happens with the other Helier x20 tablets and some of the other media tech ones. They’Re, like the Hicks, are calls they will slow down a little and it really depends on what you’re doing, but going through selecting things the UI, it all tends to be pretty fast.

It’S, not the fastest smoothest tablet out there that you will use with Android, but it will tell you one thing, though, that this out of the MIDI tech tablets I have tested it does seem to be one of the smoother ones, but it’s still recommend. If you can go for something like tech, glass of Master t10 or the Qualcomm powered snapdragon 660 me paired four that’s, probably one of the fastest smoother Android tablets that I have reviewed but overall for most people, I feel it’s going to be good. Now. One area of weakness of these tablets is normally the speakers, so we’ve got a positive here that we’ve got two side firing speakers, as I showed you, the start of the videos are one here on the other side. Now they sound okay, there’s, not a huge amount of base. They lack a little bit in volume, but overall I feel they’re decent. It depends on the content that you’re watching. So if the content starts off to be loud like a game anyway, then they’ll be perfectly fine, but some movies, you will find it a little lacking, but it will give you sample of it now and moving on to battery life. So these are estimates here. So I’ve used to screen for one hour and I lost, or just over one hour actually 16, now it’s, giving me estimates of about seven hours. So this is where the screen set to 50 mixed kind of use.

Now, if your be gon na be gaming on this expect about five hours of battery life or your screen, brightness is a lot of high, of course, it’s going to lower down now charge times when I got at this head like no battery in it whatsoever, so Plugged it in and one hour and thirty minutes later, I was up to 85 battery, so it’s gon na be just under two hours to fully charge it and on to a gaming performance. So this title is lineage to revolutions. It’S on the low settings, high frame rate and it’s perfectly fine playable, the gamers definitely playable, but it is certainly not the fastest. You will see this game running. There is a little bit of lag there’s a little bit of stutter. The frame rate does dip down. Now and then, but it is overall still playable, which is the main thing, and here we are in pub G, so the game is playable, but the frame rate is not perfect. This is on the medium framerate last smooth, visual graphics setting and if it’s, someone that was just shooting at me, you can see when you zoom in that framerate does actually dip off quite a bit, making a little bit difficult here to aim. I really do need to get a little bit closer with this guy. Okay, he’s shooting back at me, see if I can at least get one kill. Alright, so one kill that is possible, so this performance isn’t ideal, but it is performing faster than the chewy hi9.

Pro that I checked out, so that one has only the three gigabytes of RAM, and it also has just the H, sorry, the heli, oh X, 20, only so slightly slow clock rate, but it’s not really making to a difference here, because the GPU is the overall Weakness would this chip sit when it comes to gaming? So here is a sample of the front facing camera turned off my powerful studio. Lights have just got a normal room light on and you can see the quality is pretty average it’s a little blurry it isn’t 1080p, at least, and the sound quality from the front facing mic is okay, so not amazing quality here, but you will be able to Use it for voice chat, apps, like Skype and, as you can see from the sample, the rear camera is horrendous. Really I mean this look at this quality. It is disgusting, but I don’t imagine that anyone’s actually gon na be recording video with the rear camera on this. You use your mobile phone and you get 20 times better quality than this focuses all over the place. The frame rate isn’t great there’s, a lot of if you find a leg as well, and just look at that exposure and the sharpness of the video. So there we go, that is the tick last m24 GS. So, overall, for what you’re getting on the price you get actually quite a lot. You’Ve got FM radio you’ve got GPS, you can make voice calls dual sim support and micro SD cards are put on there.

So what this is lacking? Okay, it doesn’t have an ambient light sensor. It does not have micro, HDMI out, which would be really nice to have on these tablets. They seem to be dropping it. Lately. Performance seems to be reasonably good as long as you don’t do any really heavy multitasking gaming performance, as you just saw with the game. So I was testing out so really. Demanding games like pub G are gon na, be a little bit. Laggy they’re still playable, but it could be a little bit frustrating at times when there’s a lot going on the screen. If you get a little bit smoke and things like that, that’s not ideal, but lighting titles other games that they will actually run fine. So this, for example, shadow fight 3 – I have it on here, but it didn’t show it that actually runs perfectly fine. That game is playable, so the camera is as expected and disappointing the screen. It does look nice, but it’s not fully laminated. So this is probably gon na be a con for some people. It actually doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would once you’re using it it’s really perfectly fine. So the maximum brightness tops out about 200 Lux, which is not ideal. It should be brighter. Hopefully, a firmware Pech will come through no over the air update and tickle a skin just to boost that brightness a little bit. Of course, it will come at the cost of the battery a battery life decent up to about seven hours, depending on what you’re doing it’s, not the best battery life.

But I feel it is okay again considering the price voice voice core quality. No, not really that good. I almost didn’t remember to put it on to the speakerphone. So when you accept a call, you have to tap speakerphone if you don’t have a headset plugged in and there quality of the voice called hearing that person through those speakers was just really poor, quite muffled, but hey you can do it, which is great GPS there. As well jeebies performance, isn’t, amazing, but again it has GPS on this, for this price range is really good, so it is offering a lot there with the FM radio as well. Now we don’t have Netflix in full HD, so it’s gon na be standard definition, but any other things. Other things like YouTube streaming. 1440P work well, Amazon, Prime, when it kicks in to the higher quality automatically. It looks good and no problems with that either. So, overall, as a package that build quality is good there’s, just a few little things there, like the LTE bands as well. We don’t have a huge amount of coverage, no ltu band 20, so it is missing a few of those there, but as the package. What you’re getting for the price is quite a lot, so I feel it’s not a bad tablet and definitely one of the the better heli Oh tablets, the 4G ones that I have looked at now. If you want something of its higher quality, then do check out my review of the tick last master t10, and also the Xiaomi me pad for those two are still my current favorites, but they are a lot more expensive.

Of course, then, there’s hundred and sixty dollar tablet here from tech clast.