This has to be one of the top three Gemini Lake laptops, so if you're unfamiliar with the spec of this laptop it's right up here, so it has a cell one in four thousand one hundred paired up with eight gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage. It has wireless AC, Intel's, 3165 chipset and it's running Windows, 10 home with a 43 what our battery. So it has a fully laminated 15.6 inch screen. It is 1080p now the maximum output of the screens a little disappointing it just scrapes 200 lux so it's, not the greatest there and when it comes to the color gamut coverage, we're getting 48 Adobe, RGB and srgb of about 64 percent. So it's not really that great in terms of the color accuracy, what you're getting but overall as a screen, a usable screen I'm finding. It is fine. I'M, normally actually running a brightness of only about 30 to 40 for indoors a finest perfect. But if you happen to be in a very bright, let in environment, well, I've got two really powerful studio lights on at the moment, and the screen is fine, but if you're going to be in direct sunlight you're going to struggle. Yes, of course, fully laminated means it's, glass and it's reflective, but I really wish it was touch if you've seen my other videos, you know what I say if it's glass give it touch but met on this, I think, would have been much more practical.

So the lid you can't, really flex it it's, just rock solid because of the one glass solution and the way that is so I'm the pressing on the top of it there's, no real flex there. Now the lid goes all the way back, which is good, but you'll notice that it's really not any more practical from about here, because it's going to fall, I think it's about there it's that's collapsing now under its own weight so about here the hinge is a Little loose so it's about really there that I would stick with it now for ports on the back that's, where they are 2 USB 3 ports. I wish they were spaced out a little bit. More we've got micro, SD card reader and, unfortunately, still a real tech. Usb to reader there, so the speeds read and writes they cap out at 23 megabytes per second, so it's, not great and HDMI. It is 2.0 a spec, so we've got 4k and 60 Hertz, which is really good and a full size one. So no messing about with different tables or adapters for it. One thing I don't particularly like is the location of the ports means that when you push the screen all the way back, you can't you could risk damaging those ports as well there. So not the greatest location, and that is probably because they didn't put the ports on the back because on the side, as you can see, it's a very slim laptop it's 15 millimeters.

It weighs 1.8 9 kilo, so weight wise a little on the heavy side. About 400 grams, more than a tech class, f7 plus and we've got microphones. You see either side and dcn and 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Now that headphone jack, while i'm, mentioning a very good output from this, so it's very clean there's. None of that static or hiss, which really annoys me, we used to get that with the atoms. Like the cherry trays, they always had a big problem, but they cleaned up their act in tone and things though the audio or the strips they use now are just so much cleaner there with the output, which is great, so we have a large touchpad a massive One it's huge, I mean look at it, really big, very comfortable to use now the poem rejection when you using the keyboard is fine. I haven't really had any problems with it and when you plug in a mouse of course, you can set up with the windows. Precision drivers to disk completely turn it off, which is what I do when I use a mouse with it. The keyboard as well is relatively spacious, so it doesn't have the nice spacing of the tick losev, 7 plus, or the LAT book SC a little more crammed in because they do have the number pad here. We'Ve got shortcuts for everything which is good and you'll notice that, yes, the arrow keys is the only real compromise, so they've made that up and down and all in one key, which you know I don't particularly like power.

Button, however, is away from the keyboard which is separated, which is what everyone pretty much wants. A lot of manufacturers will include it as the Delete key, and you often end up putting it into sleep that doesn't happen here. All this so very good backlit keyboard, as well with two different levels. The treble is about 1.5 millimeters, so touchpad and keyboard combination. I really like I've been typing on this now for a week perfect, I haven't had any problems with it at all and just the feedback get from the keys quality key caps as well. We do get with this, so there is a webcam at the top. Now I'll give you just a very small sample of it right now, so it's 1 megapixel 720p 30 frames per second. The quality is all right now as soon as you get into low light. There'S a lot of grain to it. It'S, not amazing, you'd, be better off with an external logitech webcam. Now the mics either side that's what you're listening to right now: they're okay, to do a decent job, but as soon as you type in the keyboard, you do get a lot of feedback coming through that sound transmitting through to those mics I'd like to see the Mics, actually either side of the webcam or on the top around the bezel, I think, would be a better location and then the bottom you'll notice that we do have there an SD slot.

So this is great. You can upgrade the SSD very easy to do this. You can even install smaller ones so 22, 42 or 20 to 60 in size. It can take both of those sizes which you don't often see and it's good they've gone with the larger size. Manufacturers have been doing this for a while. Now I couldn't get into the internals, I did take out all the screws, but it just seems so hard to get into it. I think I might have to remove this solid rubber feet on the bottom, so I didn't go any further, because the thermals on this laptop are good. It doesn't go over 80 degrees, they did set a 9 watt power limit and I haven't actually increased that you could probably get away with increasing it up to 10, perhaps maybe 11, because the BIOS in this laptop is completely unlocked now to mention the charge times. It'S, a larger battery they're using in here so it's a 40 through what our battery, so it takes a little bit longer than 37 as you'd expect that you get on the let book SC little as if 7 plus. So instead I had two and a half hours with those ones, it's closer to three it's about just under three hours to fully charge it at 12, volts 2 amps battery life just cover that now it's very good. As long as you keep the brightness to about 30 30 40, I was able to squeeze out almost 8 hours and I believe at the lowest bite is setting.

You probably be able to get even higher than there – maybe even nine hours, depending on what you're doing. Of course, if it's just straight out video, then you'll be able to do that. But I was using the internet, so there's Chrome, mixed use and the wireless was on the whole time and the audio on it. So when I looked at the bottom end and actually mention there that I were got down with flying speakers don't, particularly like their location, I find the audio the speakers they're not loud enough. That'S happened. So often it just seems to be I'm repeating myself here. All the time, so one of these days I hope they're going to focus a little bit more on the speaker's sort of the quality, is okay there's, a little tiny bit of bass. As you hear from my sample that I was showing you now Music, so you can hear that bass there, but it's just lacking lacking in volume. There are software ways to boost the volume and it does help quite a bit. So I highly recommend doing that. There'S information on my forum about that, if you are interested and then when you look at Linux support, it does support Linux. So I tested it out. Everything is working so that's, great Wireless brightness controls the touchpad and of course your audio too, is working. So that is good news there. Now, when we take a look, then at gaming performance, if you were going to be gaming on this laptop that it's, not wonderful, so you get about 30 frames per second with 720p lower settings and Counter Strike global Offensive games like League Allegiance, like titles they're gon Na be playable even in 1080p, but not wonderful frame rates, at least playable frame rates, so that is the main thing there so not really focus for gaming when it comes to general use.

However, I found that the performance is good. It feels one of the faster Jimmer lakes that I have reviewed differently because of the dual channel Ram and the 9 watts they have set. So you can do it quite a bit of multitasking it'll play VPN and a CBC codec files, just fine it natively decodes them in the GPU 4k streaming perfectly fine as well Amazon, Prime things like that Netflix it's gon na stream. It all with no problems. I found the internet keeps up with my Wallace connection here, the 300 megabits. It can actually transfer over the full speeds, which is something I don't normally see, and if TP transfers looking with the Intel wireless AC, 3165, almost 400 megabits per second maximum and transfer rate. So it's not the fastest card out there and it does have bluetooth 4.1 incorporated in it, but it works well. I feel overall it's good there for the kind of performance you're getting when it comes down, then to wrap it up. Is this a laptop that I feel that's a good buy? It is and it isn't, because it's currently overpriced. So I love the keyboard. The build quality is very good. It looks premium with the slim of bezels, it certainly feels premium and the touchpad is really nice and large battery life is decent. The webcam, as you saw from the sample, it's okay it's, not the best but I've – definitely seen a lot worse there.

So the Khans port location, not brilliant, we do have HDMI to I find the USB ports just a little too close together, you can reza damaging them and okay it's a little heavy that's, not exactly the greatest the end. The speakers have mentioned so super weeks. Speakers, the real issue for me is the price selling now for about 400. At the time of this video 419 us, it is not helped by intel's photo net 14 nanometer shortage on their chips, so intel was partly to blame there. Of course, the materials are more premium, the screen could be a lot brighter, but overall, if you want a larger 15.6 inch laptop for light tasks, so your office work internet with a great keyboard, a big, very useful, touchpad, very usable one. Then this is a laptop to go for once that price drops down, which, of course, I believe it will so wait until it gets at least under 400 us then – and that is plea when you want to pick that out. So, thank you so much for watching this, slightly faster review, hear from me or tick. Last f15 plus sorry, the f 15 and I do recommend the tick last if 7 plus is, why is hit plus that's, another laptop from them, but it's 14 inches it's. Also very good, but it doesn't have a fully laminated display and it is cheaper to and lighter and thanks a lot for watching this review.