This is the TCL next paper tennis tablet. This is the TCL Tab, 8 and finally, the TCL move audio s108 wireless earbuds lets talk about them as Ive been using them for about two weeks, so its not the first time that TCL has been in Malaysia because we have actually revealed their TVs and the Smartphone back then, and its just that they are not really actively promoting their products here in Malaysia, but this time they are starting to get to their game to challenge the competition. Now lets start off with the TCL tap in now. This is a very nice 8 inch tablet, which unfortunately, doesnt come with any Flagship specs, because it is an entry level tablet, thats, actually good for kids or for some senior people who just needs a larger screen to watch videos or to read some news now. This is the cover that actually comes with it. This is a very nice cover that feels like fabric, but it is actually hot fabric here, but it looks very very premium to the touch for 4.99 Ringgit tablet. Now it attaches to the tablet using a very strong uh sticker here, so you got ta take off like like this just check it out, for you guys to take a look now. This is how the tablet actually looks like it has this very nice carbon fiber texture that actually feels nice when you run your finger over it and in terms of specs.

This tablet is not the strongest specs that, like I tell you before, it is actually powered by an entry level. Mediatek mt8766 chipset, along with two gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage, now thats, actually very, very standard for entry level. Tablets like this and unfortunately, TCL doesnt sell this model with an LTE SIM card, but this is just the Wi Fi model, which is actually a bit of shape. Now I really like this lightweight design here, because it only just weighs about 295 grams and on the top, you do get a USBC port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which is very convenient when they are placed on top, because you can just simply hold a Tablet just like this, and you your hands, wont be obstructed by a USB cable or your headphones cables. You know as youre, just holding it and enjoying content. Now. This is a very nice. 8 inch display Im, actually very surprised by the quality of this. Despite being an entry level tablet, it is not laminated by the way, but it actually pushes a resolution of 1280 by 800.. Now this is actually a pretty nice resolution. It is a 16 by 10 aspect ratio which is actually made for vertical rating. So I really like what TCL has done on this tablet right here with this kind of display it actually pushes 60 million colors as well. So you definitely do not find its colors washed out as well.

In other Hardware features the TCL Tab. 8 comes with a rear facing 5 megapixel camera and a front facing 2 megapixel camera. It is powered by a 5000 milliamp hour battery that could last for days depending on your usage, and if you run one battery, you got to take some time to charge because it only supports five watts of charging, which is actually very, very slow by almonds. Now, in terms of its operating system, it runs on Android 11, which unfortunately isnt the latest Android built out there. I would have been happy if TCL had preloaded this with Android 12 out of the box, but Im sure the company will definitely upgrade uh. The software of this tablet at a future day but well just have to wait and see when that happens. But if youre, someone who just wants to run apps such as Spotify Netflix, Facebook and some of the other user apps that you do on your smartphone. But want it on the bigger screen: Android 11. Just works fine on this tablet and Im very happy that the UI that TCL has installed here is a very, very lightweight UI – that doesnt really Hawks down performance as Im using this tablet for the past two weeks. Next lets talk about the TCL next paper tenants – and this is probably the most exciting product on this table here, because it features a very unique 10 inch. Matte surface display now its very uncommon for tablets to have this kind of display, because most tablets that you see right now only have glossy displays just like what you see on the TCL Tab 8.

But there are several reasons why TCL has decided to do this. On the next paper, 10s and thats, because, like its named next paper this surface, when you actually scribble on it using a stylus, it actually has a paper like feel and speaking of paper like View and drawing it actually comes with a passive stylus right inside the Box that looks just like this TCL actually sells an active status that works with this tablet, but you need to purchase that separately. So this one comes inside the box and it actually works pretty well, and there are some preview apps right inside for you to scribble and draw and now in terms of specs. This tablet, unfortunately, doesnt have any latest Media Tech stream set month. It is powered by a mediatek helio P22 chip, which is a entry level chipset that still works very well for very normal stuff, such as web browsing, tick, tocking Facebooking, it works well, but unfortunately it is not a very good chipset when it comes to gaming. But if youre intending to use this just as a meter consumption device, it will work very well already. It also has four gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal storage, which can be expanded via a Micro SD card. Now lets talk about other Hardware features of the tablet right here right, so lets take out this casing here and by the way this case actually comes inside the box as well.

