Well, this is the tick last f6 Plus that a lot of you did ask me to review so this and then the B max is 15 it's a 15.6 inch laptop will, be it that'll, be the last German O'Lakes ever I promise laptops errors. I might look at the new chewy mini PC, so this one you pay for mili with the specs okay and then it does have the sear on in 4108, gigabytes of ddr4 ram 256 gigabytes of storage, 37 watt hour battery and this okay 360 degree hinge with A 1080p IPS panel in it so it's very, very, very similar to the beam X Y 13, which is my current germinated like champion, so does they take lasts if six plus have what it takes to piss that one let's find out here in my review. So it comes in this brown box, which is a little bit different from teclast. We typically have their white boxes. It does offer more protection but feels a little bit more cheaper, perhaps they're cutting down on their packaging costs here. So we get in the Box. The DC charger, which is 24 watts and there's – also this right here, which is a wireless cheap mouse that was included, I think that's part of a promotion from gearbest. The total Trevor weight of the f6 plus here is 1.6 kilos and the laptop itself weighs 1.46 and it's 16 millimeters thick. Overall, the weight is good, but the beam XY 13 is lighter at one point to five kilos now four ports.

This is where the tick last, if six plus here, is better than the beam XY 13 with a full size, USB 3 port HDMI to speak here, that's micro, HDMI out we've got Type C that does support 4k 60 Hertz, and that leaves us on the right Here with the DCN for powering it so it's 24 watts, and it will charge the laptop in just over two and a half hours that 37 watt hour battery. We have a 3.5 mini headphone jack with mic support USB 2. This also powers hard drives with no problems but limited to USB 2 speeds, a micro SD card card reader – again USB 2 speeds here, so it kept out at about 23 megabytes per second read and writes, and then our power button, which is made out of plastic. It feels ok to me unless laptop also has four little speakers up the top here. Now they don't sound that great to me, I mean they are better than say a couple of years ago. We had absolutely terrible speakers and the stick still lacks a little bit of volume, but later on in the review, I will give you a sample of those speakers, so the bezels they're, not the slimmest, I mean they are actually quite a bit bigger than the ones In the beam XY 13, but here we have a 2 megapixel webcam that's up the top in the top bezel. So the rear of this laptop is made out of an alloy.

In fact, the whole bill, but the promis'd is plastic, and here we do have a protective plastic over the top of us. Now this metal does scratch in my experience very very easily, so I tend to leave this on now. The hinge itself. This is very stiff and, of course, having a 360 degree hinge means we can flip around convert this into a tablet. You'Ve got your presentation mode like so, and then you can also use this by flipping it around into what's called then the tent mode. The underside is all alloy as well with the rear, backplate screwed into place, and here you can see we do have a 22 by 80 sized SD slot here, that's MDOT two set of three ones: okay, so don't buy nvme. They will not work in here. There'S. Nothing take Vince on the bottom at all, because this is passively cooled, like all the other channel 8 laptop tech, I review it. Doesn'T need an active cooler. Now the thermals on this particular machine for the Gemini Lake are excellent. It barely goes over 70 degrees and it's, very, very good I've found in my experience, especially of course out of the box, with the default power limits, and the reason why that is is unlike most manufacturers. They have put a thermal pad right here over where the chipset is so we've got a large, copper heatsink, and then you put the still more pad on so.

The whole bottom of this laptop is a massive, huge, passive heatsink. You could say because it's transferring the heat over to it, and that is why the thermals are so good. So the internals do look good the layout here. Everything is screwed into place. We do have a metal hinge that's why the hinge feels very stiff and should be reliable and we've got a 37 watt hour battery here screw it into place – and here are these speakers right here at the top. So I know this question is going to pop up in the comments so which one is better the. Why 13, which is from B max that's on the left of the screen, and then the f6 Plus after using both of them now for a good period of time, performance, wise they're, exactly the same, eight gigabytes, ddr4 ram they very similar, SSD speeds. Better life is around seven to eight hours on both of these. It really depends on what you want. If you must have the stylus support the HDMI and the two USB ports then go for the f6 plus, I would say there, but if you want a superior keyboard, that's also backlit, I just find typing on the Y 15 is a little bit better, because the Keys are spaced out wider, better travel from them bit of feedback. Then I would say: go for the Y 15. The wife 13 also has a fully laminated screen with slimmer bezels, as you can see, and it does weigh a little bit less it's 1.

