So now we’ll be checking out a new laptop coming from lenovo, which you can see on my right here: it’s the new lenovo thinkpad x13, now lenovo, thinkpad, x1, very powerful. So before we check out the other features of the laptop let’s, look out the external features of the laptop itself, okay, so check it out. Okay, so here we are with the new lenovo thinkpad x13 that’s. What i’ve said? Can you nadiba topico, it’s small, but very unusual lightweight and very annoying portable sha, as you can see so brand new see, and then it actually weighs around 2.7 pounds so uh so now, let’s check out the external features or the outlets on the lenovo thinkpad x13. So here is the usb type c power input, so uh, adapter, so type c na you adapt and then a usb type c thunderbolt 3, and this one is the network extension for ethernet or side mechanical docking, another usb port, an hdmi port and a headphone or Mic combo jack: here we have a smart card reader, another usb port and a kensington lock slot okay and then uh at the back. You can see parameters. Uh unique is among smartphones, now upload a guideline sim card actually that’s the own feature um. You can actually put a sim card here for lte connection for internet on the go. So very handy. You know okay, so now let’s check out the dimensions of the laptop okay so for the height three fourth inch minion height, so the actual dimensions for the height of the lenovo thinkpad x13 is about 0.

65 inch, almost three fourths, almost three porsche and for the width. This one it’s about 12.3 inches and then for the dimension here on the side. It’S about eight point, five inches see so sobrang don’t. Let this laptop fool you, because this laptop delivers quite punch. It is powerful, so now we’ll check out the other features of the laptop itself and the specs of the laptop powerful so checking out the specs of the new lenovo thinkpad. You can see here in x1, india, i don’t know the processor is an amd ryzen pro for 650. U, so, with that in mind, since um processor yeah is an amd, i presume you muggy graphics card. Nato is an amd, radeon, graphics, processor there so built in rinsha. So with that in mind, this small laptop, i think, can be very good at gaming. Then, and, as you can see, also you display yeah. The display of the laptop is about 13.3 inches in display yeah and it’s, capable of full hd pyramid play up to 60fps very sleek in design very sturdy, as you can see here on this part here. This is a security feature fingerprint reader. So when you, i know uh, that is a purpose instead of typing your password, but unlike the cell phone, you can just use your fingerprint to open your laptop and again very sturdy yum buttons – and this is another mouse pad, and also this one another muscle if You’Re not very fond of using this.

You can use this typical with the laptops, but press aside from this part, you can you’re able to press the mouse pad better. Once you go up okay button. This is the left and right so other features that the lenovo x13 has is. It includes an enhanced productivity feature like the unified communication, with the one touch calling function so i’ll be showing you that part here, as you can see, you’ve seen us have been in a one touch: calling function, yeah right, you’re in a call. You can see that f9 to f12 buttons so, for example, you’re. I know uh video calling and then with using the mouse button. You can just press this one which is to accept the hole or this one, which is to hang up the call, so other features that we could see on the lenovo x13 is the modern standby and water standby enables the machine to wake in one second. So i think paramount, for example, that is a and also another feature, is the wake on voice that allows users to wake the machine via voice command with the lid open. So i think you have to configure it via voice prompt number recognizing voicemail. So in theory i think and then uh you can ask the laptop to boot up again or magic with the use of your voice, so isn’t that me amazing, amazing. So another cool feature that the lenovo thinkpad x13 has is the think shutter cover.

Once you try and use the camera meyeran over in camera, pediment toggle on the top of the cam, which you can see right here so just to show you guys. You just slide uh here, on top of the camera and voila amazing right yeah during video conferencing or during video calls yeah and also in webcam is 720p, so mechanic resolution and inaudib, okay and also uh, aside from the physical cover for the webcam menu improved optional Privacy guard screen that allows and helps prevent other people or no see people from reading your screen. Madaming security features at lenovo, thinkpad x13, so yeah. Other features that you can check in system again is managing tablet mode. Then, like most lenovo’s humana current lenovos also power and sleep options. Uh here you can check our unit. You can change it accompany this, a feature and as soon as i’ve been a week on voice in sleeping you could sleep and then for the battery and battery and power saving options Music. So speaking of battery ux13 laptops give you an all day battery performance. So all throughout the day you can use it uh furthering enhancing its portability lightweight rapid charging technology, which gives you an about zero to eighty percent charge in just an hour, so sobrambilis didn’t charging. Yet here he says type c: charging mobile charging port and for full charge up to let’s, say 17 hours of continuous, using tapas. Imagine uh literally and then, when you try to charge it for about an hour 80 percent.

Maharashtra amazing right for checking out the screen. Full hd resolution, the x13, so let’s check out the resolution. Let’S go to plugin my web page, which i’m still building so this screen so yeah. I put the resolution currently on the max hd that i can give, which is 1080p 60 hd, so yeah very smooth video, then let’s check the sound so for the sound Music, dolby atomos speaker system c x, 13, so let’s check this out Music, so yeah again. Another thumbs up so that’s what i’ve said: the lenovo x13 release launches philippines. The thinkpad x13 is now available at any lenovo’s authorized partner retailers with prices beginning at 54, 669 pesos, okay. So there you have it with the new lenovo thinkpad x13. So, to sum it all: okay, young features lenovo thinkpad x1. Everything is more accessible online, so for doing things online, we need a powerful hardware like the lenovo x30 aside from its portability, it’s being lightweight. Okay, no okay, specs, especially young security, features the x 13. Very okay, okay yeah! So if you like this video, please do hit that like button and follow narend young page at rar. Nation youtube also follow naren on facebook, at lionheart, tv and, and also please do follow me on my socials at facebook. It’S at bear band slayer uh, you can follow me, then, on twitch it’s bear bands bear underscore bands yeah to be precise and also uh following you, narenium youtube channel go which is at bear bands lair.

I am so again thank you for watching for another episode of tech jungle.