I sorry I've taken so long to get hold of us. This is Teclast's F5, so it's an eleven point, six inch two and one tablet. This has the Gemini lake, the N4100. Of course, what other CPU would it have? I mean huffing reviewing so many of them, so the reason it took so long as DPD delivery is supposed to be expressed, but it's set in the UK for like four days and then it's set in Spain for about five days before they finally decided to deliver It to me, so you can see it's packaged up for reasonably good here and just get that out. Well, that feels so light it's, so thin and small, compared to the 13 inch and 15 inch laptops I'm used to using and under here. Obviously, we're gon na have some more things: the power adapter I'll actually just take leaflet here. So this is an a QuickStart guide it's in Chinese in English, some other warranty card thing and whatnot there in Chinese, so we've got the whole thing comes out. Okay, what is going on here so there's, the cable and okay they've included this, which we of course need so that's an adapter there, that's Type C 2, a USB 3. Hopefully it should be USB 3 and here's, the adapter so it's, just type C, now, that's the only port that this has on it it's one of those compromises because it's so thin. They haven't got any full size, USB 3 ports, so that charger is rated to 12 volts 2 amps alright.

So, as I mentioned, it feels really light and it comes in at one point: zero, five, four kilos, so that is super lightweight that's great for portability and take a look at just how fun this is. I just measured it it's 15 millimeters, which is really good. So we have a little speaker port there there's one either side microphone either side as well, volume up and down there. Why we have these controls here is because the screen flips around and it becomes a tablet now these buttons they feel like they could actually be made out of plastic. They move around a little bit that they're not going to rattle, and then we do have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with mic support and then, on the right hand, side. We have that other speaker on the side I'll check the volume of them later on. In this video here, we've got a micro, SD card slot the microphone, and then we have there, you can. The USB, which is great to have okay we've got two ports on this, but it's only USB to spec, and then we were over course micro HDMI. Now this micro HDMI is 4k and then we have a USB 3.1 port here on the side. So this is going to support data display out up to 4k 30 Hertz this one, so not the 60, like the HDMI port and, of course, charging. So sadly, we're gon na have to use hubs and dongles with this.

So what I have here this is a Type C adapter. Now this has USB 3 on it. It also has VGA and HDMI out and that will charge at the same time. Using this, you can plug that in use it as a dock and then, of course, with a micro USB adapter, sorry that adapter included is micro, USB 2 to USB. So this is a small little system. It looks great so far. What I'm, looking at the build quality at the moment seems really good. So on the top here this is metal. We had the tick last logo there there's a little tiny latch here. The little lip. I should say that you can use to lift it up now. One handed not gon na be able to lift this up there. We have the screen, of course, being a fully laminated touch screen. Now this screen does have a pre applied screen protector. You can see that is already on there. Let'S take a look at that keyboard. Now the stairs look really good it's a quality looking keyboard, but of course it is eleven point six inches now the screen is 1080p, but because of the smaller size, there are definite compromises with any keyboard. With this size. This happens with the tablets that I sometimes review with the size and it's been a while since I've use them, so you get smaller keys slightly more crammed in everything, and I can see that we don't have a shortcut to here for print screen on this.

Sadly, now that's one of the buttons I like to use quite often there's, no page up and down home and end keys either we do have a number lock here so via the function key we can at least use like an numerical keyboard here. Function is for our media controls. Brightness screen controls there at the top as well, and to also disable the touch pad now, because we do have that power button. On the left hand, side there's going to be no accidental key presses here and also note that we do have some status LEDs right here. So this is power on number lock and capslock. And yes, one of those up your nose style webcams, like the Dell XPS series, the 13 inch models so there's, not in an ideal location. And when you look at the screen, I think they could have somehow managed to squeeze it in the top in the proper location there, but maybe they just couldn't do that, but this screen so Fairfield feels good. I mean the hinge that is quite stiff. The bezels top lift and right yes, they are slim, but their bottom bezel is rather large. You can see right there while they. Actually. If I move the camera down a little bit, you will see that it's actually quite a bit larger there. Now this happens with all of these three hundred and sixty degrees style hinge ones because they have to put reinforcing, and here you still have the cables, the connections and everything like that.

