Laptop this one here has an 11.6 inch screen in, as you can see, can be used as a tablet. So you can flip the screen around like that and it becomes a 1.05 kilo tablet. So after a while yeah it gets a little bit heavy. But then you can of course use that keyboard like a stand and prop it up into this presentation mode here. So because of the size – and this is always going to happen – you do have some compromises with a laptop like this one here, so we don't have any full size. Ports on this we've got a type C port, with 4k output data and charging all at the same time, a USB 2 port micro USB 2, and then we do have 4k up to 60 Hertz out, which is really good, so it's HDMI to spec on this One now, when you take a look at the left hand, side we've got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, with a good output on this as clean it's, no static, there's, no interference, plastic power line buttons and volume button in there on the side, and when you pick It up, you sometimes accidentally, do touch these ones here. The power button put it into sleep and that's, just one of those things there that do. You can actually sit in the settings of Windows to have it do nothing and you can just pretty much fix that problem and solve it.

So the keyboard, because it is so small. This is not going to be a keyboard for everyone. I don't have huge hands and I found that with my medium sized hands that typing on this keyboard does take a while to adapt to and get used to now, because it's, not a full sized keyboard. We don't have a lot of keys on here. So, no page home up and down no print screen button that I like to use myself a lot that's missing. Unfortunately, now the feel of the keys is okay. Some of the keys, when pressed don't have a super quality feel to them like the enter key. For example, if you don't hit it right in the middle for me and on the edges, it tends to sometimes feel just a little bit clicky and funny, but it registers every time. There'S no miss keystrokes and there is no keyboard lag, which is the main thing here. So overall, an OK keyboard, it's, not the greatest the bith for me. So far is the toilet book I see same goes for the touchpad. Well, it is a Windows. Precision based once as using window precision drivers, the accuracy is good it's, a little bit smaller so again, not quite as comfortable there. Now, the Paris. This is made out of plastic with this model here, and you will note that we do have the webcam in a funny position. So it's one of those look up your nose.

The whole one's there, which is not the greatest, so this screen, turns out to be a little bit of a surprise here with the f5. Now it has good color gamut. The coverage is great, it's got srgb coverage of 97 Adobe RGB coverage is also 73. This is better than some of the thousand dollar laptops. In fact, a lot of the thousand laptops dollar laptops that I've looked at gaming ones tend to have very poor average displays in them and even business laptops, so it's a nice surprise to have such a good screen in this. The brightness, however isn't the greatest now I feel tech class have probably toned this down because of the battery life now being so small. Another compromise is the battery capacity, so it's 29 watt hours and with my fresh install of Windows, 10 I'm only getting four hours and even struggling to get four hours. So if you must have good battery life, then you're not going to get it with this. You know this thing is all about Portability and, lastly, taking a look at the rear, so we do have a tiny little hatch here that you can easily access and replace the 128 gigabyte SSD. If that's, not enough for you, you can put a set of three into spec one in here up to 512 gigabytes, and the one that's included is okay, it has reached of about 560 wet, writes, are quite slow only about 150 megabytes sequential, but let's get into More detail about just how well this particular laptop performs so the things I wanted to point out here that of course, we're running eight gigabytes of RAM here and yes, you do notice that it does feel a little more fluid a little smoother when just doing normal Operations and things, and in about Windows versus the four you get, for example, on the lap book SC or the easy book x4 that I have tested out.

You can see my CPU use that is rather high at the moment, because I've got some things going on. There. Chrome is running and I don't know why it's that high it's – probably just updating but just to point out that there's me. Yes, it is actually running in dual channel now check this out with with HW info, and you can see the speeds, not the higher supported now. According to the RAM, it will actually support 2.4 gigahertz, but at the moment it's only running at 2. Point 1. 3. 3, the good news is, of course, we're gon na get a little bit more RAM bandwidth there, and you do see that when you take a look at benchmarks, so what I'm, showing you first is just a wireless speeds here, so whether Intel wireless AC, 31, 65 And those were the maximum speeds. I managed to get out of my router here now at home, with my FTP server set up at STP server. You can push around 350 320 to what I was talking about with the RAM, so dual channel Ram – and you see the multi core score here – is actually originally be good for this type of chipset. So the seller on this is the in 4100 of we reviewed now, a lot of them and the single core school should be a little higher here. You can see compared to the lat book. I see that that one's a little higher but the multi core score is up around about 340 points or so there.

So it does make a difference having an extra Ram, even in synthetic benchmarks like this, so we'll take a little look at general performance here. So right now, I'm, just gon na load up BBC code at UK. I haven't loaded this up before so that's. The reason why I'm doing it to see how fast it is. You can see that pops in pretty quick, now I'm gon na use my fingernail with the scrolling and it's, not the smoothest. I have seen so scrolling down here there that is in general good but it's, just not this smoothest. I have seen because this is quite a heavy website as well, but saying that it does feel a little smoother down the lap book. I see now the Start menus one area that I'm seeing always a bit of lag with this tick. So the Apollo Lakes, the Gemini Lake, is what I was doing. That'S when I hit the Start menu see how that loads in a little sluggish it's a little bit of stutter there. That, unfortunately, is still happening is to something with this hardware, I think it's to do with the Intel UHD drivers just the way they've got it, set up that it's, not exactly the highest performer there, so we'll test out a video clip. This is what I normally do, so this is jellyfish and MKV file that is encoded with the HEV C 10 bit encoding and it's 140 megabits per second, so it's, a very demanding file that will tap and we'll see how quickly this loads in so you can See it's a little slow to start and you'll see this stutters in the beginning get a bit, but once it gets going it smooths out, and that runs actually perfectly fine for this very demanding file.

So we'll skip ahead now and you can see that that was pretty quick, so once it's going, then it stops dropping frames there so their performance, I mean it is really good for this type of file. Now let's also take a look at 4k streaming. So I'll do this in YouTube: I'm, just gon na load up any random 4k demo file. I could also light up my own videos as well cuz. I shoot them in 4k, but let's just go for 4k demo. Right here and see what that brings up like that n whoops, it was very poor typing on my behalf. There I could here we go 4k demo, so let's just go for this one here and I'll do the usual, so I'll just mute this to start with and let's make sure this is in the 4k sitting in able our stats for nerds and hit fullscreen so Drop frames, this isn't, chrome and Chrome tends to drop a few in the beginning, and then it seems to settle down, but still not quite perfect. That was it. You can see that's starting a little bit now. If you do the same in edge you're just going to run this perfectly fine, it will not actually drop any frames. Only when you maximize and minimize the video you can see it's wearing a little better, but it is still definitely dropping a chunk of frames there, which is not good. I also have open in the background, but this has got nothing really to of Chrome dropping the frames there is I've got LibreOffice right here, so this is basic spreadsheet.

So your world files spreadsheets Word ads all good on this. The 8 gigabytes of RAM is helping, and if you are of course running a slightly faster assistir a bit of Rights, then things might pick up a little bit when it comes to saving things, but overall, this performance is decent. Now this is a very well it's, relatively large, the spreadsheet, so when you're, finding things searching or moving around that isn't too bad, I also have a Photoshop open right here so I'm just going to go and load a recent sample. I have been editing. This is the sample load for my tests, and you can see that it takes a little while to load this in, and this doesn't have a lot of layers or anything like that. So minor it it's basic in its in things like that with Photoshop, I gon na be fine. Now, if you want to edit videos on this hard way with the four gigabytes of RAM 1080p, video editing is possible but be warned, it is slow and it can be painfully slow and when encoding use something like PowerDirector. The latest versions of PowerDirector they're all supporting entails quick sync, so the encoding times will actually be a little bit faster there, but it's not really recommended. I recommend going for something like a core i5 minimum machine. If you're going to be editing a lot of video, not on this particular hardware right here, so there were a couple of concerns.

