3 inch touch screen. It'S IPS 1080p also supports a stylus. Now the hinge on this lets, you flip the screen right around 360 degrees, it's powered by a core m37 Y 30, with eight gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes of SSD storage, which you can upgrade a 10000 milliamp hour. Battery runs Windows 10, so let's check it out. So let's take a look at the contents of the box. You'Ll notice that box style is very similar now to the tick last master, th tablets and the t10. So we've got the laptop wrapped in plastic. Very well packaged there's foam either side. So this thing should not get jam damaged in transit at all. Under this we have the instruction manual cuts that guide thing leaflet now this is all in Chinese and if you read Chinese, that's not gon na be useful to anyone, and here we have the power supply. So this power supply is an EU one. We do have a rather long cord, which is great to see and it's rated to 12 volts 2 amps. The f6 pro tips, the scales at 1.4 kilos, almost so it's, not exactly light. I do believe they've got counter weights in here, so the screen will not tip over or have the whole laptop tipping back so that's, just one of the compromises they've had to make with this kind of design. Now taking a look at the thickness of it. It'S not bad at all around fifteen point: six millimeters, the bottom of the laptop here you'll see we've just got this four solid rubber feet, a lot of screws holding everything in and then a tiny little flap here which houses that 22 by 42 SATA 3 s.

Sd slot now you'll notice. There are no grills on the back of this whatsoever because it doesn't have any fans it's a hundred percent fanless – and I don't know about you, but I love fanless Tech and not having to put up with fan noise. So you only have to remove one screw to get access to the SSD and then another screw to remove it, that's great that Teclast have done this. So if you're not happy with 128 gigabytes of storage, then you can go and put in 256 or up to 512 maximum, unfortunately, as the size that you can get for this, but make sure it's 22 by 42 spec and that's, a set of 3 Drive. So, on the left hand side we have one of two USB 3 ports. We have micro HDMI out a status LED, so this is used when charging it's read when you're charging turns green once fully charged. Now we do have a type C port on here. I'Ve tested it, it accepts charge, it will also output display, which is great, but I have had some trouble with some of the docks I have been using. So my all key hub doesn't seem to work at all when it comes to display output, nothing whatsoever. Only data works on this charging does not. Work, may have it hub that I have this works with display out up to 4k 30 Hertz, but I can't seem to charge with the hub at the same time, which is annoying.

But if I plug my type C charging cable directly into the type C port, then it will charge. So it seems that the support with this USB 3 port, the type C port isn't quite ahead of a cent with every single dock out there. So it's going to be a bit of trial and error, finding one that works with this if6 pro on the right, you'll find the headphone jack DC and for charging another USB 3 port micro SD card slot, which is good to see on here and then the Power button now I don't particularly like the placement of this power button. Often when you lift up the laptop you'll accidentally trigger this and put it into sleep mode, so I've done a little bit of typing on the keyboard. I do like the feel of it. It'S. Definitely not as shallow as a cube thinker's keyboard which to me isn't the greatest keyboard, this one's, a slight step up from that I like the layout of it, we've got shortcuts for your volume, controls the brightness Print Screen button, and then we have that extra row. There, with your delete homepage up and down and in keys, also great to see on there, but so far I am liking this keyboard. It is comfortable and, as you can see, pressing down here, really hard there's very little keyboard flex, just a tiny little bit, but it is really solid, but so far looking at this display, it's looking good right Ness I'm, happy with touch response seems really good.

It is fast good, color reproduction and I will have the measured brightness out and my full review. Of course. Now. One thing to note that when you do tap on the screen, like any of these laptops, like this, that you're going to get this a little bit of wobble, see that how when you touch it, it wobbles now this happens on the cube thinker. Of course, this doesn't have the premium screen that cube thinker has. That screen is really amazing, it's the same screen as the surface book. This, of course, is a different class it's 1080p. If you look at it really close on the corners, you will notice some slight pixels there, but it's not too bad at thirteen point three inches and hey no surprises here. The screen is not fully laminated, it has a gap of approximately 12. I would say two millimeters it's rather large the gap on here, which is slightly disappointing between the digitizer glass and in the IPS panel below now. Judging from the speaker, grilles, we have here looks like we could have quad speakers, as you can see to here, and then there are another two on the right hand: side, which is good. They do sound rather loud they're, lacking bass, of course, but a little bit better than what you normally find in these kind of laptops, so give you sample of them now now, just like the cube, I work 5x that I reviewed.

This is very similar. The build of this one, you can light a hundred percent flat or you can flip the screen right around and it converts into a bulky heavy tablet. But at least you can do this or you can use that keyboard to prop up the screen and this what they call presentation mode. So this is the first for me: testing out a tech classed branded SSD 128 gigabyte. So as expected, these sequential writes rather low. Here so they're not the fastest. If you want fastest, then you can upgrade. Of course you can go for something like a 512 gigabyte SSD in here or 256 gigabytes, and then the right speeds will match the reads. The reads are good so that isn't too bad at least the 4k writes fast, so that shouldn't really slow down the operating system. Installing apps and everything should be quite quick. Moving on now to the devices we have on board, we have two accelerometers on here, which is interesting, there's, one on the display and also one in the base, it's, probably due to the fact that when you flip around the lid and turn it into a tablet, It possibly disables the one that's in the base, then and that's why they've done that you've installed two of them, so the CPU is the core m3 7 y 30 and, as you can see, the Intel wireless AC is the chipset that's handling, both Bluetooth and a Wireless now that tends to be quite a fast chip, not as fast as the 8165.

You get from Intel that's more of a premium card. This is a mid range dual band one, but it does tend to work quite well. I'Ll have speeds and any updates of that and the full review of the f6 Pro here and the fingerprint reader is a good x1. Normally I see Elance oh that's interesting there now some good news on the touchpad. While it is quite small and tiny, it is a precision one with Windows. Precision drivers, as you can see here so it's, supporting all of those gestures and so fine using it. It does feel quite good I'm happy with its performance. I just wish it was a little bit larger. The lid of this 13.3 inch laptop is made of metal. The whole body is made out of this alloy and it's a soft alloy, so I do believe it. It will scratch quite easily pressing on the top of the lid here. That is rock solid, very firm and no, it cannot be opened. One handed there are magnets in here, and it just makes it impossible. So it's definitely a two hand job. If I can do it, it's, not the easiest laptop to open up it's better to go from the slides I find also just tested out there got X, fingerprint reader that it has on here. No complaints. You need to set up Windows, hello, so you need to add a password or a PIN number and then you can scan and use the fingerprint it unlocks really in a matter of seconds and you get straight into Windows, so it's quite handy to have this.

So the tablet is running Windows 10 home that activates. Without any problems, we have 8 gigabytes of RAM dual channel running at 1866 megahertz. This is good to see so we're not limited to single channel performance or slower speeds, like 1600 megahertz, which I have seen on some other khorium devices, so that is the tick last f6 Pro and my first impressions of this are overall, very positive. I like the keyboard I like the touch pad, even though it is small a little too small for my own liking I'm getting used to it. It is accurate, its precision touchpad, so it's got the windows. Just two controls the drivers. You can control all of that fully, which is great fingerprint, unlocking with Windows, hello, and that good, it sensor seems to be quick and go straight into the desktop much faster than typing in a password. The screen is bright and the viewing angles are good, but we do get a lot of reflections as you can see, because it's not fully laminated, which is going to be a bit of a deal breaker for some people. But honestly, I expected it to be non laminated at this price point it's currently selling for 449 us the build quality overall is great. I like the practicality of it, the fact that we can flip the screen around and convert it into. Yes, a heavy tablet, but at least we have that option or you can just prop it up the screen and use it in presentation mode.

So the battery life gaming, thermals benchmarks, further tests and my final overall opinion of using this full time for at least a week will be coming soon. Now, if you like this style of laptop and the spec, then check out the cube thinker i35, that I also reviewed that one's got an amazing screen in it. It'S got the surface book screen and it also has a core m7y, 30 and 8 gigabytes of RAM. But 256 gigabytes of storage so take a look at that one very similar machine.