This is just a feature very briefly, because this model, here in 2017, turned out to be the best budget laptop. So, even though it's just got relatively low specs the Apollo Lake in thirty four fifty, but it offered six gigabytes of RAM, expandable storage, full metal body, quite a nice weight. This weighs only about 1.4 kilos and a 1080p IPS panel. So a lot on offer for 219 us and it hasn't been beaten. Yet until this has come along, though this has tick lasts. F7. Now this could possibly de thrown this model right here, because what it offers is very similar, so the same processor and spec. However, it's got an IPS panel, it's 14 inches a larger touchpad and it is basically really the same model that the jumper is e book 3l. Pro is now the 3l pro is like this, but instead of the thirteen point three inches it's 14 inches, but it had a TN panel in it. So the TN panel put me off and I never reviewed it on the channel. But now we have this here with the same odm, but in tech lasts hands so with their branding on it and they'll probably pick the components themselves and tweaked in ferrets, so let's get a son boxed and hopefully maybe this could possibly be the best budget laptop Around for 219 us so the Box looks exactly the same as the f6 probably recently reviewed that core m3 tablet, with 8 gigabytes of RAM it's well packaged up in here.

I can see and get this out of the box. So actually that feels quite light. Not a bad wait, we'll have a look and see what else we get in the box. So this comes up and right here we have will be a warranty card structuring manual. Now that looks to be in Chinese. Yes, it is so get that out of the way – and here we have the charger, so the charger it's great to see has a you plug and it's rated to 12 volts to a so take a look at the weight first because it does feel reasonably light. So 1.3 2 kilos that's slightly lighter than the jumper easy book 3 pro that weighs 1.3 8 kilos almost 1.4 and comes in at 14 point 1 millimeters, so that's very thin for a 14 inch laptop on the rear. That'S 4 rubber feet now notice that there is no intake grilles here, because there's no fan this is passively cooled and great, because you don't have any fan noise to worry about whatsoever, an easy access, SSD hatch. So if you weren't happy with the 64 gigabytes of storage, we have on the EMM, see you can put up to 512 gigabytes, but bear in mind. It must be the 22 by 42 size. My 20 to 60 will not fit and definitely not the more larger and standard more common sized 20 to 80 m to SATA, 3 SSD and the lid is logo free, pressing down hard on that.

This seems to only be a tiny little bit of flex, but overall feels quite solid. On the left hand, side we've got a status LED micro, HDMI out and a USB 3 port on the right. Dcn 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with mic support, USB 3 port and then a micro SD card reader. Now this card reader will be wired up USB 2, so don't expect fast speeds from this. Now, along the back here, there is some plastic use now that's for the wireless antenna, reception and bluto. So this part along here that is just a little bit of plastic, otherwise, the rest of it all made out of metal and the book quality is excellent. Ok, so have a look and see if I can open that up, one handed now that's simply not possible because the hinge is just too firm, so henge feels good, nice and stiff. There. Doesn'T seem to be that much flex at all, that's, quite firm too so that's good, the lid seems quite strong and I can see they've got a pre applied screen protector, but let's take a look at the touch pad first there. So this touch pad is nice and large. As expected like the easy book three pluses now it should be a precision touchpad, but I'll confirm that once I boot that up and get into it, the keyboard actually dad actually feels quite good, though it feels better that's. A step up from the jumper easy book – 3 Pro there.

Definitely nice travel good kind of feel to them and pressing down on that that's firm too. So really good. Another positive here we've got the separate row there for our page up and down home and end keys and the power button here. So those people that accidentally hit the power button when they go to hit delete, might not have that issue with this one, because we've got the delete where it really should be and the power button. I would still like to see that power button up here, though, away from the keyboard, but anyway that's my own personal preference. We do have a dedicated button for print screen as well pause and break this, and overall, looking like a good spaced out keyboard. Of course, with the 14 inches now, they've got a little bit more space to play with and they're also three status LEDs here, so that's, four caps, lock scroll, lock and then you power on so the front facing webcams 2 megapixels. We have two jewelry microphones there, which is a good move. Now I do like the mics placed here and not above the keyboard that you see in other models, because you tend to get a lot of feedback a lot more anyway from the noise of the keyboard. When you're typing at least hear they'll cut down on it a little bit, so the screen looks like it's a glossy one but that's, because it put the screen protector on here now.