That'S still part of that that touch digitizer the chip that's in there so that's. Why they always have to have that larger bottom bezel which's is rather ugly, really to be honest, yes, I will power it on I'll get to there, but I just wanted to flip it around. So there we go it's now a tablet or Windows 10 tablet and in this form factor you can see that it's. You know it's, not the slimmest tablet out there, but you've got that fully functional keyboard there and the book quality. So far. That feels really good. Now you can use it in this mode. You can use it in what they call like a presentation mode like that, and the screen should have rotation as well. It will come into play or the accelerometer, so you could even flip it around like this here and use it in tent mode and, of course, even completely light flat like this, but I don't really see anyone using the tablet. Should I say a laptop like this, the two and one so jumped into the bars here straight away. First, because I wanted to see if it is fully unlocked, which the good news is, it is, as you can see so, we've got full control here with the CPU Vance to power management screen here. So you can sit the power limit that you want in here. Now teclast must be confident in the copper heatsink they are in here, because they have set a power limit.

You can see right here of nine watts, now nine watts that's up from this six, that is the default power limit and what Intel recommends so being nine? Is gon na boost up the performance a little bit differently? Allow the GPUs clock to clock up about higher, hold the turbos a bit higher as well there. Okay, so we'll take a look at the screen here and wanted to point out. First, the light leakage. Now this is very common IPS panels that are a GS, so one glass solution or fully laminated. You do see this. You can see the blue here slightly lighter and at the top they're more obvious, the right hand, side of the screen and the lifts seem to be okay, that's not really affected too much. Now this is going to vary from unit to unit I'm, seeing us also on their Chui lab book. I see so the light bleed the light leakage around the edges of the screen very common net. You don't really see it unless you're looking at, for example, like this, a blue image, a black image or a Dementor, something like that that's when you really notice it now. I have just measured the screen it's approximately 215 Lux, which is about 15 Lux brighter than the Chui lab book, se, so it's marginally brighter there. But of course this too is a touch screen, so we need to do touch it like any tool. One laptop like this you're gon na get a little bit of wobble when you touch the screen, I mean this is gon na happen on everything.

It happens on the surface book, all models, even the premium models – it's something you cannot avoid now the RAM here. I just wanted to point this out too, so it is running by the looks of it in dual channel it's 2133 megahertz and we have approximately six gigabytes free. I mean I do have edge open but I'm not really running much. Now, free storage, you get again approximately about 100 gigabytes free on the drive so I'm, benchmarking that it is a tick last branded SSD. I don't know what chips are using it, but they could be using Toshiba or Samsung flash chips and they're for that. But the speeds are okay. The write speeds, of course, are low because of the size of this drive, so the 2242 and the smaller m dot, two set of three SSDs typically have poor, write, speeds, that's, just a characteristic of them. Once you get the larger size ones, the full size, 22 80s you'll find the right so normally pretty much the same as the read speeds. Overall, the system does feel a little bit quicker and snappier, and over the laptop is see whether it's four gigabytes of RAM and the same chipset. Now you do see some of this. You can see that animation how that sort of comes in a little bit stuttery. This is something that's been happening on the Apollo Lake, the Gemini Lake, the same trip set the in 4100, another tick, I've reviewed it's, just I don't, know it's a characteristic of it and it looks a little bit laggy.

We can see the Geekbench for school here. So the single core score is a little bit lower than what I got on other devices with the same hardware. But the multi core score is good, but it's more or less, on par with those other devices there. So it's not amazing, score it's creeping up now towards core m3. The 5y10 in terms of performance now just demonstrate website performance so edge. It is pretty good. The scrolling is smooth loading ends. This is the first time I'm loading my website here and yeah that's good. The touch response and accuracy also seems very good and it's a smaller screen, but this is going to be great. It just makes it a very practical device. Of course, when you flip it around, you can use it like a tablet. You'Ve got various different options with something like this and we'll load up one more page here I nuovo idea pad and yet that loads in really fast you can see and the scrolling okay images a little bit. Man that's fine. So this is typical kind of performance here. This is just initial first impressions. Remember if you have a keen eye, you've probably noticed that there is a bluish tint to the white balance, and this is again very typical of an IPS panel normal. If you toe down the blue a little bit, then you get more of a neutral wide. So let's have a look at some of my sample images.

