A l e right – and this is such an entry level – tablet to the point that well, okay, let me let me save all that for later lets talk about build quality and design real quick and were gon na were gon na have a conversation about this tablet. So the back is made the whole entire tablet is made out of plastic, and the back has this textured material for grip. Also reminds me of like a composition, notebook that I used to use for Middle School, um yeah. I thought that was cool, so on the top of the tablet, you do have your headphone jack USBC Port, as well as a speaker on the top and a speaker on the bottom. So it does support a dual speaker, setup and well get to hear the speakers in a little bit and the front has an 8 inch IPS 1280×800 display, and let me tell you something: uh dont dont. Let this footage fool you! This display is actually really bad. I did a lot of color grading on this to make it look nice, but yeah. This display is really bad, its very pixelated and overall, just not very good display and when you try to view it off and off axis, it distort a lot. So not a really good display its only a sub 720p panel uh, you can definitely see the pixels and honestly, when it comes to. I I get it. This is an entry level tablet its around 160 dollars.

If you get it retail, MSRP and heres the thing about that when it comes to making tablets in general Android tablets, any entry level Android tablet so far is just not really that good and were going to talk about specs and things like that. In a little bit as well, but when it comes to making an Android tablet, the first priority that any manufacturer should have in mind is the display make it decent. It doesnt have to be great, but make it this tablets best quality. Unfortunately, it is not. Okay. Lets talk about specs as well, so it does have a quad core chip, so only four cores: it has three gigabytes of RAM and standard 32 gigabytes of storage and, my goodness, its very slow. This is one of the slowest tablets that Ive used and Im not even trying to joke around or make. This tablet seem like its bad but thats just what it is, its extremely slow um when it comes to opening apps here and there it does hiccup. It lags a lot and were going to take a look at some video, okay, so Im gon na give you guys a sample of a video that I tried to play and it just lagged so much. It seemed like a PC from like 1990 something right. So look at this, so this is me trying to play one of my videos and its straight from YouTube. Wi Fi connection was fine, but its just the lack of low quality frame rate.

I dont know if thats like a processor issue or a software issue, but it was bad. It was really really bad um. You can literally see the frames one by one at this point um and its unfortunate. I wanted this tablet to be good for 160. I really wanted it to be good, but, with that being said, listen to the speaker, quality and Ill come back with some final words real quickly if you havent subscribed. If you havent liked this video make sure you do so, a lot of great content on this phone is coming really soon so stay tuned, and this is basically my first thought best thought type of video Ive had this phone for literally less than 24 hours. All right so, as you guys heard, the speakers actually not bad its kind of this tablets best quality and, let me just say something also about build quality. This is very light, but the speaker is not bad. It does also distort at highest volume but thats. Okay, the best qual two qualities about this tablet is the stereo speaker, um or the Dual speaker. However, you want to say it and the light build quality of this tablet other than that is just not even worth looking at. To be honest with you, I just wanted to make this video to clear the air on this tablet. If people are interested in purchasing it, I honestly would take my money elsewhere and Ill leave a couple of recommendations in the description below so yeah.

I mean do that, take that information and so yeah do uh so yeah take that information and do with it as you wish like. I said. I really would not recommend this tablet for anybody at this point, its really that bad but yeah, 160 bucks. Thank you. All so much for watching, and I will definitely catch you guys in the next video.