Where’S the dell latitude 7320 detachable i’ve been following this computer since january, around january i’m. Looking at a couple of articles online reading about it and saying to myself now this is the computer that was made for me without a graphics card um i already own the dell latitude 7200, and that was first in its series. That was a laptop in a tablet form um that had a detachable keyboard. The attachable keyboard is right here, nice, metal, solid, pretty cool, and when you take it off, you can again just use this um still a pc, but just in the form of a tablet. It’S not an actual tablet, but it’s a pc in the temple mode and by detaching the keyboard, maybe there’s a little lighter to put your bag, whereas um. If you still need it keys, are tight, you can carry yourself a portable keyboard or even a smaller one. This, if you didn’t, really need the size of a full size keyboard so carrying this was a breeze and i was very excited. No, i am it was now. I am still excited about the 7320. Now, according to the articles that i’ve read, it was supposed to release on march 30th, and i went on dale’s website and on march 30th was nowhere to be filed, kept looking kept, looking kept trying to update cat trap it it just never showed up, and then I would say about a week ago i went on dale’s website and saw this, so this kind of got me a little bit excited so they’re selling this 7320 detachable keyboard, they’re selling the keyboard right now and if you look uh, the keyboard has a slot for A stylus so the stylus hides away in the keyboard, so it can rise up, hide away the stylus when you need it, you can raise it down to get it out, so this basically is in direct competition with and the one uh tablet pc that started it All was the microsoft surface pro x i mean the pearl.

7 is kind of in direct competition as well, but the pro x had the hideaway stylus. So i say that is the enduring competition with that one and also in a sense, you can put the pearl 7 in there too, also in a sense, the lenovo x12 detachable, and that one made very similar uh type of pc like a device detachable keyboard, pin Style support now with the um, i believe, the lenovo and the dell, those two run: the latest 11th generation uh core i5 or i7 processor, so that’s tiger lake, which means that they’ll have a thunderbolt before where you can attach an external gpu to get some super Great game play out of your device. The pro x does not have thunderbolt, and that is for me that’s a deal breaker. So even though the design was great on there, in fact, none of the surfaces has a thunderbolt which, which is a shame. They should go that route because they’ll then be in better competition with the lenovos and the dells that comes out that are detachable. So, like i said, i’ve been really looking into 7320, the keyboards on their site, but the 7320 detachable is nowhere to be found. As of now, when i go on lenovo site, the thinkpad x12 detachable is available, starting at one thousand, ninety one dollars and forty cents, so there’s core v pro the i7. Of course, you film, the bigger specs. You want the more it’s gon na cost, but still there’s a cost right there.

That cool i mean not too bad um. Can i move this over um can’t can’t? Do it it’s too bad? But anyway it is available. So you know i’m going uh lenovo’s website to check those out. The surface pro, of course, is available if you’re interested and the surface book three, if you want that one, but the surface pro again is more in direct competition with the 7320 detachable so i’m. Talking about uh that’s, the detachable keyboard too, but this is older, so it says the 10th generation generation um generation. Excuse me processor. So why not talk about that? One? We won tiger lake, so actually neither one of these have tiger like, but still direct competition more with that one right there, so service pro is available. Now, as i already mentioned, i already own this 7200 and this is still one of the best laptops i’ve ever bought. Now this is not necessarily getting dated, but it looks dated i mean look at these bezels. It looks like you can be stuck into another dimension. Look how big they are it’s, like i’m gon na get sucked in if i touch it, it’s it and they just take up a lot of the real estate of the screen so with the 7320. The 7320 fixes that somewhat. So. This is a picture of the 7320 there’s, a hideaway stylist right there, not sure, and i’m devil is kind of known for with some of their laptops to include the stylist.

So i i don’t know if this is to be that’s going to be included or it’s been a certain price, like you do with the surface line, but it has a kickstand like the surface pro or the surface pro x or the lenovo x12 um detachable keyboard. Large track pad the keyboard looks more plasticky um, aside from the nice solid aluminum of the 7200 keyboard. Now this is a nice keyboard line about that. But there you go and take a look at the bezels they’re still kind of thick but they’re thinner than the bezels on my 7200. So again, with the guts that’s going to be in the delivery generation processor, the thunderbolt it’s going to have a sim card support too. So you can have always on connectivity, um it’s, going to be pretty fast, it’s going to be pretty busy um micro sd card slot uh. What else has headphone jack so it’s gon na have a lot of cool bells and whistles on it? The question is: where is it? I don’t know there’s a maybe there’s a problem because of covet um. They don’t have enough uh semiconductors, who knows just like how samsung is not releasing the note this year. Maybe that might be part of the problem, but they haven’t said anything yet they need to let people know, because, even though i’m not oops are getting this as of now, because i have this right here, my one mix four, which is a fantastic computer, that i Use at work and for play, if i am interested in it or for people that are interested in it right now, they should at least update people to let them know why it hasn’t been released on the release date.

That they’ve said it was going to be released, which was march 30th, so dell wake up. Let people know because you’re, a good company and people buy from you. So you owe it to your customers and your enthusiasts about this wonderful computer, because we need to see some prices, especially comparing to the lenovo thinkpad voices are down x1. Now that will be cool because i, i guess they’re on sale for the novos. So some of these were priced at 2100 after the coupon. What 1300 that’s a good deal so check out the specs they’re available if you’re interested in that one, if you’re interested in this one they’re always available but that’s the one i’m interested in, i definitely got to see because again i have 7200 and before my mix 4 very very happy with this, even though the bezels are from outer space but that’s. What i just wanted to talk about. Just let you know about the 7320 detachable if you’re still interested in it um. Maybe you can write down because i’m definitely gon na contact them find out what’s going on, but as soon as i get more information, i will let you all know so that’s the end of my video hope you enjoyed it.