I feel it's just probably full transit, while they've done this. If I pull this off, in fact, it looks like underneath that it still is actually a glossy display there to show you that there are these little rubber feet here on the lid, so that should stop. Hopefully, the outer frame of the lid scratching up the bottom. There with that rubber, ok, so just lift into the bias straight away here, because I wanted to confirm: have they locked us out of the bias like easy book 3 Pro newer versions? Have the jumper decided to lock us out of this, but teclast have done the wise thing and now they've lifted all open to us, so we can go into the CPU configuration power management and this is what we want. We can go and set a power limit. Now, by default, they've actually set nine, which is reasonably high, so it must have a nice copper heatsink on there, or this is why they have not set that to something like 6, which you would find sort of a normal kind of value in there. Now the screen you can see it flickering. This is only on camera in the bias, some sort of pulse width, modulation, flicker that it's coming through camera, but looking at it here, I can't see it at all. Now the other thing to note too that IPS panel – yes it's, not doing that color shift thing now you see that changed a little bit there, but that's normal got some reflection there with a glossy display.

So a little disappointing that it's glossy, I would have preferred to have a matte screen on a laptop like this, but I guess for a change. It'S nicer to have glossy free available space. We have on C Drive 37.6 gigabytes, not a lot, so you probably want to use an SSD. I highly recommend going with one on these Apollo lakes that support it, because it will just speed things up. Quite a little bit there was just tends to increase the performance more than what you get from in emmc. So this has a SanDisk emmc on here. It'S 5.1 spec and these speeds are very good. They'Re decent for Caze could be a little better, but it will vary of course, from unit to unit there. The RAM we've got six gigabytes, 5.8 is available to us and the speed 1600 megahertz is also good dual channel. So everything here is checking out what also checks out as the touchpad, so it's running. Precision drivers, so we've got full control of gestures and so far my time using it. It feels pretty good. I mean I've just come from using the mean notebook ear. 13, that touch pads a lot better, but that's a premium laptop, but this one hey, it's, not bad and so far definitely quite usable and really accurate as well. So no issues I like the larger size with the touchpad to that we've got on there. One other thing to point out too is we: do have the Intel wireless AC, 3165 chips, it onboard and we do have bluetooth too, and you can see there.

The SanDisk DF, 40. 64 is the model. If you wanted to look that up there, the processor quad core maximum turbo of 2.2 gigahertz now looking at the screen a little bit so it's hard for me to recreate what it looks like in person I'm. Looking at because it's a flickering mess on camera, I've had to put the brightness up to 100 to try and remove some of that pulse width. Modulation, flicker, but I can't see any of it and it's, actually quite a nice glossy IPS panel. They have on here not bad at all, that blacks do look deep. In fact, they look deeper than the ones on the jumper easy about three screen, because that screen, of course, being matte, you don't get that same effect with the blacks being as deep, and the other thing too, with that screen, it's very cool wipe the calibration this To me looks more neutral white because it's quite a blue tint. You get out of the box on the easy book three pro, but you can tweak and correct that using the Intel drivers, but so far nice screen, especially for this price range for two hundred and nineteen us. If you have a keen eye you would have noticed. Where are the speakers? I didn't see any speaker grilles on the bottom, so they're not down with firing speakers. They in fact blast out along here, so there's just a couple of little squeeze. You see like two cutouts here and another two here, so it looks like would at least have dual speakers and from there it's going to fire out the sound now they're a little bit louder than the jumper easy book, three pros, which is good but like that One they're quite flat sounding so there's still are cheap speakers, but I'll give you a sample of them now so lots of treble very little bass and a bit of meds in there.