25 kilos versus the 1.46 that the F 6 pluses so let's take a look at our display here. So it's 13 point 3. Inches it's 1080p it's an IPS panel, no maximum brightness scrapes, just 250 Lux a little bit below it and that's really borderline. I feel it's bright enough for most environment. I'Ve got really bright, studio lights on here. At the moment, you can see it fine because it's not fully laminated. It is a little more reflective I find than the beam XY 14 I'm, comparing by for those a lot because they're very similar laptops here, so the touch response and accuracy. I find very good now if you happen to be tapping away at the screen. The reason I've set it up like this is just to show you what happens and if you tap here, you will see that it will wobble a little bit the screen now. This happens with all the tech that's convertible here with these three hundred and sixty degree hinges. So I do have the color gamut, our color space here so srgb of 95 and Adobe RGB of 72. I roll to me this is a decent screen for this kind of category a low end laptop and often you find even more expensive laptops that have very poor screens that don't have this kind of color reproduction. So overall, I think it's a good screen. I just would like it to be a little bit brighter and it's a shame that it's not fully laminated.

Now the performance of this laptop it's a low end, laptop okay, Gemini Lake is just a 6 watt by default that's the power limit that teclast have set. We can adjust this in the Vice. You can increase it to say 10 watts. In fact, the cooling will hand that handle that just fine or you could also actually just completely remove that power limit to get up to 14 watts or so to reboost their performance. I haven't done that here in this video, because I believe that most people would just run it straight out of the box how it is so. This is the Geekbench 4 score you can see. This is well not the fastest. I have seen, but pretty much on par with other chipsets and laptops praying the dual channel: 8 2 gigabytes with the Jimmy Lake cell run in 4100. This is Geekbench 5, which I can still not really relate to because they changed the scores dramatically and you can see it's a very low scoring because of course it is a super low end chip. I even did run fire strike here, which it absolutely struggled with giving us a extremely low score here of only 313. As expected, I mean this is not a powerful GPU at all that this has, but for your basic tasks, as you will see, I feel the performance is fine. Now I wanted to comment on the scrolling with touch. This is in chrome, right here, good, no real problems, and I will do my chrome for formance test because that's, probably what most people are going to be using whatever look at some Doc's as well, and here we have the speed here of the wireless now I'm.

Not able for where I am here in the studio shooting to get over this result here around 200 megabits per second. But if you connect up to say a FTP server that's, a local one and you'll be able to get with wireless around 380, pushing almost 400 megabits per second out of the Intel wireless AC, 30. 165. So let's take a look at the multitasking performance here. I have some spreadsheets and docs open, so you can do all your edits here and you shouldn't see any slowdown and lag with these kind of light tasks. Here'S some Docs and I've got actually quite a few pages here, 83 of them and scrolling through it. Right now you can see that loads are pretty quick, that sometimes there is maybe the occasional a little bit of stutter Windows Start menu, pops up, really quick we're, not seeing that typical kind of lag. I think that dual channel Ram is definitely helping here and I won't load up here a very demanding file here for K. This is HEV C 10, but but it will actually play natively, ok native decoding with these chips, so it will do an initial initial little stutter. Here this it takes a little while in fact, that's actually pause. There. We go but it's a little stutter e at the start, and once going that is smooth that playback and very quickly let's have a look at the chrome tab: performance I'm, just gon na randomly open some websites here and I'm, just gon na search, something completely random.

Rivers and let's start to open up just a few pages here now. Wikipedia is very light. We'Ll see how that goes, will include one video here and okay swap another tab. So so far this performance seems pretty good. That should be about enough here, so you can run about 10 tabs and once they have loaded in it is then quite quick to swap between them. It shouldn't be too much of a problem. Even with this tick, as you can see, things are loading and they're. Reasonably quick, I just better stop that video in the background, alright, so that isn't actually too bad and on to our audio performance, so we've got those four little speakers that fire just out the top and they sound okay to me, there's a little bit of bass. The problem is like all of the stick: the volume okay, they are lacking volume, 3.5, millimeter output does support microphones and I find the quality is good. There'S no annoying static, but let's he'll. Listen to those speakers now at 100, us in Applause, Music Applause. Now, one of the positive things about these dear my elite laptops and one of the reasons I review them and cover them in the channel is they tend to have reasonably good battery life. This one I found to be a little bit lower. Now you see, we do have a tiny bit of battery where here that's detected by a battery bar now my run time here you see, I got 6 hours and 44 minutes now.

This was streaming with Amazon. Prime video YouTube Docs editing my website a little bit system, light to medium use with the screen set to 40 brightness. I expect to get actually a little bit more than this about seven and a half hours, so I don't know why it is but it's coming through to be a little bit less than the B max Y 11 y 13. Sorry, which I can get seven to eight hours on this one about half an hour, less I'd say seven hours is your best result. You can expect from this so I'm using Counter Strike here. This is set to 720p and I've got it on the lowest settings, and I do have the multi core, rendering enabled just to help us the performance here. So you can see it's hovering around three frames per second, which is not too bad. That temperatures are very good, only 51 degrees. With some of these dimmer no lakes, that in 4100, I see it as high as 80, or even getting up to throttle some of the earlier models that just didn't have the heatsink with them. So just gon na probably die here but it's just to get an idea of what you can expect frame rate wise, that it is just just scraping what I would call playable, but you can see dipping down here to 13 frames per second is very low. So onto the stylus now and sorry guys, I'm gon na have to disappoint you here that I'm, not too happy with the stylus performance.