It'S. Looking like a good screen here, it's double tapping on that. Why is that? Taking so long there we go! I need to select the app first. That is why so let's bring this up into full screen, taste that accuracy and take a look at those images there. So, oh, this is looking fine it's, a very nice panel and the brightness I mean I do like to see at least 250 Lux, but because it's fully laminated the 215. I think it's gon na be okay but outdoor use. You may struggle a little bit and because it really has a pre applied screen protector, you're gon na get even more reflections there too, as well, but I do advise to keep it on there, especially if you are using the stylus now have notice that the screen On the lowest sitting, it does dim down okay, but really, I do like to see a lot dimmer than this for a late time. Nighttime use, so you can use this in pitch black environments, and this will probably actually is going to a little bit too bright. I'D like to see manufacturers when they really tone it down on that lowest zero percent level, this one fraction too high. Now you would have seen I do – have a tickler stylus right here now I thought the F six stylus for the tick last F. Six was gon na work on this now I'm. Pretty sure that this is my F six stylus, but it doesn't seem to be because I've changed.

The battery actually walked out the door about ten minutes ago and did get a new battery for this and it doesn't work, so I don't know what's going on there. I think I've got the wrong stylus here. So, sadly, I will not be able to test out the stylus, but I imagine it's going to be just like the f6c gon na get pressure levels sensitivity. So I've had some time on with the keyboard and a little bit of typing on it, and I can see that for extended periods that it's not going to be the most comfortable keyboard because of the smaller size and the compromises I mentioned that they have to Make because it is only eleven point, six inches, this laptop, so the feedback of these keys. The travel is about 1.4 millimeters. There is a tiny little bit of flex there. Now I am pushing down really hard the touchpad as well. This is a Windows. Precision driver controlled one, the accuracy is good. The size of it is smaller. Finer movements, okay, but I've noticed that this touchpad, and definitely the keyboard as well, is not as good as the let book sees that. I have been using this touchpad and keyboard for me. Is really quite good on this model, because these keys have actually got a little tiny bit of curvature to them inwards. The plastic feels better, they are backlit and this touchpad is almost double the size too, as well and one of the best ones that I have used, not fear.

I know to compare them because you're talking about 13.3 inches versus a very portable light weight 11.6, but for what it is so far the keyboard once you start to get used to it, it's, alright – and definitely I have used a lot worse when it comes to The touchpad on this model, so the couple of things I wanted to point out additional information here that I know a lot of people want to know. And yes, it is a power, delivery, supporting type C port here. So I can use my other adapters that I have around here. It works and notice that with the supplied one from teclast and the types each other that I have that when it's around about 7080 percent I'm, getting a high pitched noise coming around here, so we're getting some sort of coil whine and it could be connected to The screen, because when I change the screen brightness, it goes through in different levels. Now I've tried to capture it on the mic: it's a very high pitch noise and my mic is just not picking it up, but it seems to happen more once fully charged you're gon na get that coil whine. Now I did test out the micro, HDMI port and, of course, the type C port. So the type C port is gon na power. Hard drives external hard drives no problem there. It will power my one terabyte drive here and I'm, pretty sure it'll power, my 4 terabyte one I also have at home, so connect it up to a 4k display – and you can see here – resolution yes, 4k refresh rate 60 P.

So yes, it's running at 60. Hertz no problems there at the same time, displaying 1080p on this display. Now, when you are in the full camo when you're running 4k, like an LG TV like this and if it's HDR it's not going to support HDR, they just don't have the support Intel with the drivers with the Gemini Lake not happening there. Another thing to note, too, that the desktop and everything when you're in 4k, you notice quite a bit of slowdown, especially when you go to the Start: menu and pull that up. It'S, not gon na be as fluid everything's, not as fluid as 1080p. You notice that it's just a little bit slower because, of course, it's a much more demanding resolution on the integrated graphics and the chipset. So I flipped it round into the tablet mode now and the keyboard, when I type here, is not actually going to do anything. So the keyboard has disabled itself. This is good. Now, if you do a fresh install of Windows, a clean, install, there are some people on my forum. They have reported that if you do this, then for some reason you lose this, but I think that's what the drive is now, if I flip it around. This green, of course, is then going to quickly flip around auto rotate, no problem there, and you can use this. You can use tablet mode in Windows that hardly anyone uses and they'd hinge.

