If you guys want to know more about this tablet, watch this video with me, because Im just about to tell you how you can get this tablet for absolutely free. This is right. Stick make sure to subscribe. Give me thumbs up without any further Ado lets find out now, if youre already a customer with Metro by T Mobile, and you have your account active over 30 days, I would highly recommend to go to the store. Have them add the tablet and it would be free now, if you want to purchase a new phone and then add the tablet, your account now active for 30 days. You will pay 50 for the tablet. Now the tablets offer two different plans. One Metro by T Mobile 15 for three gigabytes or thirty dollar for unlimited LTE, because this is not a 5G tablet for T Mobile customer. They have to add the tablet. Either they pay Seven dollars every month or pay the full price which is 150 dollars trick. T Mobile store for more details, maybe in the future, well have better deals and promotion now lets take a quick look on the main specifications, starting with the display we have 8 inch. This is a relatively not a large tablet, with 800p resolution, high definition, only with the mind of PPI 189. The display is not too shabby, in my opinion, moving to the chipset it. We have a quad core processor from mediatek 6761 Helio 822, three gigabyte of RAM and 32 gigabyte of internal storage.

Also, you guys not going to expect any high performance of this chipset. This is a mid tier chipset. You guys not going to expect the best performance later on. I will provide some tests with some gaming and give you more details, information about the performance for the operating system. We have Android 12, its custom UI, because this is a TCL TCL. They have a little bit of customization for the software well find out more later on in the video now for the battery, we have 4080 milliamp with 5 watt charging, so we do not have a quick charging camera. We have five megapixel on the front five megas on the back and there is no flash, so you guys know I can expect anything fancy of the camera and by the way you can record video up to 1080 at 30. Fps now lets. Do quick. Unboxing have a look on on the box content, lift this open and you guys will see the tablet there we go. So this is it. We will come back later on and lets see what else it comes with well have SIM ejector tool, because this is a 4G tablet. So you can inject the SIM tray and add your sim card, and we have the 5 watt brick, which is good addition that we have a charger. At least that comes with it and USB 8, USB C cable and some quick start guide, as you guys can see, and nothing else in the box.

Now lets go ahead and remove the plastic there we go. The back has some textures, which is nice, always give good feeling and nice grip to the back, and we have the camera no flash. As I said, and we have the speaker Im going to test the speaker just to see how the sound will be – and we have another speaker so nice to see filing speaker on this tablet – and we have the c type headphone jack. If you need to hook up another speaker and we have on the side the volume up and down key and the power key, and we should have the symmetry right there, as you guys, can see, lets power on the tablet play with it and come back with More information, the design build construction, as expected from any low end. Tablet like this, you guys will expect to have a plastic, the chassis plastic, the back of plastic, but the grip is nice because that textures make it doesnt slip out of your hands so Ill. