6 inch Gemini Lake laptop. A lot of you been waiting for a bigger version of this relatively low in CPU. So I take quad core has a maximum to about 2.4 the chip, and I like a cell, run branded, and, of course it is that in 4100 it is paired up with 8 gigabytes of RAM, and it has 256 gigabytes of SATA 3 m2 storage in here Promising looking laptop backlit keyboard I'm, not sure if the screen is fully laminated, it does have Intel's wireless AC and a thin build to it. So let's check it out, so this video I'm just going to unbox it quickly go over a few things before my final review, which will be and probably about a week's time. Once I have tested out everything thermals and battery life, you name it. So we have a larger box, obviously were the larger laptop but it's the same exact style as the f7, plus that I reviewed and it's relatively well packed there's a bit of padding around the edges, so it shouldn't be damaged. Hopefully not ok feels Rule feels quite heavy in hand, so I will check the weight, and here we have obviously our charger there's, some warranty cards and whatnot in here, and that is an English. The Quick Start Guide to Windows, warranty and our charger looks exactly the same as the f7 pluses and its output is 12 volts, 2 amps it's a positive in the middle.

The plug to me feels quite heavy, so 1.89 kilos it's, not exactly the lightest 15.6 inch laptop out there, so we have a mostly alloy build and it's the dark silver colors. You can see teclast logo on the top, not much in fact, hardly any flex there. Pressing down on the lid and then on the bottom, we've got four solid, rubber feet and two downwards firing. Speakers and you can see at the top. That is our SSD hatch. So just one screw and we've got access to the 256 gigabyte set of three SSD it's 22 by 80 as the size and millimeters one other good thing about this drive the bay here for the SSDs, so we've got 20 to 80, 20 to 60 or 20 To 40 to the smaller size, SSDs that were it will take. All you need to do is just move. This plastic clip here, unscrew it from here screw it either there or there, for the smaller sized SSDs. On the right hand, side we've got a mic that's. One of two there's one on each side: 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack, with mic support, and I will check the thickness here. So that is about thirteen point: six millimeters that's without the rubber foot. If I include that rubber foot it brings it up now to sixteen. Just under 17 millimeters it's, not bad, considering this as a 15.6 inch laptop and then on the left side. We'Ve got the second mic, so there's one either side, so dual array, microphones DC and for charging of course, and a status LED to let you know when it is fully charged.

It'Ll turn green and here's, where things are quite a bit different. So we've got a micro SD card slot, where the SD card set in flush, so they won't be broken off, which is good and then we've got two full sized USB 3 ports. Under this little rubber cover there, you can see them and a full size HDMI. I believe it's HDMI to spec 2.0 a. I will check that out. Ok, so here we go. I have not actually opened this yet is it a fully laminated display? It looks like it could actually be able to take a closer look at that in a second, a first look at that touchpad wow. It is actually mess up. Look how big that is. That'S huge that's good I'm. Not against that. So we have a full number keyboard there as well, which is great to have for those people that are missing out on that now just point out to the screen, so you can see it's outlining all the key specs there that we already know and I'll just Take a closer look now at that screen. Okay, so I can't confirm that, yes, it is fully laminate. This is great because it was a bit of a letdown, the tick last, if seven plus it had there gap in the screen glass in front of it. Now there are little rubber feet. You can see one here, there's one. On the other side, the webcam, the top bezel doesn't, look to be too bad and there is a lip around the outside.

That is plastic. I think, but it is a metal lid. Overall, the build quality seems really good, but let's get rid of this ugly screen protector. It does, as you can see, have dust trapped underneath it so that's gon na really irritate me, so I might as well just get rid of the whole thing. Okay, so that looks so much better with the screen protector off I'm, just gon na power it on normally they do have some battery, so keep tapping escape and delete. One of those keys should get us straight into the BIOS, and here we go okay. The screen is shimmering on camera. I can see that it's, just the brightness they have set in the boat bias. There it's a pulse width, modulation, modulation, flicker, but that is not happening when I'm looking at it. So that is the main thing. What I wanted to check here is and the CPU configuration, so we should have hopefully a completely unlocked BIOS, which it looks to be CPU power management. This is the main one we want. Okay and yes, it is unlocked power limit, so we will be able to changed it. There set it to auto, which is probably going to be just the 6 watt TDP. That Intel recommends with these, so just exit out of that that will boot into Windows. So here we go this screen not flickering, because I increase the brightness. That is no more flicker on camera.