So I've just powered up Linux from a USB pendrive. Just make sure that when you burn the image to a USB pendrive use Rufus and burn it in the DD image mode, and then it worked just fine for me now. What isn't working is the touchpad that doesn't seem to work, so you have to hunt around and find drivers I'm connected up to the Internet. Brightness controls work for the screen. The volume also works on. I just wanted to comment on the speaker volume that in Linux it's about twice as loud as Windows. Well, not quite but it's a lot louder and you really notice it. Ok! So it's, looking like a case of step aside jumper easy book 3 Pro you're, no longer the king anymore, it's, looking very, very promising and deed for tech. Last f7. In fact, I'm struggling to find coms on this now being picky the speakers they sound flat, they're not premium, especially if I was to put that side by side with my show me me notebook ear. 13, then, you notice a massive difference, because they've got a ke G tune speakers and these ones aren't, but good to see that they're firing out just above the keyboard, not down like on the jumper easy book 3 pro now the screen is probably the only con. So far that I have found, because I've only had an afternoon using this, just remember that this is a first impressions unboxing a first impressions video, so the glossy display is not going to be for everyone.

Personally, I don't like glossy displays that much on these kind of laptops, I would prefer to have a matte screen, but the screen in it does have a quick fix, because, if it's glossy, then what you need to do is apply a matte screen protector and I've Done this many times before, and it actually works quite well now this screen on the jumper is eBook 3 Pro out of the box. It does have quite a blue tint to it. Now. This one, on the other hand, is neutral, leaning towards more of a warm white, so you don't need to tweak it as much. Maybe as this one now, the touchpad is a huge improvement over this, because it's just a lot larger you've got about an extra twenty. Thirty percent more touchpad space on there to use and it's precision in overall, using it it's, quite accurate, it's smooth the surface. This one's, not as smooth the keyboard, as well as an improvement, the typing experience. Now I have the version for keyboard some of the keyboards. Apparently, on the newer jumper easier book, three pros did have some issues with most keystrokes and things, but I don't have that issue on mine mine's, the version for one of the good ones before the version five and six started to have a few issues there jumper For example, they lock people out of the bias, so we don't have the Advanced Settings menu but there's, some guys on my forum, who are actually working to fix that and I believe they have right now, they'll be able to flash unlock biases on this model.

But anyway, the tick lasts out of the box has an unlock bias. It has a 9 watt power limit, which is a lot higher than we originally first saw. When these models came out, they would normally set it to only a 6 there. I think it's four point: five or six four point: five being the the stock one and then six being the maximum short boost power there. So I roll the build quality is good it's light slightly lighter than the jumper easy book. Three Pro we've got the. Of course, the expandable SSD slot on the bottom there, so if 64 gigabytes the 37 that it has on, there is not enough for you, then of course go with an SSC it's. As dean. Like I said in the video, I highly recommend going with an SSD because it does boost the performance and give you plenty more in terms of storage there, and you can always use that drive that's in there. The EMC as a another drive there for storing your files on, and things like that, so overall, looking really promising teclast have turned things around because they started out 2017. Not really that strong. I thought that some of the items I looked at weren't that great but then came along the tech last master, the t8, the t10 and that really started turning things around and now. Of course, they've entered the laptop market and this one's a real winner. So, looking forward to doing the full review on this one I'm gon na use it now for about a week come back and if I find any cons, but so far I mean it's, looking very positive.

If I was going to be looking at both of these models now without a doubt, I would go now for the tech last f7. If you can pick it up for that to 9 to 19 price that it is currently selling for at the time of this video now, of course later on, hopefully, tech lasts in about 2 or 3 months will probably maybe mid year. They'Ll be updating this with the jiminy lake, so that's an improved CPU that's, the successor to the apolar lake, but we still haven't seen any of those laptops out yet so it's gon na be a while anyway enough, rambling. On from me. Thank you so much for watching this video and I do hope to catch you back with the full review of tick blasts. F7.