I looked at and reviewed this one right here is the f7 plus it's the new model, and it has a Gemini Lake processor and, unlike the other models that I've checked out, I've, had a good build quality like, for example, the Chuwi Lapbook SE. Here, which is my current favorite budget laptop that I use all the time this one's sadly limited to only four gigabytes of RAM. Now I have checked out other eight gigabyte models, but they haven't been very good like that jumper that I recently looked at the s4. The build quality was terrible. This looks a lot more promising and hopefully it's going to be the new best budget laptop here. So it has a build according to what I'm, seeing with the press images, it looks almost identical to this it's. Just me, it's slightly larger. So we have a typical two class style box here: it's exactly the same like the f7. So just pop this up and you can see there – we have the laptop there. It'S packaged up nicely good padding around it and you feels maybe a little bit heavier than my laptop se, so you lift this up here if it's, just like the other laptops and here we'll, find the charger and there's like an instruction leaflet in here. Okay, this is just instruction leaflets right here. You can see. It is just a few other things there. Now that is in English, Quick Start Guide, go get that out of the way, and here is the charger.

So this is a EU style one and it looks to be exactly the same as the if sevens charger so it's in white, there, 12 volts and 2 amps as the output and I'll just take the weight of it. It does to me feel definitely heavier so 1.61 kilos now the lapdog se weighs 1.43. So, yes, it is quite a bit heavier, so we have middle on the top, the lids, just like the netbook se, and you can see the size difference here. So this is thirteen point three and then we have fourteen with this one. Now this will light up it's a backlit logo there. So when you open up the screen, the backlight from the IPS panel will light that up. Okay, so let's check out the keyboard first. Well, that hunch feels good, though it feels a little bit stiffer than my Lapbook SE's, so that is good and hey. That keyboard looks almost identical, doesn't it. That is almost exactly the same, so it is a back at keyboard and I think they're identical. So a lot you can just see it's the edges on the side as the difference there really maybe it's stretched out slightly wider. You can see they're just a little bit wider. There that's it but it's more or less the same exact keyboard as the let book is see very large touchpad. Now this bit will be Windows, precision, driver controlled and just like that, lap, okay, see the build, is the same it's plastic on the top, and you is a slight difference here with the hinge at the top.

It just goes up a little bit more here, and this is silver instead of black, so four ports on the right hand, side we have a micro, SD card reader and headphone jack with mic supports and then one of two USB 3 ports on the left mini Hdmi 2.0A, so that's, 4k 60 Hertz status LED DC for charging USB 3 port and the sides of it. This is made out of an alloy, so that's all metal or the only plastic is just the spit on the top, the palm rest and on the bottom. You will find this little hatch here, so that is where the SSD is there, so you can easily upgrade it. You don't have to remove the whole back panel to get to it. So we've got a 22 42 sized one in here. It is a set of three SSD and you can add larger capacity ones up to one terabyte and even over. I think, with the 2280 format just make sure you use SATA 3, though underside we've got two solid rubber feet and these little dots here they are actually microphones and odd location. But if it's like little netbook se, they should sound fine and they're, not actually a problem. And yes, I can confirm that there is a gap between the glass on the front of the screen here and then the IPS panel, a lot of about a millimeter. So that's a little disappointing. It takes away from the feel of the laptop and it doesn't seem quite as premium then to have the fully laminate, like you get with this one and notice a really good English here, SSD updation.

What is that well get this screen protector off anyway, that it comes with and to top it off. There are specks of dust underneath that screen protector. That just looks awful, so just powered up into the BIOS, and you can see we have 8 gigabytes of RAM running at 2133 megahertz. That is right here and it's a fully unlocked BIOS. So we can get ourselves into a little bit of trouble with some of these settings, but under CPU configuration there's one important one that I like to boost performance, and that is our power limit. So they do have a parliament enabled you could disable that if you wanted to later on, I may post a video that about tweaking this and I've just set that to Parliament, one auto, which will probably be the default six watt TDP of this a CPU. Now, you probably might have noticed this nvme configuration well. There is no nvme on this there's no support for it, not what this chipset. It also do not buy an nvme SSD thinking it's going to work on this laptop because it won't it won't even actually fit in the slot. Okay, so Windows just got into it now the account was already set up for some reason: let's have a look at the free space. We get a very nice touchpad by the way it is a Windows, precision, one which is good. You can feel that ok, we got a hundred gigabytes free on this drive, so I'm a bit of space there.

