This is the tick last m16 and why I have this is for of various reasons. First, I got this from the manufacturer. Tick lice actually sent this out to me for free free of charge, there’s a little disclaimer here, but didn’t know. Where is that gon na suede my opinion and my review of this tablet and the second one? Well, you a lot of you actually asked me to review it, because you saw the photoshopped shameless fake press images from teclast that showed this heavy and amazingly slim bezel. Now I never believed it when I posted the article. My website I said: hey, the bezels will probably be twice the size and well, as you can see, they are large Bissell’s, so there’s really wrong of tick last. To do this, other Chinese brands do it as well, but what happens is gearbest or banggood? They use this press material supplied by the manufacturer and it shows fake slim, bezels, it’s, no fault of theirs, but definitely of teclast, and it is very misleading. This is false advertising, so a lot of people will be buying this tablet, just because it looks more modern because it has all they think it has slim bezels, but of course it doesn’t, so it’s, your typical Hallie or x27 tablet that it’s got 4G dual SIM Support it does support band 20. It has 128 gigabytes of storage, micro, SD card support and 11.6 inch 1080p IPS screen, so let’s go over all the pros and cons of the tick last m16.

Here so inside the box you’ll find a sim trade tool. We got an EU charger here and it will take approximately three hours just under three hours to fully charge that’s at 5, volts 2.5 amps and a type c cable to USB in white. Now. The thickness of this tablet is 9 millimeters that’s, not bad, but it’s. A little on the heavy side, as you can see here at 719 grams and if you do buy the keyboard for it, that’s going to bring it up over a kilo. As you can see. So the rear of this tablet is made out of an alloy like the other tip glass tablets up the top. Here is plastic. We have a 5 megapixel camera and right down here, you can see we have a pogo port pin and then the two holes there that’s for the stays for the keyboard, which I will show you shortly so at the top here we do have DC in charge. If you wanted that option, you have to buy a separate charger there. I don’t know the diameter of it, but you could probably get one of those multi plug ones and make sure you use just 5 volts 2 amps. If you wanted to charge using DC charging and free up the type C port, therefore data, of course now these buttons are volume up and down. They are made out of plastic. Now they don’t rattle around or make any noises, but they just don’t feel super high quality.

So this is a 4G enabled tablet. We’Ve got Jul some support here, so you can use two nano Sims or if you give up one of those nano SIM cards, you can then use a micro SD card. Now I’ve used up to 128 gigabytes without any problems. So I not supports that, and you can see within we’ve got a type C N for data and charging, and we do here have micro, HDMI output. This is up to 1080p max and it’s, been a long time since I’ve seen a tablet with micro HDMI on it and it’s great to have this and then we’ve got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with reasonably good quality. It doesn’t sound amazing, but at least it doesn’t have any static or interference and it does support microphones and then in their big top bezel. Here we do have a 2 megapixel webcam with HD quality it’s, nothing amazing, so your mobile phone will take a lot better photos and videos. Then this tablet right here. So yes, the bezels pointed out again just in case you missed the intro that they are massive they’re big and nothing like the very misleading press images that showed tiny little basil about half the size of these ones. So just quickly show you the keyboard tutor as well, so this is an optional extra or you can buy them together. It actually works out to be about 20 us if you buy it with the tablet, separate it’s about 29 or 30 US dollars there.

So just like the others with the Pogo port pins magnetic connector here you clip it in and we’ve got this one fixed angle. Unfortunately, there is no second angle in this, so you just prop it up and it is going to sit there just fine. It won’t fall down. You can press against here quite hard, as you can see, it’s not going to go anywhere now the keyboard. I do like the travel we have with this. Okay, not a bad feeling keyboard. It is all plastic it’s, not super high quality, but the typing experience for me has been very good. In fact, I enjoy typing on this bed and get less typos than my premium. Samsung Galaxy Tab six keyboard, mostly because this one, the layout, is a bit wider, of course, being an 11 point, six inch tablet and not 10.5, and then we do have a little touchpad here as well, which I will show you and this works okay. But I do find the sensitivity could be a little bit better with the touchpad, but for a twenty dollar keyboard overall, I like it so moving on to our screen now so we’ve got an IPS panel in this, like all the other heli or x27 tablets. This one is 1920 by 1080 P, so good for 16 by 9 aspect ratio, film movies and other media there. It does have a maximum brightness. So just turn it right up here of approximately 217 nits, which is okay, but it does dim right down to around about 20 nits here now you can see some streaking see that, with almost like a rainbow effect on it, that’s actually from the screen protector that It does come with pre applied now: I’ve removed the first layer of it and I’ve just noticed we’re getting a little bit of that funny kind of rainbow like banding there now I’ll just bring up the gamma right here, so gamma ticks out to be approximately two Point one: ideally, it should be two point two, but it’s.

