Yeah runs on windows. 10 home this is a 14 inch, reversible display and we’re gon na check this out by unboxing right now. If your mother told you one thing, it was to use scissors with one hand while filming what you’re doing this is not that did work and then the box packaged very nicely power. Cable it’s got a pen stylus with a battery okay, so first impressions are um for a 14 inch screen. It is lighter than i thought it would be very lightweight i’m, going to open it up here. Look at that big pad there. Thank you for your purchase. Didn’T buy but um thanks anyway, 15 off support services. Let’S take a look at this stunning piece of machinery. Key feature of this is the reversible screen, so i’m gon na try and see how that works. As you can see, it bends all the way back. So the keyboard’s on the bottom now screen is here and what i would be doing in this scenario is showing somebody something while typing on this other side. The cats are all very interested in this unboxing in particular. Here are the ports on the left side. Here are the ports on the right side, you’ve got power and two usbs now um. If this was going to be my home computer, i would need to expand the number of available usbs with a docking station or something of that nature. But this is going to be a strictly mobile computer for me, hi there, i’m cortana and i’m here to help a little sign in here.

A touch of wi fi there and we’ll have your pc ready for all you plan to do use your voice or the keyboard along the way, and if you’d like me to stay quiet, just select the little microphone icon towards the bottom of your screen. If you need an assistive screen reader make your computer easier to use. Windows will read and scan this list automatically. Narrator dialog, ok, button, alt, plus oh heads up narrator keyboard changes, we’ve updated the narrator keyboard layout, so it more closely matches the ex ok button. Double tap to activate microsoft, account window region, selection, united states, 2′. Yes, there’s some fingerprint sign in here let’s just do this set windows, hello, setup window, cancel button scan your finger on the fingerprint reader dot will need to scan your fingerprint a few times to set up windows. Hello touch the fingerprint sensor repeatedly, lift and rest your finger on the sensor until setup is complete. I think this might be it great touch. The sensor again lift and touch again, lift your think. Great keep resting at next button rest and lift your finger at different angles to capture the edges of your print. Cancel button now keep resting and lifting your finger move. Your finger mic might create a pin, create, pin button windows set windows security window loving. This lenovo got a nice little um laptop backpack for it. So i love that you can just log in with your fingerprint and one really cool thing about this i’m gon na show you now.

This is now my baseball watching device um. In addition to my work, computer and i’m gon na take this on a trip that we’re going to because some sometimes we stay in bed and breakfast that are too stupid to have tvs and we’ll, be able to watch videos and stuff on this. And let me just show you the best way to do that to accommodate that i’m gon na have to set this down briefly check it out. So it’s sitting like an a frame cabin the keyboard, is on the back side. Here now you could uh do stuff, but the screen automatically orients itself once it flips to a certain angle, and so, if i want to use it as a regular computer again or flip it back, it automatically has adjusted already beautiful and last time i was using This i was having a work. Lunch and uh noticed the battery life said 17 hours, which is awesome. I love this thing. It’S going to be my work computer that i take to the office when i have to report in on certain days.