This is going to be an occasional series of videos that I do here on the channel where I look at products that I can’t recommend to anybody and I feel like it’s. Not a good use of my time where yours to do a 12 minute video talking about how bad a single product is, but a lot of you were curious about some of the things that I get in here review and evaluate and decide. You know what it’s just not worth my time to do: a video about and we’re going to be looking at three products that met that unfortunate criteria in this video, and I do want to mention, as I always do, in the interest of full disclosure. Nobody is paying for this review and I’m sure nobody would ever want to pay to have their product featured in this video. All the opinions are about two here are my own and I’ll talk about how I acquired these products, as I am going through. All of them we’re going to start off with this one. I know a lot of you are going to be disappointed to hear about this one, because I got a lot of interest in this when it’s IndieGoGo campaign was announced. This is called the gold one it’s, a little mini PC. It has an Adam cherry trail, processor built inside of it, and what’s cool about this mini PC is that it has a display on it’s a little 720p display that it has on the top of it.

Here and it might be useful for some folks to have that it’s got 2 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage, but they split the storage up between Windows and androids. So you don’t have a lot of usable space on here and that’s where its problems begin, because I can’t seem to get its SD card slot working here at all and another problem that I’m thinking is contributing to. That is that there’s only 5 volts of 3 amps of power going into this in the first place, so essentially USB voltage going in to power way too much stuff on this device. So you’ve got the speakers built in here. You’Ve got the display running. You have not one not two but one. Two: three: four: five USB ports that’s a lot of USB ports to support off very little voltage. Here you have the SD card slot, of course, Ethernet HDMI out a headphone jack and there’s Wi Fi built in there’s. Just not enough power going into this thing to make it useful for plugging in peripherals into it and as a result, not much work so I’m able to get my keyboard trackpad combo here, working with it, but external hard drives don’t work at all because it’s, not Enough power going to those USB ports can’t get the SD card slot to work at all. Even when I use a powered hub, it doesn’t work either, and I went on their unofficial support for and there’s a lot of people on there really struggling to get these things working properly and it turns out these ports released by one person’s measurement are only outputting.

Four and a half volts, so a lot of devices just simply won’t work, because they’re not getting enough power from that USB port, even if they are powered devices. So I have yet to get an external hard drive working on this thing again. The SD card slot isn’t working and the company support is not very good either they’re in China. So if you don’t have any interest in paying to send your device all the way back to China, you’re not going to be getting much support on this one either. So a real dud, it could have been a lot better and if they had just had more power going into it, they could have supported all the ports they put on this thing I don’t know it was a marketing decision just to show this thing littered with Ports that you might be able to use, but the reality is none of them work all that great and, as a result, this thing is a real dud. I think, if you’re just doing what I’m doing right here, which is running an external display and having a keyboard and trackpad plugged in you, might be able to get some use out of it. But by and large this is not something I’m going to recommend to anyone, because it really is underpowered literally for what you’re getting here wasn’t all that expensive was only about a hundred bucks or so, but really not something. I can recommend because you’re just going to be frustrated with it, trying to get everything to work and in full disclosure.

I purchased that Gold, One mini PC with my own funds, from an IndieGoGo campaign, so it was money wasted, but at least it showed up because a lot of times an IndieGoGo, the stuff doesn’t show up at all. Now the next product were going to take a look at is based on the same chipset. This is the MINIX z80 3 4 it’s also running with one of those adams, sherry trail based chips, and the nice thing about this one at least, is that they give you enough power to support all of its ports. So here you’ll see it’s got 12 volts going in you get a total of 36 watts on this one versus 15 watts on the other one, so there’s enough power going into this one, at least to support all of the things you might connect up with it, And you’ve got your basic array of ports here: Ethernet HDMI out DisplayPort out you’ve got a combo headset microphone adapter over there, along with the SD card slot three USB 2.0 ports and a single USB 3 slot on there. Also, a fan list device and on the surface it looks pretty nice it’s well built going ice big antenna here for its Wi Fi, but the problem is it doesn’t do all that? Well, as a TV home theater box, which is what they’re kind of billing it as and there are just better choices out there right now, many of which we have looked at over the last couple of weeks.

