Two new laptops, one is called the f7 and that's an Apollo Lake laptop, but this is the better model of the two it's called the F6 Pro it's powered by a Core m37 Y 30 that seventh generation from Intel. We haven't seen the eighth generation Core M3 chips, yet hopefully they will be coming out this year, but no word on that from Intel, it's got eight gigabytes of RAM that's running dual channel it's also clocked to 1866 megahertz. We have a hundred and twenty eight gigabytes of storage. Now it is upgradable, because they've added this little access hatch on the bottom, which is a good move by them, means it is very easy for you to go ahead and install up to 512 gigabytes. Just make sure it's the 22 by 42 size and set a3 spec, and you should be fine there now the hinge on it is a convertible one, so we can flip it right around and convert it into a tablet that weighs 1.4 kilos. Now, in my unboxing I said, a 1.4 kilos is a little bit heavy, but really it actually isn't it's, not bad at all. Considering my jumper easy book, 3 pro and a polar Lake laptop weighs the exact same weight as this, so they've done. Well, when it comes to the weight now, the screen on here can be held up like this in a presentation mode. You can also flip it around and use it in what's called the tent mode.

I don't tend to use the tent mode. Too often, I prefer presentation it's really good prop it up. So then it's just like having a Windows. 10 tablets, 13.3 in chairs, that's stuck in a stand or you have it sitting in a stand. Now you will notice that, because of the design of this hinge that when you tap on the screen, just like any convertible that it's going to have a little bit of annoying wobble, you do need to adapt. So you eventually, you will end up just tapping very lightly on the screen. Now the touch response at the screen is quite high, it's very sensitive and it's accurate. So that is good. You don't need to tap harder or new things, so once you get used to that, then it won't be too much of an issue that wobble now the screen is an IPS, as I pointed out in my own boxing it's, not fully laminated. So what does that mean? That means that there's, a gap between the digitizer glass and then the IPS panel below of approximately two millimeters means it's a little bit more reflective. It also means that the blacks will not look very dark. They look more grayish because of that panel there it has a pre applied screen protector, the glass that's covering over it. Yes, it is glass it's, not plastic, it's, only soda lime glass, so it is prone to scratches a lot more than the likes of say.

Your gorilla, glass or dragon tail branded scratch resistant glass, so you have to be a little bit extra careful with that. I would keep the screen protectors on it at the top. There is a two megapixel webcam I'll, give you a sample of that later on in this review, so moving down now to the keyboard and just above the key, we wanted to point out that what looks like four speakers is in fact, I feel only two by The sounds of it and then we have apparently two mics, but these mics produce quite a bit of static I'll. Give you a sample of that, along with the webcam later on too. So. The keyboard layout is good. It'S spacious, it's, a great keyboard to type on it's got 1.4 millimeters of travel. I do like it. We have an extra column of keys here, dedicated to your page up and down home end and delete keys. The arrow keys. Some people may have an issue with so you can see there's split there on your half size button, so that could be a problem for some people. Otherwise we have shortcuts here for everything you can really think of, and even a dedicated button for print screen. Now the touchpad is good, it's precision, so we've got the windows. Precision, drivers and we've got full control over the gestures. We also have a fingerprint reader hidden here from good x. That works really quick. This is very fast and unlocks, and I haven't had any problems with its reliability.

It unlocks literally ten out of ten times, but the touchpad, as you can see, is quite small now using it might I'm using it now. For a week I find it's fine I'm. Having really no issues with it, but occasionally my finger will end up going to where the fingerprint reader is and it doesn't register, then so that's a little bit of a problem, so the build quality overall is really decent. It'S all made out of an alloy and, as I mentioned, it's 1.4 kilos and the hinge is quite stiff too. I don't see that loosening up anytime soon it's. It doesn't feel like that. Now they should have made the cut out along the front here. If you see my unboxing video a little wider there, they could have cut in a bit more because it is a bit of a pain to open this laptop, because you can't really get your fingers in there. It takes two or three attempts, so that's a minor little design problem. So, on the right hand, side you'll see the power button. Now I do have a slight complaint with this power button that the positioning of it means that when you pick up the laptop, you will often trigger that now there's a very quick and easy fix that is in Windows. Settings I've done it now, maybe I'm tapping the button. Nothing is happening. I'Ve set it to do nothing so problem solved there. We have a micro SD card reader.