Well, you can see this is about the furthest. You can push it back before it will flop down, maybe a little bit more actually about there and if you press on it, that's not going to drop down under its own weight because it's not really that heavy. The screen here – it's mill around it, and it have these little rubber feet so rubber feet here that if it is placed wells to stop it from scratching on the palm rest, that's not going to happen at least here and let's, see about there that's, where it's Gon na end up falling down now always forgot to mention that the palm rest it's not metal, it looks like it is metal, but this is actually plastic here. So, like the chewy lab book, they're doing this for weight reduction, I believe – and the other thing too is it – is a rubberized finish that's on here. That does actually feel quite nice. So I have a nice little surprise here with the speakers. We'Ve got one here and then one here, as I showed you in the start of the video and they've, actually got a little bit of bass to them. They do distort a tiny little bit of hundred percent volume, but they are so much better. Then I thought they would be when you look at it and how thin this is. I just thought all these are gon na be horrible flat speakers, but they're really actually not too bad.

Considering the size of this particular two and one so I'll give you sample of them now. Sadly, linux support is not looking very good with this particular model, so the touchscreen does not work at all. There'S no driver support for that and for some very strange reason, the wireless said: the Intel 3165, which normally works on every single other device I've tested just, does not work here with this one. So you've got no wireless at the moment and hopefully there's gon na be a way to fix this and get driver support for that. So we can at least have wireless working later work on the touch as well, because it would be nice to run Linux on this machine. Taking a look at the bottom here, so we've got four solid rubber feet. This is metal on the whole back of it and we do have the C II mark on it for those that need that for import regulations, user accessible, SSD slot so it's, the m2 spec. This is 22 by 42 size, so it's a little bit smaller and it even has a little LED on there to tell you that, it's being powered and that's just warning you not to remove it when the systems on ok. So, to recap here my first impressions: the build quality is good. Yes, we have plastic on the top of the palm rest here and we also have metal on the top of the lid it's fully laminated display maximum brightness is 215 Lux, which is it's.

Okay, I mean I do like to see about 250, at least, but because of the full lamination, I feel it too right touch response seems good. Sadly, the stylus that I have is not the one that's gon na work on the screen, so I don't know if I'll have the stylus and time before I end up going away to New Zealand for a month. So you might not see that from me and I do apologize for that. So the touchpad yes it's a little smaller, but it is working really quite well with windows. Precision drivers there, the keyboard now typing on this keyboard, it's good, but it's, not the same level as the Chuwi lapbook is C, which is to me by far the best on these budget laptops from China that I have used so far. But it does take a little bit to get used to, so we also have a smaller battery on here. So that means battery life is going to be a run about six hours in my testing five to six hours. That is about two hours less than the likes of say the ec book x4 and even the easy book 3 pro. So we get a little bit less better life, but it's great to have the 8 gigabytes of RAM on here. It does feel quicker faster. The touchscreen as well as good. This machine is all about portability, it's about being lightweight and a great little travel machine.

I can see so far, but there are those cons there so I'm getting a little tiny bit of what I would call like. Coil wine. Coming from this, when I plug it in, you can hear a tiny, high, pitched noise once the battery gets to around about 75, 80 or and fully charged. That is annoying it's not happening on happening on much. We let Bach s II. The other thing is, of course, there's no full size ports on this, which will be a definite deterrent for some people. I mean I like to have full size ports on my tech. I use because I just love to plug in USB drives, because I use them a lot here with what I do with testing these tablets and things and that's. Why I like to have that, but for some people that might not be a problem you used to carrying around our hub and adapter a dongle, so it's, not a big issue. It does look like a very decent machine here and I feel for the price that that I got this for for the 329 us that it's good for what it offers and for those that want something to travel with. However, if you're a Linux user – and you wan na install Linux on this – and you want seamless, flawless performance without any issues, touchscreen does not work. Neither does the wireless and that could be quite an issue to get the wireless.

I think to work on this because it doesn't seem to work they're, helping some people I've read on my forum that have been trying and no luck so far, at least on other devices. We do normally have the wireless AC. The studio 160 phone only works on everything, but for some reason doesn't here so hopefully tick glass can fix that perhaps with a bias update for us. So I hope to catch you back with a full review after at least a week of testing this bye.