Sensitivity now be really careful ordering it because I got Express shipping with this one, because I wanted to get it in time for my review and it never arrived in time anyway. But I had to pay with DHL a mass of 27 euros tax on this, and the cost of this stylus is only about 19 or 20 US dollars, so it did turn out to be very expensive. So we'll take a look at it in this. Video here see how it performs now. I'Ve got no means to test at 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, but I'll have a look and see how it writes for people want to do a lot of handwriting. A couple of little sketches try and draw some lines, and things like that. Just so you get an idea of the performance you can expect out of the stylus. So good news is, it does come with a quad, a battery, because those batteries tend to be quite expensive and normally all Silas's that do have one of those batteries will include it in the box at least so this here, I think, is just probably a guide. No it's just like a warranty guarantee card or something but that's all in Chinese. I don't read Chinese, and here we have this stylus, which feels really light one if it's made out of plastic. So this part here that actually feels okay, that's just made out of an alloy there, so that's, very lightweight and, of course, we've got to put the battery in there and the tip of it.

No, not rubber, that's, just a hard plastic, unfortunately we're nice. If that was rubber, because it just feels a little bit better and doesn't tend to scratch the screen protector. So this has a screen protector on it and I imagine it's going to probably end up scratching that up quite a bit and then we have two buttons. There is no button on the rear. I do like it when they have these statuses with an eraser on the end. I find is a lot more handy than having to use the buttons or go and select the eraser function. Okay, so when I first disc out the hover feature of this stylus – and I can see it does have it, but okay, you got to touch the screen first, I think, to turn on activate that hover is only approximately about three centimeters away now, normally you actually See the hover being a little further away from that it's already marking on there so test out a little bit of the sensitivity, so I press really lightly at the moment and then a little harder there and it's a thicker line. Of course, just try a different pin. There probably would work out better okay, so that doesn't seem too bad I'm trying droid us to some straight lines. As straight as I can there, doesn't seem to be too much like that's, relatively fast, I'm in OneNote. Here, of course, now right on the corners of the screen, sometimes they don't work right up to the corner, but I can see that it.

It does actually right on to the edge there. So that is good right along the edge. I love some of those other cheaper styluses don't. Allow you to do that because they didn't have the digitizer panel right up against the very edge, but this, I can see, does now accuracy of that nib there. I think I need to configure this. It seems to be right in the middle. I can see it's not too bad, because we've got a non laminated screen. Of course, that pointer is going to be about 101.5 millimeters away from the screen, so that's accounting for some of that inaccuracy there a little bit, but it doesn't seem to be too bad. That point, if you have a look, is quite close to the nib I'll. Just zoom in here to try and show you that accuracy you can see where the point is right now and if I touch see where it is that's, actually quite a little bit away from a bit. Of course it depends on the way you have it angled at the moment I don't have that angled. I would sort of straight up there's what you need to do and there it is. Having said that, once it's writing, it seems to be okay, but it is off a little bit there if you see approximately about a millimeter half a millimeter so but it comes and goes doesn't it with that accuracy. So you probably just need to configure like right.

There now it's to the right of it, the pointer and there it's just lagging a little bit, but overall I don't feel that is too bad. Considering that the screen is non laminated. This is definitely not an intrigue stylus the surface stylus, which is probably a lot better than this one. In fact, no, it is a lot better, of course, than this particular stylus I've, converted the laptop now into tablet mode, so the screens lying down most people would probably be using the stylus like this. So let's test out now, just doing a little bit of handwriting here check out the palm rejection rejection that it's got so I'll just right here, hello there. That is some messy handwriting now holding down the button at the top. That should allow me to just erase the strokes, which I can, as you can see, and I'll just select a different color here. If the accuracy is going to, let me I've got a double tap I'll hold down, so just getting select another color and we'll check out that palm rejection. So touching now, as long as the stylus is there nothing's gon na happen, lift that up and then yeah lets you move it around. Okay, so raise that again do a little bit more handwriting. Oh, what just happened then so right there writing that T. It shifted. So the accuracy of the pointer shifted right to the right, then distress split. Second, I don't know whether that was probably actually me moving with my palms, so you try to have two we're gon na have to try to keep the stylus touching the screen a little bit more than it went normally.

Otherwise, you risk moving things around there, which is a little bit of a problem so now there's to some screwball. I did before I haven't actually and raised all of that just testing it out so definitely a bit of a learning curve here to try and and get their best performance with the stylus, so just try and draw in our little cartoon I'm, not an artist by The way so prepare for the worst just try and draw something very simple, a very simple and ugly looking what's going on that's, not detecting, just then a couple of times the stroke, so I mean so far. Well, it looks more like home, actually not bad. Some sent there you go, that is very poor and this stylus isn't exactly amazing. To kind of think this is a little bit of pores. Well what's going on is just sometimes writing there. It doesn't want to work it's either the poem rejection or it really doesn't me. I need to get used to doing this properly, so, okay, no actually how many doesn't have a lot of here. So what am i doing so there's ears you've got those two but two here at the top and store his body there for a second and what is he gon na say: hey man, all right that doesn't seem too bad this time around so it's gon na Take a lot of practice to get used to using this particular stylus, but their performance, at least on one note here: yeah that is very fast, but then again, look it just missed us bit.

Then. Why is that happening? Is that the pressure levels not just sure about that? I can see to that. Looking at it an angle that the tip, because it's plastic – and I have the screen protector on it – is leaving these tiny little faint scratches there. So let's have a look now at Photoshop performance with the stylus okay. So this is just going to be a quick test of pressure, sensitivity really just to see if it's gon na be working in here now I'm doing this very lightning. I can see it's just leaving a mark there, so at least that's good and if I press down here, looks like it's gon na leave. Yes, it does leave more of a mark when the TV you start to press and gain more scratches on that screen protector. So you probably want to go for a tempered glass screen protector there. If you intend to use this a lot, but the problem with that is because the non laminated screen, the adding more you lating, like a millimeter more so there's, probably gon na make the stylus even less accurate and perhaps affect its performance. So you might just be better off risking not even using a screen protector, so that seems to be working. Okay, it is the pressure. Sensitivity in Photoshop seems to be quite a bit more sensitive than it does in one night. One no doesn't really seem to support it. Well, it does support it, but it doesn't seem to be as sensitive but it's good to see that as least working here, okay guys, so that is the stylus there for the f6 Pro and overall I don't find it to be a particularly good, stylus.

Okay, we do have the pressure sensitivity and it does seem to work okay there, but what I'm not happy with is the accuracy of the pointer like right now in Photoshop. That is quite accurate. The problem is that when I was writing at least sketching and trying to write right here in OneNote that the problem was that the Knibb, where it was registering, would shift to the left or right about two millimeters, and I believe the culprit is probably down to The fact that this is a non laminated screen, so the gap in it so we've got a d IPS panel and then we've got the digitizer glass, which is soda lime, glass, there's, a gap of around two millimeters now on premium tablets, something like a surface pro For that gap is non existent and it looks a lot more accurate. Definitely when you use it the tip of it. Of course, being plastic means it's going to scratch up the screen protector and overall, if you're, an artist or you're quite serious about your sketches. Drawing and you need a good stylus, you like to write a lot of notes. You will get quite frustrated and you will be disappointed with this stylus. I feel so. If you really need a tablet or a notebook. A convertible like this look for more premium options. Look at something like the Microsoft Surface, pro three or four: perhaps a used one and just hunt around even a surface book, it's better something with a Wacom or intrigue.

Stylus is ten times better than this one.