Now this reader, unfortunately, is only wired up via a USB to hub so that's limiting our speeds. You have to use usb three to get full speeds out of any micro SD cards and using a reader so USB 3 port, their full size. We have DCM, it's, 12, volts, 2 amps and then the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. That does have a minor little bit of static over it, the audio outputs, not a hundred percent clean. Our volume seems okay to it, I'd, really like it to be a little bit louder. I often say that, but it's not bad. Apart from that static on there and then on the left hand side, we have a type C port. Now this does work with all hubs. I have been testing originally it didn't, but when I updated my drivers and make sure you plug in power to the hub first then to this it will charge output display 4k up to 30 Hertz and data all at the same time, micro HDMI out there. That will go up to 4k 30 Hertz as well and another USB 3 port. You would have noticed there is a little status LED here, so this will light up red when charging and turn green eventually, when it fully charges in approximately 3 hours and 41 minutes. In my testing now one thing I won't be covering in this review unfortunate is the stylist it's still not shipping at the time of this video and is probably a good week or two away and there's a lot of people asking me where's the review where's, the Review so please check back in about a week or two for this stylus review, so I did run a few benchmarks, as I always do in my reviews here.

So we can gauge the kind of performance to expect. So right here is my Geekbench full score. Now this is the score that I first got now. If you keep repeating it, it will slowly go down a little bit as the process of starts to heat up, but my best run here was 3124 single core score and then getting near close to 6000. On the multi core score here, so scores that are more or less around other core m37 were 30 devices. Graphics score. Well, this is using open CL is sixteen thousand two hundred and fifty eight and past mark version nine, our score that is close to two thousand. So in nineteen eighty was the total pass mark rating here now my school will be a little bit higher because they do have a slightly faster SSD that I installed 256 gigabyte. One which is right here are the internet speeds I managed to get so. I'Ve got a three hundred and make a bit line here at the moment before I end up losing this, but these speeds are a little bit slower than what I expect downloads, that is from other devices, with the same chipset, so it's, the Intel 3165 dual band Wireless AC, it should be a little bit higher there on the downloads and then lastly, a 3d mark test. Here I did. This is Cloud. Gate 1.1 got a score of five thousand two hundred and ten now looking at SSD speed.

So these are gon na be faster here because I'm using a transcend 256 gigabyte drive, so I can fit in all the games and applications and files and things for my review. The 128 gigabyte one will have similar speeds in terms of reads well, a little bit slower around about 500 and then the write, speed sequential will probably be about 170, 60 or 180, quite a bit slower because it's only 128 gigabytes that drive alright, so benchmarks are One thing, but they don't really say a lot they for general use, and I can tell you that it's, quick and snappy so finger scrolling here in Chrome, I've got quite a few tabs open the response time and that scrolling there, as you can see, is very Smooth it's, fast it's, fluid switching between applications so do have Photoshop here running by the way. Photoshop runs fine as long as you're not doing massive huge megapixel edits with like 10 layers or more of 50 layers, then it will run perfectly fine for that. Now, video editing, you can do a little bit on the coin 3, but stick to 1080p. Anything over like 4k or 1440p will start to drive you crazy because it will bog down and get really slow, especially when it comes to encoding times. However, I recommend using something like PowerDirector that supports intel's, quick, sync, so encoding times will actually be surprisingly fast when you do export those videos, but something like Premiere Pro, which I have.

I won't run it on this machine, but yeah it does get really quite slow. So I've got a 4k video here that I'll reload. This is just to demonstrate how it works with the wireless. Well, the wireless keep up so 4k. This is my maverick drone review skips ahead. Quite quick takes a little while to Loen load in there and enable the stats here let's go full screen and you can see that drop frames. Absolutely nothing. The buffer health is around 15 seconds and the connection speed is excellent there as well, so it will keep up and stream 4k video, as you can see here perfectly fine without any issues. Now I've got a few other apps they're running in the background too, as well, but over. I find that the performance of the core m3, this 7 y 30 is similar to older generation. Core i5, like from two generations ago now, on to battery life, I've been monitoring this over the last week, I've been using this laptop and I think it's, okay for a khorium 3 it's, definitely not the worst it's, certainly not the best either, but I'll give you Some examples here so two hours of 1080p YouTube streaming I'd lost about 20 percent, so this is not a bad result at all. It seems because of the tweaks that teclast have done to their display, allowing the brightness a little bit that it pays off in terms of battery life, so it can actually do web use for around about eight hours as you'll see with some of the results here.

That I can show so my final result just to show you here. I managed to get elapsed time there. Almost eight hours of web use in Chrome, I had between 6 amp 8 tabs opened the whole time. I was using it and there's a combination of streaming and just general work there now, when you start to multitask and do a few other things, that better life will drop off significantly and lower down to around 6 to 6 and a half hours maximum. So that is what I'm, showing you at the moment: the best kind of battery life that you're able to achieve this was with 30 percent brightness. Now the charging rates will be up to around 14 watts, which is not bad that's from both the DC. All the type C charging and will take about three hours and 41 minutes to fully charge the battery so move on now to have a look at some gaming. This is project cars running in 720p, lower settings and it is barely playable or 20 frames per second. At the moment, so not really desirable frames per second. Ideally you want this over 30 frames per second, but you can play it, but only just now. This is a game that an atom or an Apollo Lake cell run in 34, wouldn't even be able to play with even 5 frames per second, so it is quite a bit faster. The Intel, 6015 HD graphics counter strike 1080p on low settings.

Let'S see how it performs so I was hopping around 30 40 frames per second you'll have to excuse my horrendous gameplay. I do not last long in this game at all it's a new record for me. I have not been killed yet I told you so I'm. A hopeless aim now much later games, like League of Legends here, can run on the high setting in 1080p, with very good framerate, say: it's hovering around 78. So that is not bad at all. Considering that this has no active cooling, it's, all passively cooled. There is no fan and because it is a tablet, you can play. Windows Store tablet games, although it is a little bit uncomfortable and rather heavy to play for extended periods like this. But performance is good here in Ashfield extreme, so one to thermals now, just how hot does it get so I've been gaming and probably for about 30 40 minutes now, will reach and peak about 86 degrees here now. This is after 4 hours and 42 minutes of me using this laptop non stop here, so your average temperatures you can see aren't bad at all, forty four that was with web browsing, but when you start to game and push the GPU and the CPU as when It starts to get hot, but these temperatures are perfectly fine here. It does run into power limits, as you can see right here, that has popped up power limit throttling will exceed it.

Yes, but no thermal throttling there whatsoever. Let'S have a look at the surface. Temperatures now, ok, so around the keyboard, the top left hand side gets up to 33 degrees. The palm rest here is about 28 and 24. Now, where it does heat up, a little I've noticed is on the rear of a device which will have a look. So just near the SSD that can get quite warm that's up to 34 degrees and then over the side here, that's 27 and up to about 31 now the highest I've seen it gets is 38 degrees, and this is still perfectly fine within what I would call Normal temperature ranges for a fairness, quorum device now for a quick, webcam sample straight away. You will notice that the dual microphones that it apparently has is producing quite a bit of static. You can hear that constant s in the background, and I do find that to be very annoying. Hopefully there's going to be a fix for that that we can figure out on the forum is also being one user. That apparently claims that they have been able to reduce the historic um and almost fix that so I'm going to have to look into that little bit more detail, but the camera itself is 2 megapixels, 720p 30 frames per second quality. It is possible for Skype. I find what annoys me the most, of course, is that static, so for Linux users out there that are interested in installing Linux and running it on this machine, I'll run through what is working.

Basically, everything apart from the touchpad and the fingerprint reader and the sound. So there is no feedback. When I use the sound, it seems to be outputting via the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. So you have to figure that one out and then figure out the drivers touchscreen that is also working and the screen brightness controls working wireless is working too now for a quick, peek out the internals we can see. You'Ve got a large, copper heatsink right here. The battery packs in the middle, the hinge is screwed in place, which is good, there's metal behind the keyboard, so that's the backing behind it there to press it up real hard that's. Why the keyboard doesn't have any flex in it, so that's good to see build quality overall, looks pretty good, not too bad. I can see some kind of like Missy a little bit of glue right here with some of those cables, but it's not too bad. Things are taped in place, it's, probably just to stop that from coming plugged now looks like there are two mics in here, but without digging around further. I can't 100 confirm that another thing to note too, that mod is out there if you want to put a thermal pad over the top here, remove this pad on the back and it will transfer heat to the rear housing. Increasing the temperatures lap. Temperatures will increase, of course, but it should drop. Temperatures are good, 5 to 10 degrees, and then you can increase power limits or slightly boost the performance.

But overall the internals do look good. Oh one other thing as well: you could remove one or, if not both of those magnets. If you have trouble opening it up like, I sometimes do, it might be a wise move there. So the question that's, probably on your mind right now, if you have made it this far in the video is, should I buy it or should I not? I think this is a good device and I would definitely be happy – and I am happy with the 449 a paid for this so feel it's good in many aspects, and it has some okaycome cons like any device but to me they're only so the cons that I covered ok, the microphone that's, probably the worst of them all, because it has that static, it's rather annoying. However, it looks like we're gon na have a software fix, or at least to reduce that from a loud hiss down to a hum, and that is on the form of my website. So have a look under the tick last. If 6 Pro section form the fix of that and ok, the touchpad is a little bit small. The fingerprint reader sometimes gets in the way, but overall it's a good touchpad. Using this, the keyboard as well is really good. I, like the key travel it's comfortable, the feedback it has that's great. So the screen – ok, 230 likes of brightness that's not going to win any brightness records when it comes to displays.

Definitely not now. A lot of people would see that figure as a deal breaker, but I have been using this in brightly. Lit environments like right here in the studio, and I can check out the screen, which is currently, I think, on about 50 percent. Brightness perfectly fine I've been using an end doors and I haven't really had any issues at all with the screen. However, if you plan to use this in a super brightly lit environment, for example, like you're gon na use it outdoors, I don't really see who would want to with a non laminated display in that kind of brightness forget about it. It'S gon na be very difficult to make out the screen. The design just adds another level of practicality to the vice versa devices like this with the hybrid designs, you can flip it around. You convert it into a tablet, although I won't probably be using it. So often as a tablet, it's really nice to always have this option here and I'd like to see more devices coming out now with this particular design, because I do believe it has a bit of a future, because tablets perhaps are dying off things like this. Maybe are replacing them so it's great to be able to put this into the presentation mode, for example, if you're on a long haul flight. You stick this on the tray table in front of you and you get the keyboard out of the way and it's.

Just like using a tablet there and with a 13.3 inch screen great for watching movies, with a traditional 16 by 9 aspect ratio, so raw, yes, it gets the thumbs up from me might not be perfect, but I feel if you can pick it up for 449, Then it's a great price for a device like this. If you haven't seen my cubes think of i 35 review that's up here now and my latest reviews and check out the cute one because it's a similar kind of device spec wise. But it has a much better fully laminated screen, but it doesn't have the hinge that goes right back. The thinker hinge, I think, tops out about there. It was which is a slight annoyance but it's an interesting device.