Actually, okay, for this type of panel now it’s not fully now laminated the screen okay. So there is a gap of about one millimeter, it’s very hard to see between the touch digitize, a glass and then our IPS panel below so overall. This as an average screen in let’s admit it an average tablet. So, as I pointed out with this tablet that we do have those top firing, speakers and I’ve got to give them some credit here. Where do that, the loudness has improved over previous models, it’s louder than say the Chewie hi9 plus, but it does distort at full volume. But here as a sample on now to one of the most important things, of course, is just how does this tablet performs? So if you’ve familiar with the channel, you see my other reviews on Hallie or x27 tablets, they’ve all been disappointing, and this one is no different that it does seem a little bit leggy at times here. You can see just for this animation here at times. It feels like it’s not running at 60 frames per second, definitely not a little bit of lag coming in in there, but overall, I think for most people this performance is going to be decent, so don’t expect it to be a Samsung Galaxy. Tab s6, which is my current tablet. I definitely see the difference in performance, though, moving over to this, you can see even here we’re. Just this loading in and the scrolling locate us response seems pretty good.

No real complaints with that it’s overall, just not going to be the most fluid experience, so let’s go through some of my benchmarks and tests here, so it is running Android eight. Now there is an over the air update system, but we will never get a full Android 9 release here or Android 10. Ok, security patch level is also very dated here September, the 5th 2018 ouch, not really that good and considering the fact that tick glass with the t30 that has Android 9 and one of their other tablets, I don’t, know why they don’t have Android 9 on this. So we don’t get a lot of bloatware. This is what you get out of the box notice. There is FM radio, we can also make voice calls, and there is also GPS on this tablet, but it’s not really that great. The GPS I’ll show you later on. So for free space we have approximately 116 gigabytes, which is good, decent amount of storage there and we do have micro, SD card support, GPS rather poor. So look at this. Only 6 meters of accuracy only used 3 satellites and it took a very long time to get lock. It was an overcast very cloudy day. I don’t know whether that had any impact on it but I’m. Just not really that good your mobile phone to be a lot better now, as expected, being a Chinese tablet here that we do not have Widevine level one.

So this is just L, 3, so level 3 means Netflix, Amazon, Prime video, all stuck in standard definition. Internal storage speeds are fine for the spec of drive, so this is even see four point, five point one. This will not bottleneck the system, not this tablet it’s the chipset that’s our bottleneck, and you can see the end to to score. This is version 8 by the way, not amazing but it’s what it is for the heli, Oh X, 27, so better alive. I noticed my first charge. This is actually the first cycle after the first cycle, 6 hours and 21 minutes of mostly wireless use, not exactly amazing. This is the third day or second day. I think it was 7 hours, 11 minutes and then finally, my best time we’ve been able to get so far as 8 hours and 30 minutes, but it keeps improving the better life with every charge. So I just think the battery needs to be cycled. At least 5 times before, you should be able to get around 9 to 10 hours, like the other, hey Leo X, 27 tablets. I noticed that when I first got it, the battery calibration was off you’ll, see right here. That is actually at 1 battery, but it kept going for an additional 20 minutes at 1 before it finally died on me, so the wireless performance. This is actually a good point here. I’Ve found the wireless range reception and speeds for the Helier x, 27 are actually really quite good.

On the other side of the apartment, I still managed to get a 180 megabits per second, so a thumbs up there for that – and this is just testing again with speed test good speeds for this type of tablet and the 4G well LTE, not amazing here, but This is down to my carrier orange, which normally quite poor and terrible. So, overall, this is not going to be a super fluid tablet, but for basic tasks: internet Chrome, ebooks, which we’ll take a look at now, is actually very decent for that, and just a pointed out here that we do have a split screen: support that you’re able To use episode by side, but you do see a noticeable difference in performance that it really degrades and drops off a little bit even just scrolling there, as you can see in Google, Play there’s a bit of lag, and this right here is using Google Books here. This is an e book and that’s okay, here it’s just the performance when you’re running the twerps at the time, the hey Leo x27 doesn’t really like that. Much and even this transition to move over to just using this app as a full screen. One was a little bit leggy there, as you saw it’s, not amazing, so this ebook here you can see this performance is fine. Now they do have tickler. At least here. Wendy toggles we’ve got a comfort mode which turns it to black and whites and sorry that’s.

