Welcome to another episode of tech. Talk with brett well, it’s been quite some times. We’Ve made it into the studio. However, today i’m happy to record another session with some co workers. Please meet mark and elim: hey guys, how’s it going hey great, hey brett! How are you fantastic, well, gents, today we’re going to be talking about a very special subject: surface pro x and microsoft, duo specifically around always connected computing. Now. Why is this so important as we’ve seen throughout covet workflows, have considerably changed and adapted to different styles? Well, so is technology technology has enabled us to work pretty much from wherever and the way we choose to do so now. This is enabled through new technologies and new products. The two products we’ve been paying a special attention to are the surface dual and the microsoft surface pro x. Before we go into the products. Can i ask you guys to actually introduce yourself alim over to you? First thanks brett hi it’s ali messmail, national sales manager for valet wireless, a subsidiary of compugen inc, yeah, so i’m mark perot i’m. The security services manager within our professional services group here at confujen and i’ve, been here just over three years now. If i had to guess code’s kept you pretty busy hasn’t it yeah kovit’s been crazy. There’S been a lot of ransomware activity, a lot of malware activity and it’s been making uh using one of these guys. You know really useful to to be able to move around and not be stuck to one place yeah.

So i have the surface pro x um. You know i was given. It was given to me basically to see how i can do my role as a security services manager, but also do a little bit of taking on how the security aspects of this device work, and so i got a chance to really look at it. Um. You know up close and personal for the last couple of months, while i’ve been doing my job from from my home office now mark i mean so look when i look at the surface pro x. I mean it looks like any other great surface device. I mean i have one right here, the surface pro 7.. What makes the pro x so special, i mean from my perspective. You know, i really appreciate the you know, the lightweight design and just the mobility of it from a security perspective. You know the the biometric authentication using windows – hello has been really useful. You know just not having to you know, type to authenticate things like that make do things a lot speedier, especially when you’re trying to authenticate to different applications and that type of thing, um and it’s, just it’s really good from the perspective of mobility and security. I do like to work from different areas as often as it was able to during cobit and one of the things that that really kind of struck for me is um. You know the hardening on the processor side and on the um.

You know the tpm architecture to ensure that if this device gets stolen, that somebody can’t, just you know firmware flash it or or or boot it to a different bootable device to make it their own. So it’s it’s really giving me a peace of mind uh using this device in the field and just outside of the home office. Now, throughout your testing other than security, have you found any other challenges with software packages or office email day to day productivity suites? What was the experience like there? The experience from you was really good. I think from applications like microsoft, outlook and microsoft. Teams between both devices has been virtually seamless, everything’s, always synced up nicely and then using onedrive i’ve had access to all of my documents, um as they’ve synced uh in the cloud and so everything’s always been accessible. It’S actually been a very great uh experience. As far as i’m concerned now, just to close it off you’ve used it for video calls. What can you tell me about the video camera speakers? Microphone yeah, i mean my day is packed with uh. With calls on teams. I would say that this uh this definitely stands up to any other device, whether it’s um, you know my mobile, my cell phone or uh, or my macbook or or even my uh. My hp, it’s it’s, really been great in terms of the audio quality and video quality. Definitely no complaints from uh from the people that i’ve had calls with well mark thanks so much for insights and thank you for being a tester i’m assuming we can go ahead and send you the next generation when it comes out.

Oh absolutely i’m always happy to test these little guys out now liam. I believe we hooked you up with a very specific product. Can you talk to us a little bit more about that yeah? Actually um! You know what i was uh provided with a surface duo. Let’S just hold on for a sec. How did lean get one, and i didn’t anyways we’ll talk about that later. You spoke about the surface duo. Can you maybe give us a little more insight into what you liked about that device specifically and what made it unique compared to other phones, you’ve used yeah it’s, a great question um. So as a as an avid android user and surface uh user um, you know is uh, it was nice to see them come together and with that being said, you know, i truly believe it. You know sleek high quality device, um it’s, not the only dual screen out there uh, but it’s a unique one uh for that matter and to be honest, uh, a very solid first attempt by microsoft, uh to create this product product um and compare with some of The other foldable devices out there um, but again just rather than a foldable screen um. You know the duo does have two 5.6 inch. Touchscreen displays um and uh. I would have to say the the 360 unique hinge um in its clamshell design is definitely definitely an interesting uh item for sure. Now, elene you mentioned that this is an android device.

Did i hear that correctly yeah? You absolutely did um it’s, actually microsoft’s uh, surface duo’s, microsoft’s, first android device uh to be honest with you and it from my experience in the last six to seven months, been running flawlessly, okay, interesting and so you’ve had access to all of your regular apps office. Outlook teams any issues there, no issues at all, um, using a current surface pro x, uh, similar to uh what mark had had showcased there um having the duo, it’s, seamless, back and forth finished, start on one device finish off the other and into mark’s point as Well, earlier, on being remote working kind of anywhere, we have access to uh. The two products have really provided me with exceptional um efficiencies and and capabilities that i would expect working within an office and again right. One of the key things mark that i think we talked about was the security aspect that we could lay over an android device and making sure that your endpoint devices are secured end to end right um. The other thing that’s really interesting, with microsoft, going the android route is with your phone app. It seamlessly integrates with your windows, laptop helene. Did you have any challenges there? I think you had said to me when we had a debrief. Is that you even got your text messages and phone notifications, so, while you’re working you didn’t even have to take your eyes off of your laptop screen? Oh that’s, absolutely correct! So actually, i have the the ability of the integration, the seamless transition between a mobility type of service, being text messages as an example um or or going back to you know my standard emails or or a teams chat for that matter as well guys.

Thank you. So much for your valuable input. Today i want to thank you for testing the products and allowing us to gather vital information. Our engineering team continues to pay close attention to these evolving platforms and again what’s so special about them. Well, you look at microsoft. Is now endeavoring into android, you look at snapdragon processors being used on traditional windows devices we’re, seeing these things continue to evolve and move in many different directions and we’re super excited and curious around this. Thank you. So much for tuning in today have a great day.