In fact, this tablet is currently 10 off on amazon, so get that, while you still can now onto the speed paint, this tablet blew my expectations out of the park for the price of this tablet. It’S extremely well made and works a lot better than you would think. I’Ve been using this as my main tablet for over a month now – and i love it, one of my favorite things about this tablet is definitely the pen pressure. I love how smooth the lines are and i have never seen the lines become jittery like i have with my wacom tablet. The driver also works incredibly well and i haven’t had an issue. Yet it comes with a large enough drawing space and your hand doesn’t end up feeling cramped, even after drawing for a while. Another thing i love is the battery freestylist. It was one of the reasons i liked wacom so much and was turned away from the cheaper huion tablets, though gaomon really worked hard on this tablet and everything that comes with it, even though i don’t necessarily work with express keys. This tablet comes with so many. I can see why so many people would love the shortcuts. This tablet provides in total, there are 42 keys and all of them are super easy to use. Overall, i would say this tablet is good for beginners or even intermediate artists for the size and functions. It’S. Definitely worth the price if you’re looking for a new tablet or something just to practice, digital art with this one is awesome: i’ve, even animated with it and it’s always going to be a great experience.

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