Now this tablet is listed by verizon on their website for 400 and you may be wondering why. Why is it 400 now? It may go on sale a little bit over time, but 400 is that retail price and, if youre wondering why, its because of that 5g connectivity, if you buy a tablet, thats wi fi, only you normally pay a little bit less and its normally around 100 or So less for that wi fi only model, and if you want to get that cellular data model, you normally pay around a hundred dollars more while this device isnt just cellular capable it also is capable of 5g speeds. So this is a good tablet for someone who wants an affordable tablet and a tablet on the go, but it does have some pros and cons. So i do want to get a little more detailed on this tablet and lets really see if its worth your hard earned money. So if we look at the back of this device, you are going to see that it looks very, very nice now. This is not aluminum or it doesnt feel at all like aluminum, it sort of feels like a coated plastic, so it does feel very, very nice. Its got a unique texture to the back. I really like it. I do feel its nice and grippy and with the tcl logo and everything i do think it does look very very nice now, if you look to the sides of the tablet, youre gon na see dual speakers on both sides now again remember the price.

I know its 400 right, but you have to remember again a lot of that price youre paying is for cellular connectivity, so keep your expectations a little bit lower for 400. So the speakers they are good by the way they are not great, but they are pretty darn good, especially getting dual speakers on both sides. I was very impressed again for the price that i see this at now. You are going to see a usbc port on this side with these speakers and youre, going to see on this side with the speakers a power button, but the power button also doubles as a fingerprint sensor. I dont see a lot of tablets that are around two hundred and fifty dollars or around two hundred dollars. The wi fi only tablets, i dont, see them come with fingerprint sensors so to see it on this tablet. It is very very welcome in fact, the tab. S6 lite its a 350 tablet, did not come with a fingerprint sensor. You did not get a fingerprint sensor in the tab, s7 fe. So to see it on this. It is very, very welcome – and i very much like that now on the top of the device youre going to get your volume rocker and you will have your sim card and your sd card slot right up here. So its a very nice looking tablet and when you actually get into the tablet, yes, you are gon na see some bezels here, okay and those bezels well, i dont think theyre a big deal.

I think tablets honestly should have a little bit of bezels because you want something to hold on to if youre gaming or, if youre, using your tablet. I dont think its that big of a deal, but there are a little bit of bezels on each side. So you do need to keep that in mind. Now, if we look at the front of the tablet youre going to look at this beautiful display – and i do think it is very – very good. Its a 10.36 inch display its got a 2000 by 1200 resolution and it is very, very good as far as the quality, its an ips screen. It looks good. It does get bright enough for me, so i know i know i know if you look at that and you look at this display its not going to compare with something like again the tab s7 or the tab s6, or something like that remember to keep your Expectations in check and remember what youre getting with this tablet, because its a snapdragon 480 as far as the processor, and that is a very good processor overall. This does come with 64 gigabytes of storage and 4 gigabytes of ram, and this device is going to be pretty fast. Now, if you do see that snapdragon 480, you might freak out if youre a big, techie and say oh, this wont be fast. This wont be fast well, snapdragons have actually very much improved in the 400 range, and this is gon na compare more to those snapdragon 600s that youre used to.

So it does give good performance. Now it is middle ground performance and when i say that i just mean that its not the best, its not the worst, it is very, very good and reliable though, and this device did not freeze up on me a ton now, if i did open up an App and i did close that app – i would have to wait for it to close before i could swipe up again to get back to the apps again, so you do have to wait for some animations and you do have to wait for things to load. If you are going to do various tasks, but overall, this is going to be pretty good and reliable as far as performance, and it does come with android 11, and that is very, very good. Android 12 did come out recently, but again it was a little bit ago and theyre still working out a lot of bugs and kinks. But if im honest, i dont know if tcl is going to give a lot of support for it. As far as software, because im still very very behind on security patches and i dont think, tcl is known for their software support on phones or tablets. So this tablet in a lot of ways, is as basic as it can get and thats, not necessarily a bad thing. So if i look at this tablet – and i look at the overall landscape and im really trying to give you some buying advice and give you advice on, if you should consider buying this – i would say this tablet is very good, but you have to remember: who Should buy it because this tablet again, if you compare it to devices out there, youre not going to see a lot of 5g devices out there to compare it to because there just arent a lot of 5g tablets out there in the world.