Of course, you can upgrade that now you will notice down here the blacks, because this is a non laminated screen. You can see those blacks there, aren't gon na be as dark as they could be. With the fully laminated displays, it looks a little bit grey more than actual black that's, just one of the downsides, but overall, I think the screen looking at it so far. I don't think that the gap is a deal breaker on here, it's just unfortunate and yeah. I am disappointed. I really, as expected this to be fully laminated for some reason, I don't know why. I guess just because the let book is he has it so just give it a bit of a keyboard flex, test here and pressing down quite hard and your normal typing. There is actually really good. It looks like it's moving a lot, but really this is not just a bit there in the middle, and I will that is not going to be an issue. The keyboard is also backlit. It doesn't come on automatically, which is a bit of a shame there. You have to actually turn it on yourself manually. It'S. A function f5 will turn it on. You get two different levels. This is on the brightest level at the moment and you'll notice that on my unit, I have a little bit of a defect, a bit of a problem here with the Alt key. You can see it's very bright, that light that's coming up here from it it's, because this this key doesn't seem to be a hundred percent Squier.

If I move it just a little bit and then it's a little bitter but that's just a minor defect. On my unit that I've picked up, the laptop does come with Windows, 10 home now, I've added here a different SSD to this, because that's got all my files on here, and this is the latest version, but it's a valid key that's on this laptop it'll pull Through so you won't have any problems with activation, so I've, just loaded up HW info to have a look at the CPU, so it's got four cause: it's a low end chip and it does have a six watt, TDP city, as you can see so that's. The maximum there, so if you want to get higher than this bit of performance, we're going to have to go back into the BIOS and set something like nine watts or ten watts there to improve performance. But first we need to just confirm, of course the thermals there's no point increasing this. If it's gon na start overheating and thermal throttling, hopefully it won't, but it will check that out. Of course, in my full review here is our geek bench school or so. This is more or less on par with other Celeron in 4100, perhaps a multi core scores a little bit lower here, but that's, probably because of that six, what TDP? So apart from the screen not being fully laminated it's, not actually too bad. So far this IPS panel to 1080p now it does have better brightness than the lap book se.

How many times I said, let book SC in this video but it's 250 lux there's, the maximum output and on the Left book SC it's, 200 lux, maybe it's. Just me, but the speakers seem to be a little bit better, just a tiny little bit more bass than what I've heard with the other laptop, but a give you a sample of them. Now they still are wonderful speakers, but they've got a tiny bit more bass and the volume well. You know it could be louder to so. There we go, that is the f7 plus, which is very similar to the lap book SE, if it doesn't have a fully laminated screen, unfortunately, which was a little bit disappointing. Now you probably see here that if you look at the touchpad that it's not actually the same color as the palm rest, but it is on the lap book SC. I don't know why that is so. They haven't been able to pair those colors up. For some reason, the other thing to to note is that it weighs a little bit more it's a little bit thicker, but other than that. The build quality is good, it's, excellent, a very nice keyboard, the touchpad works well and the screen 50 Lux brighter than the lapbook SE. So overall it's looking like a very decent Gemini Lake laptop. Of course it has that 8 gigabytes of RAM that so many people are, after not limited with just the four that we've been getting a lot on and ok.

There are another couple of laptops out there with 8 gigabytes of RAM, but they're, not quality machines. The ones I've looked at these ones, however, have a much better build quality from this ODM so I'm, currently with the flow at the moment and that's, why? This is a little bit short of this video, so I will be back with the full review which will cover gaming Linux thermals.