First impressions of the screen, it does look very good now I will get out my spider Pro 5 and I will test it. I'Ll get our srgb Adobe RGB values out of the screen. It probably won't be amazing, because it is of course, a budget laptop this one here. Now I not to point out too that the RAM so that's running at 2000, 133 megahertz. It is in dual channel, which is great and in the device manager here, the processor, so the sound in 4100 and the drive that we've got on it at 256 gigabyte, one that I pointed out, the 22 by 80 millimeter SATA, 3 m dot. 2 is 8. A class branded one. I will benchmark that in this video, so don't worry about that. I'Ll give you the speeds on it, and the wireless just check that and a network adapters. So yes, it's the dual band: Intel wireless AC, 3165, so we'll check the performance of that and update you in the full review of course so Windows. It comes with a rather dated builder of windows, so it's 1709 you'll need to run Windows Update quite a few times to get that to the latest redstone five or whatever. It is now that they're up to and windows is activated all fine. I noticed that there was no setup. It just went straight into Windows, so it must have been gearbest at the factory maybe before they sent it out to me.

They'Ve done their check on it, just to make sure that everything is as working. That happens. A lot with a lot of sellers, a lot of these retailers will check these products first. So first impressions of the screen do look really good. Now, one thing I really do like about this panel. You probably noticed that the blacks are very deep. There is almost as black as the bezels on the outside, which is pretty good for an IPS panel. I haven't seen any IPS bleed or light leakage around the edges as well, but if you do look close enough, this is a 1080p IPS panel. Of course, at fifteen point six inches, if you look close enough, you are gon na see the pixels there, but at a normal viewing distance it's perfectly fine, and so, if I really like the screen – and the same goes for the keyboard, so the keyboard pressing down Now really hard, it has normal typing on this you're gon na get no bounce or flex or some very good keyboard. So far, a good key travel nice enough spacing that's a little bit wider. I think on the let book is seen at a class if seven plus, however, of course, we've got this on the right hand, side a number pad that a lot of you love and then it's good to have that on there a lot of shortcuts here. So this is the shortcut for the backlight.

So, yes, it is a backlit keyboard and if you tap on there so once that's the first level and then the second level of brightness or off, I think it came on automatically. I will have to double check that one there and we've got page up and down print screen which is great to have on there, your home, all those controls. So it looks like a very decent keyboard and maybe the arrow keys here is the only real complaint. Now this touchpad is massive: it is controlled by Windows, precision, drivers and so far the accuracy seems really good. This is a good touchpad. Now, first impressions I've only just been using it now just for a little bit, but so far I can say that yeah they're, no problems with this touchpad accuracy seems really good and it's just massive. This is huge, the biggest touchpad I have seen. I think, on these laptops and another good move here from tech glass, the power button is separated away from the keyboard. So no accidental, presses and it's just another. Look at that touchpad just look at how big it is compared to the keyboard, so you can clearly see someone's been following Apple but I'm, not complaining, it's, a really good touchpad, so the build quality is really good. So far I can't fault it. This is good. It feels premium, it looks pretty good. We'Ve got an outer hinge and I notice that the hinge goes down almost all the way so there's a bit of a problem that I'll show you in just a second, so that's as far as the hinge goes.