So it is very nice of TCL to include this Inside the Box because its not very common, you see manufacturers do that. Now. Look at the back here. It has a very nice green, color polycarbonate back here. It is actually very nice very solid as well. The screen, bezels are definitely not the thickers, its pretty similar to the iPad Air. If you ask me – and it has a total of four speakers – two at the bottom uh and two at the top – all right. So this tablet unfortunately, doesnt have a headphone jack. Just like many other 10 inch tablets these days, so youll unfortunately have to use the USBC Port if you want wired, audio and just the main camera right here, which is an 8 megapixel camera which actually takes pretty average looking pictures and on the front here, you Get a 5 megapixel camera that is in a landscape orientation, which is actually the right orientation if you want to use it for conference, calls right now. The software heres another disappointment here. It doesnt come pre loaded with Android trial, but Android 11, and it runs on tcls, very lightweight, TCL UI and its just like the TCL tablet. Now it is actually a disappointment that it only comes with Android 11 out of the box, but TCL does say that it will upgrade this to Android shop at a later time. But what makes me super hyped about this tablet is that it has a PC mode, which is kind of rare for a tablet that sells below a thousand it, because it essentially converts your tablet into a desktop computer like uis, so you can definitely connect a Bluetooth Mouse and keyboard and treat it like a regular computer if you want to, but just that, you really need to bear with the performance on this, because this is not the snappiest tablet out there, and you will definitely encounter some hiccups when you switch between apps and So on, which is very common for this tablets Hardware now another interesting thing about the TCL next paper tennis is that it can also be a very good photo frame because it features a daily bot feature that shows up when you charge the tablet.

It is actually a pretty useful feature if you intend to use this as a smart home hub, and you want to have a display just at your cabinet, to show your photos and probably some news from Microsoft news and I think thats actually a very neat feature. If you intend to buy this tablet for that purpose, and you can actually just simply take it off and use it as a regular media, consumption tablet and finally lets talk about the TCR move: audio s108 wireless earbuds. Now this earbuds are actually very nice and they cost just 109 Ringgit. Now look at the ship here. It looks very much like an airpods Pro, though the fit is actually a little too big for my ears here, as you can see its really pure. So for those with Marios, you might actually find it a problem fitting in this earbuds, but I can tell you that the sound quality on this earbuds they actually sound, very, very good. When I connect it to my smartphone and my computer, it actually sounds very good. It produces very good bass as well and battery life as far as Im concerned is pretty awesome. It lasts for six hours on a single charge and with the case it goes up to 20 hours. But the unfortunate thing right here is that this thing doesnt support active noise cancellation, which you know what for a pair of 109 Ringgit wireless earbuds, is something that you probably shouldnt care right.

So this is a very nice pair of earbuds, so its something that you might want to pair with either of these tablets when you buy them because its pretty affordable, so yeah thats pretty much on these three products here as a tech, reviewer Im always excited and Happy to see new tech products coming into the Malaysia market and Im especially happy to see TCL, making a comeback to the Malaysian mobile market. With these three very interesting products, I mean they are actually a pretty great company. They have made great TVs that we have reviewed previously and in big events such as CES and Eva. They have made great announcements about the affordable phones and even tablets and smartphones as well, and its just a shame that we are not seeing them here right now. So I definitely look forward to more products from the company in the future, especially on smartphones and more tablets as well. I mean these products are definitely a good start because they are actually affordable. Products like this one here, the TCL next paper, tennis retails at 8.99 Ringgit and the TCL tablet retails at 4.99 Ringgit. Of course, they are not the best tablet in that price range, but they definitely offer some value right there, especially for the TCL next paper, tennis, which comes with this really nice matte display that actually Android a lot, but its just that. I kind of wish that TCL would actually give it a slightly more powerful Hardware to make it a more worthy 10 inch tablet.

But as for the TCL Tab 8 right over here, I have to say that it is a pretty okay entry level tablet. If you want to consider getting one all right, so yeah thats pretty much on these three products that we have right here from TCL uh, a big shout out to them for sending this over for our evaluation. Weve really enjoyed them for the past two weeks. So yup thats pretty much for the review of these three TCL products that we have right here.