The 3g modem SIM card slot micro sd same camera layout and everything is this money price, but if five megapixel rear what I focus in camera, the good X controllers under here for the touch digitize – that we have this thing two panels there. Overall, the book quality is really good. Three well put together just pick it up and get a closer look at the camera. Now this is shot on 4k 4k. So if you want to see this nice and sharp increase the settings and YouTube there in just two 4k or even 2k, even if you monitor that doesn't support it, it will make the video a lot sharper and you'll be able to see a lot more details. If you're really interested to see the motherboard there in high detail now I'm going to quickly do this mod here I'm. Just doing this. For someone who contacted me, via the words my website and asked to have and the latest 50 for the right model, and if I could do the mod for them so they're just paying me a little bit extra. What I'm selling by eBay to do the modification for them to reduce the temperatures? Now I already tested this model out. It got up to 51 53 degrees, doing a stress test from cpu z, so the temperatures aren't bad at all. So I don't really think it's necessary to do this, but it will definitely help lower the temperatures and it might be able to turbo for a little bit longer okay, so I went a little bit overboard with the thermal adhesive paste on the RAM chips there and A little bit squeezed out on the slide, but that's not too much of a problem.

I put two copper plates there between the the RAM chips and then the larger. This is 20 millimeters by 20 millimeters here on, the actual Evan died there. So that should be enough there and the shielding plate I'm going to put that back on top and just put it a tiny dog in the middle of active silver. Seven thermal compound they're taking equal that and later put a thermal pad on top of us to have contact with the rear housing of the tablet. The same thing that I did with the x98 Pro and I think, they've put about the best you can do this it's going to lower the temperatures even more so this should be a very cool running tablet, even when fully loaded with this model. You know because I don't have any one millimeter thermal pads, probably now even up to maybe five centimeters. You could get along here, just one big one, little meter pad on there, but don't have any with me at the moment. So what I'm just going to use is the half a millimeter pads there that I have left over and they'll still give some contact with the back of the middle shelf here to help transfer some of that heat away from when I have the copper there and The the other heat sinks there now put some icy diamonds sevens between the shielding and the copper here. So I use just a little bit of us a couple of dots on the middle of each, so that should help transfer heat over so – and I put it back together now and have a look at the temperatures.

Okay, I just think you're under the Select problem. Just testing putting the rear of the housing back onto the tablet, and these two thermal pads here, you're gon na, have to go because they are putting a little bit of pressure on the screen and you can just see tiniest little mark where the screen is actually Touching the digitizer, so those two they I'm gon na have to remove and you're probably safer to go. If you I'm gon na put the copper on the RAM you're safer to go with just half a millimeter feel more pads here on the back. If you're going to do that, this will be a lot better and then it's gon na flip it over and put it back together and see if it's, all good it's the end result really good thermals, now they're just crazy 41 degrees there's. The max are being running the CPUC stress test here and that's been going for 15 minutes. You can see, though, the timer 15 minutes and along he exceeded it to 100 max. This has been running at a hundred sent the whole time, the cpu and it's, even at the moments running some of the calls at 38 to Riis and the core max 41 that's incredibly low. I mean they even idle at that temperature before this tablet had the core max at around 63 degrees. After about 15 minutes of running the CPU at 100 cent the whole time, because if I game it's going to be a little bit higher than this so fun, stressing both the GPU and the CPU.

At the same time, it will increase a little bit, but those results there speak for themselves. If tic class could do this from the factory just put a small little copper plate on the back of the shielding. Maybe that has contact with the atom CPU die will make this huge difference: selves, lower temperatures, they're massively and it's, not even getting warm. The back of the tablet is not it's, not warm at all nothing before it would get quite hot around this area here, that's about where the chip is here and now, nothing it's really really really good, so excellent results there, and I do only recommend doing this. If you do have experience with opening up tablets and you've done this kind of thing before, because you could accidentally short out something inside the tablet – you've got to static there and it might pay to also unsolder the cables to the battery. So you've got less chance of shorting anything out there, so be careful I'm good, like with Dumont's.