You know they’ve not described it very well. So what you do is you do undo? Seven screws all the way along the base, leave the end ones alone. You do prize that away a bit, but what you do is you get your screwdriver? This is the crucial bit. You have to get your screwdriver in this crack here and then you have to just get the end of it to pull this ledge this way towards you and then, when you’ve done, that it will come out. You do the same on the other side and once you’ve done that you can then obviously you can take this bit out here off, but you’ve got to get the screwdriver in that crack and you’ve got to get this piece towards you by putting it about halfway And just prising it levering it downwards and away from you. So this bit comes this way and then once you’ve done that i’ll put this back. This is a closed gap here you can’t seem to pull it away. What you’ve got to do is get your screwdriver into the usb port. You’Ve just got to push this way on both usb ports and somehow do the same over here without using a tool. You just got to move this piece this way in order to get that up and if you look, the catches are on this side. One two, three four so you’ve got ta push those catches. This way, one two three four, this way and upwards, and obviously these catches, as i’ve mentioned they are on the inside as well.

So you’ve got to move this piece this way, so your screwdriver’s got to somehow just get in a little bit and lever it. This way, and likewise the other side you’ve got to lever it that way, okay and then for the hard drive there’s, just three screws one here, one here and there’s, one in between the ethernet and the usb there’s, a little gap, there’s a little screw in there And the hard drive should then just pull this way towards the camera, so those three screws are out: pull that pull that way. There’S your hard drive and there’s a piece of foil over the connector to take off first okay. But what you absolutely mustn’t do is touch these. I just touch one. There touch these ribbon cables, one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine. When you attempt to do this, you mustn’t take this piece off unless you’re actually replacing the panel for some reason. But if you do these i’ve seen these before or many other systems they get really hot and they break down really easily. So, if you so much as move this panel, these will all break inside and you’ll get lines up up down the screen all over the place. So that’s. The one thing you mustn’t do is ch touch this panel. If you ever see these kind of ribbons, which sort of connect to a strip along the back, which then has a vga cable, you know little video cable between the screen and the uh.

The motherboard i’ll try and show you that hang on. So if you open there’s a two screws, i think maybe three, and this comes off and there’s the this is the vga connector here, and this is the strip i was talking about. This is the vga cable or the video cable. I should say and uh you can see that it will undo you need to take these two off. I would have thought uh but um, like i say the the panel connects to this and it’s just a long connector with those seven uh connectors on it and if you those ribbon connectors, if you bend them, then it’s all over.