However, this one has capped and limited to only four gigabytes of RAM. At the time of this video, at least, there are plans, I think, for an 8 gigabyte version, but it just hasn't seen the light of day. Yet at least we have teclast now to the rescue, giving us that 8 2 gigabytes of RAM. There are a couple of key differences between these machines that you should know about. So the let book SC this one weighs about 1.4 to kilos, and this is a 1.6 to so we're about 200 grams heavier this machine, even though it is only slightly larger. So this has a 14 inch 1080p non laminated screen on here, so you can see a gap between the glass on this and the IPS panel below, or is this one thirteen point three inches fully laminated screen a better quality panel, but not quite as bright. So the maximum brightness of this one 250 lux this tops out about 200. So is that screen worth that little gap on it between the glass to me a deal breaker? Well, it came with a pre applied screen protector, I've removed it now because the head dust underneath it. If you see my unboxing video it's more reflective, but it is brighter and the color gamut well it's, not quite as good when you have a look at the NTSC and the srgb and Adobe RGB color gamut. The coverage you're getting from this is not quite as good as this panel now this one has an Adobe RGB of just over around 70 and here at 49.

You can see yes, that this is a much better higher quality display. Apart from that, I find for your general kind of use. The screen is fine, it's good, the better brightness there, so the build with these machines is very good. We'Ve got a really good keyboard on this, so it has about 1.5 millimeters of key travel good, spacing backlit with two different levels. So when you turn it on it's not actually automatically coming on, so you've got to actually push function if I've turn it on. My unit has a little bit of an an even distribution of the backlight in some places, which is a minor annoyance there. Now I hope that there's just going to be on my unit here, because when you look at the Chuwi lapbook SE's made by the same exact manufacturer it's, the OEM that it doesn't have that issue there. So the touchpad very large, very good it's, accurate and I've had no problems with it whatsoever. The color of it is a little different to the palm rest is some more of a grey matte primer small been a dark kinda of silver. As you can see, this palm rest plastic that's, the only plastic really you get while apart from the keyboard itself and the touchpad in the body that's used and the hens you can see, goes back about that far. The hinge is stiffer than the Lapbook SE's, which is good. This one's, ok, it's, fine, it's, just a little looser that's all compared to this one, so they made it a little stiffer on this unit here down the bottom we do have a upgradeable is his D.

So there's a hatch in there and inside there you will find a 22 42 sized SSD with about 500 megabyte reads and about 220 rights, which are a little on the slow sides. If you're not happy with that, can of course upgrade it. You get about 100 gigabytes free on first boot that and it is running Windows 10, so the build quality overall, the middle on the back the hinge and see the logo there it's all good the bill, checks out very nice and it's just that weight being 1.6. A little heavier there, so four ports, two USB 3 ports. We do have HDMI, which is 2.0 a that's up to 60 Hertz 4k, which is really good DC in for charging charge times it's just under 2 hours, they're, really quick to charge that 38 watt hour battery. We have a micro SD card reader with maximum read speeds of about 28 megabytes per second read and write, and then the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack good, sound, sound quality out of this one, so no static, no hiss, no interference and reasonable elders to do like the Quality that's coming out of this same goes for the speakers, so they are located just up just below the hinge here. Actually like the lab book. Is he from Chuwi, but these ones they sound just a little bit louder and a tiny little bit hint more bass. So marginally better speakers on this one which surprised me now, when you take a look at the performance of this system, you're able to run quite a few tabs and chrome, because we've got double the RAM than the Lapbook SE that would have to reload the page.

This one doesn't, so you can see my testing here that I've got about 15 or so tabs open without any problems whatsoever. You can edit spreadsheets Docs that's all going to run fine 4k video is well YouTube's. 4K streaming, not a problem. No dropped frames, as you can see here from this example, and then HEVC. This is a 10 bit file and it's encoded at 140 megabits per second playing this back perfectly fine there as well to gaming performance, it's, not it's strength. Here I kept the stock 6 watt TDP and I found that the gaming performance was a little limited there from the GPU clock. So a Counter Strike global Offensive. You can see 30 frames per second, not amazing, it's playable, at least on the lower settings League of Legends. This is a lot lighter and this one can run 1080p medium settings with a frame rate of about 50 frames per second, which is not bad. So if you want to tweak the performance, you're, probably going to have to do a copper heatsink not on this increase, that power limit to about 10 watts or something because I did increase it to 9 watts gaming performance drastically improved. However, temperatures as you can see reached 93 degrees. Now, if you don't do any mods, you don't change. The power limit in the BIOS then expect thermals to get to about 80 degrees max gaming, which is perfectly fine, so the thermals on this are really good.

Now battery life, you can get about seven to eight hours. I find on this on the lowest brightness setting of the screen, which is a little too bright. It should be a little bit dimmer than what it is. That is just the way they have it configured. So, even on the last brightness setting, it still looks good indoors, and that is fine and you'll be able to squeeze about seven to eight hours on light work. That is, if you do something demanding like gaming, then about five, maybe even four hours, only there. So, overall, this is a really decent machine. I feel it'll run Linux as well. No problems for Linux, everything's, working touch pay and all that Wireless is working. That is good. It'S really only got a couple of minor cons to me then on to screen the extra weight, but it does have slightly better speakers and a slightly brighter screen, but the most important, of course, that eight gigabytes around that everyone has been after in HTML, eight laptop. Finally, we have it in a quality machine thanks to Teclast here, so this does get the thumbs up from me, a great machine currently selling for about three hundred and twenty nine us so a little on the expensive side. I hope that price does drop to more around the 300 mark in the future. So if you haven't seen my review of the Lapbook SE, if you don't mind four gigabytes around, and that is definitely one to go for with a better screen that's right up here and thank you so much for watching this review.