In fact, the last little bit there it seemed to fall down under its own weight. Now my concern is: what happens if you're using those USB 3 ports, then we're gon na have a problem aren't we so I plug in my drive here. How far will it go before the screen, of course, it's going to end up touching that, okay, not as bad as I thought it to about there and there's still a little bit of room so about now now it's touching okay. So if you push that right down, of course, you're gon na damage the screen, are you gon na leave a little bit of mark on the middle of the frame or the outside of the top of the lid there? So it looks like it's not that much of an issue that I thought it might have been because most of the time you're gon na be using it about that angle or even a little bit more and you've still got enough space there to plug in all Sorts of flash drives you can see the flash drive that I've used here, that's actually quite a thick one, so it's kind of worst case scenario. Although some of those USB 3 memory card readers, they are quite thick out, name okaynow, speaker, test time. This is the weakness normally of all of these budget laptops that I do review coming out of China, then only quite week down with firing don't, particularly like the location, because normally you do block them.

You use this on your lap now it's a fairness laptop. So you can you're, not gon na, be blocking any vents, but let's have a listen to how these speakers sound okay, so they are definitely not the loudest speakers they're lacking and volume, the quality of them. Oh, however, does sound all right. They'Ve got a tiny bit of bass in there there's some treble. So if I can use software later to boost up that volume a little bit, then we have some decent sounding speakers. I think now only just a hands on here, but my estimates with battery life. It'S telling me a full runtime of four hours but that's because of being benchmarking, I've got the brightness stuck at 100, so it's consuming a lot of power here. My estimate is he looking at probably about seven hours, possibly eight when you have the brightness at about 30 40, which will be fine for indoor use. But of course I will give you a full update when I do post my complete review now. It is too early to talk about performance, but I can tell you that it does feel smooth to finger scrolling that's all working. Fine. Sorry, if I actually just do it properly I'm, not having any issues with that, as you can see I'm using the gestures and it's loading things in really quick, it does feel quick and snappy this laptop so far, so no real problems there it's helped by the Fact that we've got dual channel RAM instead of the single, so that helps pick up the performance a little bit there.

But I can feel it being restricted a little by that 6 watt TDP that they have by by default there, because, if set the power limit, as I showed you in the BIOS to just the default auto setting there. So if you can override that, if there must permit, we can set it to 9 watts or 10 that will really help pick up the performance and just a quick benchmark. So this is Geekbench for the schools here, they're fine for the chipset. I don't really see any issues with this, so I think for most people, this isn't gon na be too much of an issue. I kind of love and I hate port locations on the rear. I like the fact that it gets it out of the way when you're using a mouse, so you don't have a mouse cable plugged in on the side where can get in the way or the charger at least the charger is on the right hand, side. So that's good, but not good, of course, if you're left handed but for righties it's, fine it's, just where the ports are so if you are using it on your lap and your bins or push the lap top up like that, you can damage the ports on There so you're gon na have to be very careful about that and when I push the lid back, you can see that really is about as far as it will go see any further again.

You'Re gon na rest damaging those ports, s so it's, something you're always going to have to remember with this particular laptop alright. So this is only just my unboxing and very quick hands on first impressions. I like it so far. I think it's really good the build quality it's thin heavier than I would like. Yes, I wish it was a little bit lighter, but I can see why it has that weight, because they've used mid or pretty much all around the whole thing. So the palm rest that is actually metal as well, so as the lid, the only plastic, seems to be just a little bit around the top of the hinge and some plastic around where the screen is that's fully laminated. It looks like a great panel. Of course. I need to measure it and get the stats out of it. What kind of color gamut it has but to me so far, I think, for the average person it's gon na be perfectly fine and brightness also seems good speakers. They need to be a little bit louder this as a common problem, the keyboard really nice to type on very good, no bounce or flex. Really I was pushing down really hard when I showed you what it looks like and that touchpad it's huge it's, a massive touchpad and it's really good works out. Well, so, of course I will be back in the full review. I'Ll cover some gaming. Linux will be tested.

Then sorry, I did not include it with this initial little hands on and and of course, battery life thermals. Will it overheat? Can I increase the power limit and if I do need to do it, perhaps a copper heatsink mod? I don't think I will probably need to just early looking at the temp so far. I think it's gon na be okay but that's, of course, under the stock power limit there that we have so we'll be back with that full review. Thank you.