Just give you some feedback on that, because I've been getting so many questions about this people asking me about the screen protector on the display, the battery life, the thermals, how it is, should they get it instead of the jumper Easy Book Pro I'll, try and cover That here, before my full review, which will be coming out next week – but this is just for you guys that keep really asking it all the time about questions getting so many messages. Police do not message me on the forum by the way asking me any questions about this. I will not answer you because I'm just overloaded at the moment, so a lot of you have been asking me about the display. Just how it is. Is it better than the jumper easy book freeze display? Well on camera, you can see it's getting this shimmer that's flickering that's happening. I can't seem to record this screen properly without that happening, so it's not happening in person. So you don't need to worry about that. Now, to those guys keep saying, remove the screen protector on it. I believe well, according to some in the comments that that does actually have a pre applied screen protector. The trouble is on my unit, I have been searching and there are no visible edges of a screen protector like nothing around here, nothing in all the corners. It could be the fact that it's, under this plastic bezel, in order to get it off I'm, have to pull up this bezel and I could risk damaging it.

Then. Now I tried a knife in this corner here and even then even using some tape on the screen on the corners, I could not pull a screen protector off it, so I cannot 100 confirm if it does have a screen protector on it, but the layer that I did pull off it that was numbered number two and normally that's the first layer you take off and then the screen pick is on there. So it could well have a matte screen under this, which is really good good news, because I prefer to have an anti glare screen so to those asking about the microphones either side. Yes, they actually do sound a little bit better than the jumpers and they still have some static over them and the camera more or less is about the same. So 720p 30 frames per second performance, but I'll give you a sample of that in my full review. Coming out next week and to that guy Hassan, I think's name was asking about Counter Strike wallet play with the bots on 720p. Yes, the bots are said to easy mode, but you can see the frame rates going to dip at the moment. It'S around three frames per second, when you start out here and depending on what you're actually doing the frame rate will dip down. So at the moment it gets down to about 24 frames per second, so it can be a little bit study, stuttery and choppy.

But if you disable the parliament's and the bios, then at least it will be playable here, so you can practice counter strike on the go. There and they've been quite a few questions about thermals on this. Do we have to do a copper, heatsink mod on this? Well, we don't. Actually now I have disabled the power limit now the factory set limit in there is nine watts, which is quite a lot. I think jumper set seven and other manufacturers in fact only set about six watts now I've completely removed it. So no limit and thermals are some of the best I have seen. Okay, we get up to about 74 is their highest I've, actually seen it get now. It will get warm to the touch, but here after 22 minutes, this was counter strike against the bots, and it's only got up to 64 degrees. Now other laptops wear the same. Chipset the end 3450 would be reaching now without any power limits right up into the 80s. So I will investigate in the final full review next week. I'Ll take a look at the internals, but I do believe they have put a very nice large, copper heatsink on there and a thermal pad, probably transferring heat to the rear. So we'll get warm to the touch around about 35 degrees or something like that. But it's not an issue, a problem at all, so excellent thermals on this unit. You do not need to worry about that.

Now. Battery life is a very common question. I'Ve been able to get here. You can see. This is my test actually with YouTube. So this is two hours of streaming 1080p YouTube with the screen brightness at 30, which is still good for indoors, and I managed to get two hours. So it looks like it's gon na be about the same as the jumper easy book – 3 Pro, but it's. Not actually it's, probably about an hour less in total, now one of my other tests here, which is there's my final score. This was my first cycle of the battery. I managed to get almost eight hours, which is really good, but recent. Better life tests I'm only able to get about six, and that was what I would call more mixed use. This was light use here. Mixed use. I got at the moment: well, I'll have a look at the battery me toad assume into that for you, so you can see here that it's been on for 3 hours and 41 minutes, and that was since 100, so it's looking about. I would estimate now, while it's, estimating 7 hours and 33 minutes, but really it's, probably about 6 to 7, so most people will get around 6 hours 6 and a half depending on how heavy you're using it bear in mind as well, that I do have the Power limit disabled, so the power limits, probably the reason why we're not getting the same battery life as the jumper easy book 3 pro, because that has a limit set to 7 watts.

If you disable it or you put it to 9 watts, then that does give you more power but, of course reduce battery life. Now it also charges quicker than a jumper easy book 3 pro. It has a maximum charge rate of 14 watts or almost 15 watts, and you see here the easy book. 3 pro charging this one. Now it tops out at eleven point four watt, so we get quite a few extra watts there so that's why it charges a little bit faster, but I'll give you the results of that in the final review next week, and here it is side by side with My easy book 3 pro, so you can see the tint on the easy book: 3 Pro that bluish tint on the whites and more of a neutral white on the f7. Now the f7 I've got the screen set to 100 brightness, so that's why it looks washed out on camera, it's really trying to get rid of that flicker that it's being picked up so I'll show you what happens when I drop down the screen brightness, you can See you get a lot of that pulse width, modulation, flicker that you only see on camera now we're, looking at the keyboards here, as I mentioned when I first unbox at my first impressions, where the keyboard is better than the jumper easy book three pros, and yes, It is definitely they have very similar keyboards. The treble is similar as well, but this just feels better.

The feedback you get from these keys is over all nicer and I haven't had any typos. Someone else asked about that. Does it have any missed keystrokes? No none whatsoever, but I don't have any problems with my jumper easy book. Three pros keyboard either, because this is the version 4, which has, I feel, the best keyboard on it later revisions. Some of them did have issue some people posted in my forum. They said that their keyboard they're getting lag on it. No no issues with that and another question that also arised was SSDs. Will it take 512? Yes, my king spec, 512 SSD will work in the f7. It also works at my jumper easy book 3 pro and a 256 gigabyte model that from transcends that I've got in here. Currently, that is also working, so no issues running SSDs on the f7 now, obviously, a 219 us laptop is going to have some cons on and so it's, not all perfect with this notebook. Neither of these now, the con so far that I have encountered in two days of use with the f7 is the fact that the speakers, when it's fully charged at 100, it meant a tiny little bit of static, but as soon as you unplug it there's. No more static an occasion you do get a pop noise comes through the speakers when no sound has been played for a while and suddenly you get a Windows notification noise.

It will do like a pop, and then you hit a notification noise. So there's a minor little con here and, as I mentioned with the dual array microphones at the top – that there is also a tiny little bit of static that comes through, but overall they pick up sound better than the easier book 3 Pro. The screen also has a little bit of what I would call IPS glow around the top and the edges. You only see it really with the same color being displayed or white, so you get a tiny bit of that glow and that light bleed, but really it's. Quite minor overall, the screen is better than the one that is in the easy book. 3 Pro now this panel, someone asked for the idea of it. I looked it up it's a sharp panel that it's using so a proper non brand. 14 point 1 inch IPS panel that's in this okay. So yes, after 2 days, it's very clear to me that this is a more of an enhanced version over the easy books free pro, not that the easy book 3 Pro is a bad laptop. It is last year's best budget laptop, and this one just slightly improves on literally most areas a bit of keyboard bit a touchpad it's slightly lighter. We have a slightly better screen the webcam the mics on. It seem to be a little bit better to me. The location of them at least, is much better for picking sound and then, of course, we have a faster charge time and we have better thermals higher power limit unlocked bias.

You know the list does go on a little bit there, so the only real setback, maybe it's the battery life. To me, it looks like it's gon na be about an hour less now my jumper is he booked three pro. I can get eight hours out of it and it looks like it's, as I mentioned before, like six to seven on this particular model and I believe it's because of that higher power limit. So if you're worried about that, if you sit it down to six watts restricting their performance a little, then you should be able to get eight hours. In fact, I've been able to get eight hours on my light whip test just using edge. So there we go guys. Hopefully this video was helpful and useful to you.