Now, if you go to other carriers, you might find a lot, but with verizon theres, just not much available. So this is really going to be your go to option if you want a 5g tablet and especially if you want a 5g tablet running android because for 3.99 i would say 5g on a tablet. At least youd get android if youre familiar with it. If thats something youre looking to do, this tablet is going to be pretty darn good. The performance is at least going to be reliable, its not going to be the slowest it wont be the fastest, but at least youll be able to get your basic work done. Youll be able to stay connected to verizons network and the battery life is pretty good as well on this tablet its going to get you through your average pacings in your day, because this does have an 8 000 milliamp battery. So its got good battery life. Its got good performance, its got a lot of good things about it, now, its not 120 hertz on the refresh rate, but if you want a good tablet with 5g, this is a good option. Now, if you dont need 5g, this is not a good tablet for you thats one of the biggest cons of it, because if youre a person thats just looking for a good tablet in the android space – and you see this and you see it at verizon – look Dont just buy it with verizon and then youre going to end up with that big monthly bill every month.

If you dont need that 5g network dont buy this and ive got to be honest with you, you can get a hotspot on most verizon plans. You could share with your tablet anyway, so i do think that tablet. Connectivity is a little more of a niche thing, its not something that your average person is going to need now. Are there any other cons for this tablet? Well, there are some other cons. I mean the software is not the best thing in the world, so if i do open up something like the best buy app, for example, thats been my big example for so many tablets, because it always goes to portrait mode best buy is a big enough company. They just need to fix that on their own right, but either way they havent. It always goes to portrait mode and a lot of tablet. Manufacturers have to work with their software to fix that on their side. Well, samsung has done it. They have fixed their software to force things into landscape mode, but on this tcl it does not. So that means that if you run across an app that only works in portrait mode, you are going to have to flip your tablet over and use it in portrait mode. Instead, now thats not a terrible thing for a lot of people, you might not care. Who cares what mode i use it in thats? One thing you need to keep in mind also.

There are not a lot of good cases for this tablet. I know verizon does have a couple options, but they are a little more expensive and if you do look at other options on amazon, there are not a lot ive. Seen like two or three options and the option i got was just not very good. The haptic feedback also isnt the best thing in the world, its a little bit cheaper, but again, very expected on a tablet like this. So overall, i think this tablet is very good, its not great but its good, its reliable its. What youd expect its a good tablet that works well with 5g, so simply put if you need 5g. This is a good tablet to buy. Now, if you dont need 5g and you dont need cellular connectivity, i would recommend something like the samsung galaxy tab. S6 lite ive seen that on sale for around two hundred and fifty dollars and no it doesnt have a fingerprint sensor, but it does come with an s pen. Its gon na have a very similar screen quality very similar screen brightness very similar speed, similar ram youre going to have a lot of similar features, but you are going to get a little bit better software support and youre also going to get that s pen. Of course, with samsung dex it does have samsung decks as well, which is great if you are looking to do some productivity stuff. So that is a good recommendation and you would save a little bit of money if you got that as well.

But this tablet is all about the connectivity, its all about connecting to 4g lte, its all about connecting to 5g and thats a market that has not really been tapped into by a lot of people at all. So tcl theyve done a great job with this tablet. I would recommend it, but i would recommend it to that specific audience that is on verizon and is looking for a 5g tablet. Thank you so much for watching this video. I appreciate it feel free to give me a like and give me a sub that does help me out and by the way it is tablet season. People, okay, im gon na, be doing a ton of coverage on tablets, especially all of these samsung tablets that are about to come out im talking about the tab. S8, the tab s8 ultra, the tab s8 plus. All of those i plan to cover in the long run, so please give me a like give me a sub and follow my videos also follow me on twitter at digestandroid, so that does help me out as well. So thank you so much. I hope you have a fantastic day and check out some other videos.