Reading mode, which is black and white eye comfort, removes the blue light, so it’s a blue light filter. So, at least, we do have that with this ROM here, which is good to see now just quickly open up a will actually win straight out of that PDF file here, for you with play books and you’ll see that PDF performance, even though this is downloaded and Running off the emmc, this is a little slow. Ok. So if I skip ahead dad hey Leo x27 struggling, I mean look at how slow that was to load in now. If you’re gon na be watching a lot of YouTube on this, that it does support YouTube in 1080p, and I find that the streaming they can keep up with it the wireless without any problems. So if I just skip ahead now, one of my videos – you see that is very quick, so YouTube’s performance here is good, but just remember that Netflix and Amazon Prime video is all gon na, be in standard definition, only not 1080p the front facing camera, so the Quality of the video is passable average it’s 1080p. But what isn’t that good is the microphone quality. It just doesn’t sound like a high quality one to me. So what about the gaming performance? Can the hey Leo x27, with a Mele T, 880 GPU, handle these games demanding games like Call of Duty right here it’s on the lowest settings? In fact, this is the only option you have is just low settings with a medium framerate, and you can see it is a little bit choppy now it is playable at least that’s the main thing, but it’s just not the best performance.

Well, I know that’s one of my teammates there, so when you look down the sights, for example, I’m getting shot at it is a little slow and see if we can get a kill on some guy here. Shooting at us. My teammates will probably get him before me, so just only speak to how crazy performance – and I would not buy this tablet – if you want the best gaming experience – definitely not okay, so wow there’s, a lot of things on here that are just your typical Helier x27 Performance wise, however, I must say for some reason: I don’t know if it’s the RAM configuration the thermals. This does actually perform better, then say the tick lost in 30, which has the same see and now the Hallie or x27 tablets. This one’s a little smoother just in the UI here and going through things. It doesn’t seem quite as choppy as others, gaming performance, isn’t great but again a little bit better for the x27 than I’ve seen with other, but I can’t recommend this tablet because the fact there’s, the tick clasp themselves have okay, the tick last t30 that has android 9 on it it has the Hallie Opie 70 chipset, which has a far more potent GPU, much better for gaming in just much better overall performance in that particular tablet, so it’s kind of there. Why are they releasing this one? I don’t know, and then okay, look at this fake to photoshop bezels that they even put on the tablet’s keyboard box here, which is it good at all.

So there are things I do like with this tablet, though. Okay, I like the fact that it’s one of the very few tablets they have HDMI out – okay, it’s only 1080p, but it’s still good to have that option without having to use a mirror vision or laggy. You know streaming. Video wirelessly is not particularly good performance wide it’s, especially the hell eox 27 we’ve got 4G on there. Reasonable speeds good Wireless as well plenty of storage, because it’s got 112 for 6 gigabytes. I think it’ll, 116 gigabytes so free to start out with which is good. Expandable storage as well, GPS is on here, but not amazing performance. The screen is ever just not fully laminated, but the brightness is OK: okay, we’re getting about 217 it’s, which is good enough for me, even where bright lights on I’ve got the brightness turned down at the moment. Speakers are loud, so they’ve made an improvement near, but they do distort the keyboards. Another thing I do actually like for the additional 20 US dollars. You pay, if you buy it together, so 199 for the keyboard and the tablet means it’s only about 20 US and it is not bad to type on. I, in fact, I get less typos on this keyboard versus a my Samsung Galaxy Tab. S 6, which is a premium tablet, with a more premium, build keyboard. Even this is a little bit cheaper plastic. This one is wider and bigger, so I get less typos and well.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is 6. I do have a bit of a problem with this shift key and the space bar at times when I use them. If you have shift held, or you press it to quick. When you push space, sometimes doesn’t register space, you cannot press both shift and space together, which you can on this one it’s a less high post. For me, it does give you a bit of protection on the back here, as you can see and it’s just over a kilo so for if you would go to buy one of these, which I don’t recommend go for the tick last t30, as I mentioned, but Anyway, people got to go and get one of these. It would be for just light use the email browsing documents, things like that videos, it’s good, because it’s got the 16 by 9 aspect, ratio good for videos, good for YouTube and then it’s. Really it now YouTube. Will be in 1080p by the way, but Netflix and Amazon Prime video, because it doesn’t have Widevine level 1 cert is sadly standard. Definition. Android 8 is very disappointed. Don’T point I’m. Sorry with a September security patch from 2019 is not good either. So this one is to me a bit of a dud and that false advertising from teclast with the slim bezels and their press images is absolutely terrible.