I don't think it's great now take a look at the big problem. Here we have palm rejection. The stylus is detected when it is touching the screen, while almost touching the screen, and that is not good for palm rejection. So the leg of that I'll just quickly show you isn't bad, but this, of course, is just one note. If you're using Photoshop is something like that, it would be very choppy, so you can use it right down in the corners of the screen here that isn't a problem okay, but where I find it an issue, is writing? Okay. So when I just right here – hello, world, hello and then world, okay that's, my missing writing, but the palm rejection that just does annoy me. So it happens that the starter should be detected now, but it isn't. Now. I know with Windows: we can go in there with their settings, for the stylus can get it to not actually work with any touch, so just have the stylus weren't detected, but you're still gon na have that problem of the screen actually detecting it. Now there is some pressure levels here and I don't have the screen protector on. I highly recommend removing that crappy screen protector because it will then give you a much better touch experience and even with a stylus as well, because the stylus with a screen protector, because it's plastic, the nib, will end up scratching it leaving lines everywhere.

But here it doesn't scratch the screen and it feels okay but it's. Definitely no surface pen with intrigue technology it's, not a Wacom pen or it's, not like my Samsung Galaxy is 6 s, stylus, quite poor on the stylus front here, which is a big disappointment. So here's our webcam, this audio of you listening to as well, is recorded, and it sounds very, very average to me there's like a lot of indifference, aesthetics, something coming through on these mics and a webcam quality. Well, it's not 30 frames per second as a little stutter II. So if you want to improve quality, I wouldn't go with this webcam. I will get yourself an external Logitech one which would have probably ten times better quality than this alright guys. So the f6 front – 8 glass, I think, it's a good laptop but it's typical kind of thick glass, really that they're just some areas that they could have given us, but they didn't. So the screen, if it was fully laminated, would have been great. It would have then put it on par, perhaps with the Y 15 screen, the slim of bezels as well on. This will make it look a little bit more modern. It is a lighter model here with Y 13 as well, as I pointed out with that little quick comparison that I did now. Keyboard it's still a very good keyboard, but I find that the y Thirteen's a little bit better and I like the fact that it's backlit to now really good that we've got a micro, HDMI port on this as well.

That does support 4k 60 Hertz and then we've got type C. That also supports 4k 60. Here, it's BMX as well does have 4k 60 Hertz out, but you just have that extra option there, which is nice and then the full size, USB ports, even those are only one of them it's USB 3. It is very good to have where this one doesn't have it it's like a MacBook. You know you just got I see so you can need dongles with it now berry life did disappoint. I don't really know why. I think it need to cycle the better. A few more times, but I did expect to get at least 7 to 8 hours, where I got a little bit short deal with this one. I'Ve also noted there. There is some heat buildup they wanted to mention about here. Okay, now it's not enough for me to be worried about it. It gets up to about 32 degrees, so you will feel the palmers sometimes getting a little bit hot there and warm. But, as mentioned it's, not really going to be an issue, but I just wanted to let you know that so, okay, when it comes to the stylist, what happened? It'S yeah well it's, just typical isn't it. It doesn't, have very good parm addiction at all. In fact, the stylist really has to touch the screen for it to work, which is a complete nono when you're doing some handwriting.

It just makes it very frustrating because often you'll be writing a sentence and then suddenly it will start to drag and move the whole page and appending on what application you're using because it doesn't detect the stylist there. When you moved your palm slightly, it didn't reject that that's. The palm rejection, so it's complete failure with the stylus. Really, if you ask me so, would you buy this for the stylus if you're an artist or your note taking and things probably not, I mean I would go with something a lot more different there's something you're gon na have to spend a lot more money really To get good stars performance out of the stick, and the other thing too is okay, thermals great, really, really good thermals take class! Well done! I mean thumbs up tech class for putting that thermal pad on there that most manufacturers don't that I often end up, adding with my thermal mods, really did reduce. The temperatures gave this laptop the best out of the chimney lakes, with the double data rate for em. At least eight bream, sorry very, very good thermals here so that's, one really good area. I mean the screen. Is nice that's 250 notes, I mean it could be brighter and it's non laminated, so no limited screen versus the fully laminated and slimmer bear soars again is in that area, where I give the beam XY 13, the one there and still my current 8 gigabyte type C, full spec type c champ from the Gemini Lake laptop set, is selling for around this one.

Around three hundred, I think it's about 330 us at the moment. This is also about 310 or 330 are depending on what websites you look at so for the price. I think it's okay, but the price does really need to come down spencer's. So there we go what the full size ports want. The start of support get this one for everything else. I would get the beam XY 13. Thank you so much for watching this long.