There were people asking me to test out the Bluetooth, so I did pair this up to some speakers and I found that in my experience, the Bluetooth range yes, it's, not the best, so you're. Only looking at about half a rooms length before it started to break out, started, cracking up and getting crackling effects, and it would just come in and out the audio so that you'd Bluetooth range on this isn't, the greatest now. Normally. I can get at least a rooms length away from things. So be that in mind, you want to keep it a little bit closer. I don't know why this is perhaps it's the way they've arranged the aerial they have things set up there and the thermals that I think I have already pointed out to you. So these are very good, so they're thermals 84 degrees max, and this was after 1 hour and 11 minutes. Now I have not done any copper heatsink mod. I don't actually believe it is necessary here. So you don't need to open this one up. You don't need to apply any of those fixes there and you can see it even consumes close to this is 13.5, but I've seen it up to 14 watts when gaming, the power consumption. So it is basically running and unlimited power limit here now I showed this in the unboxing video, but I will quickly just let you know that with Linux support, there are two major things here, so the touchscreen is not working at all and the other thing is The wireless for some reason now, normally the Intel wireless AC 3165 – will work perfectly fine.

But in this case it is not working so that's, something going to have to contend whether you have to wait for that to be obviously fixed patch with the kernels and driver support there. So Linux support not looking good so far on the system, hopefully later on, that will be addressed so normally with the typical tech that I review at it. China, the speakers they sound terrible on these devices, the laptops, the tablets they're flat, there's no base. They lack volume, not the case here so really good. Surprise here from tech glass, that the speakers have a bit of bass, their side firing you get good stereo separation and the loudness as well as decent here's a sample. Okay, so here's a sample from the webcam. So the location of it is like the Dell XPS a little bit it's right down there in the bottom, where most people are not going to be looking now, if you do listen carefully, can you hear that there's a tiny little bit of interference coming through from The mics, which is unfortunate apart from that this webcam and, of course, the location of it, the webcam quality, is good. This is much better than the chewy lat book, FC's webcam, which was really blurry on my unit and then on to gaming Sulekha legends here. This is 1080p and I have it set to the medium preset and you can see their frame rate well. It'S, not wonderful.

Around 27 frames per second dipping down a little bit. Dude expect better wouldn't you from the 8 gigabytes of RAM. Now, as I mentioned before, that, even though the TPD, which is the power limiter set to 9 watts, it will actually consume right up to about 14 or so so we are getting about the maximum performance here, but it's just. I think you probably need to this lower the settings down on this one, so I now set it to very low on 1080p. Okay, there we go, and that now brings the frame rate up to about 30 frames per second 29, in fact that hasn't really given us much of an improvement at all there, which is really quite strange and now taking a look at Counter Strike here, you can See that the frame rate isn't wonderful, 24, 22 frames per second it's, quite slow. This is 720p and it is on the lowest settings, but really you probably want to actually lower the resolution. I would say down to 800 x, 600 that'll, give you a little bit of a boost there to the frame rate, but it's not ideal. I mean this is not as smooth as you want it to be here now. The server, I think, is it's pretty much a full server, so it isn't its most demanding at the moment. Of course, this is the dust2 map online and it's. Just a shame about that framerate if we can make it over 30 frames per second, the whole time.

That would be just so much better. I would have thought with the extra RAM, the extra four gigabytes versus the other hardware that we might be able to do that. But sadly that is not the case here: okay, guys, so this laptop okay it's all about compromises, of course, with the size. So the smaller keyboard, the better life's, the big thing for me, only four hours, that's, just not good enough it's. Just if it was six hours, then it would have any problems recommending this laptop for its size. I mean this thing's, so small and tiny. I love the weight of it, it's, just so portable, which is great, really decent screen on this. The color gamut that it has the coverage is just so much better than you would expect for this category of laptop. I went out of China with this kind of brand touch. Response at times is a little bit flaky. You sometimes have to tap again. I don't know whether that's a fault of Windows because of the smaller screen size at eleven point six inches, or maybe the touch digitizer itself just isn't. Quite that accurate. Now it does have a stylus which unfortunately, was not featured in this video, because it was just not going to make it in time and I didn't fancy ordering one with DHL or express shipping having to pay about 50 euros tax on one which has happened to Me before, when getting a stylus for one of these particular laptops, so overall it really get boils down to that better life.

Can you live with it? If you can, if you can live with it, then it's a decent little laptop. Thank you so much for watching this review here and I do hope to see you back in the channel water on becoming videos. Make sure you check out my netbook se video up here, which is another a polar Lake. Sorry, Jim and I like that type that I recently reviewed and then, of course, the tick last f6 Pro that's their quorum version. Larger version of this particular laptop. Really.