I’Ll put a link down below to my other mini PC reviews, so you can see what I like that’s out there right now, especially some of the stuff powered by all the new Intel Apollo Lake chipsets that are out there and the big issue with this. One is that it didn’t accomplish my basic home theater criteria, which is 24p video playback, as well as support for DTS, HD and Dolby, true HD and other lossless high definition audio formats, and that just kills it for me right there. In fact, when I plugged it in and tried playing back a 24p movie on Kodi, the image got down to this little tiny square on screen and made it completely unwatchable. And of course, I wasn’t getting any good audio out of it either, and that just kills. It this is no point in having a TV box that can’t accomplish some of the basic home theater tasks that are out there. So I think, if you’re looking for something that is usable as a little mini PC, this is not a bad choice. But if you’re trying to do any kind of home theater with it, which is again what it’s kind of being sold as this is really not going to cut it for you and again, there are better choices out there, especially many of those mini pcs running with The Apollo Lake architecture in full disclosure, this one came in free of charge from gearbest.

com. Now this next product, which came in free of charge from, is the GPD, q9 and I’m, actually very surprised that this product is in this video, because GPD handhelds are really well put together. Typically, there are two that I reviewed recently that I love, which is the GPD XD, which is a Nintendo DSi little Android device with a 5 inch 720p display. They also have the GPD win, which is a little handheld Windows, gaming device that performs quite well for what’s inside of it, and I was so surprised that when I got this thing that it was just so poorly put together compared to some of the real blockbusters, They have out there, and the funny thing is is that this is only about 15 or 20 dollars less than the GPD XD. So if you’re looking for an Android handheld, yet that one don’t get this one because they actually perform the same, they have the same. Chipset built in so there is identical performance and this one does have a larger display versus the XD. So this is a 7 inch display it’s running at I believe, 1024 by 600, whereas the GPD XD with a 5 inch display, is running at 1280 by 720 p. So because the XD has a smaller display at a higher resolution, it looks a lot sharper than this one. Does the things look really kind of blown up on here? The display isn’t bad, but it is pretty it’s kind of got a lot of air gap in here between the top of the screen and where the display begins, and everything does kind of look a bit magnified just because it’s running at such a low resolution.

At such a large display, the d pad here is a real mess which is kind of a spongy mess. Here it does perform okay, but it really isn’t very comfortable to use you don’t really have a good feel for where your thumb is located on it. When you’re watching your game, so really not a very good d pad here, the sticks are the same that they have on the XDS. These aren’t too bad. The buttons are okay, but it feels this just doesn’t feel right in my hand, it feels pretty cheaply put together. It’S got this pretty hollow feeling plastic case the side buttons here, don’t push down all that well and just by and large, there is just better options out there from GPD that you should be looking at. So if you’re coming across this one and trying to decide between the q9 and the XD do not hesitate to get the XD, it is just a much better product with the same exact performance and a sharper display. So I think you’ll be much happier with that. One then you’ll be with this one. It still works fine, but again, I think the XD is the better choice of the two there. You go three products that just did not make the cut. There are better alternatives out there and I really can’t find any reason to recommend any of these to folks and in the case of the q9, is a better product from the same company.

So not every product is a representation of the company that makes it sometimes good companies put out a dud every once in a while, and I think that is definitely the case with the q9 here so that’s going to do it for this episode again, you can Get much better alternatives of all of these products out there I’d love to hear from you, though, as to whether or not this met your expectations based on what I described in the weekly wrapup a couple of weeks ago. So let me know what you thought of this video down in the comments below so when I’m doing future didn’t make the cut episodes. I can be sure to give you all the information you need when I’m telling you not to buy something. This is LAN Ivan thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters, including gold level, supporters mark Bollinger and Brian Miller. If you want to help the channel you can, by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to land TV patreon, to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit.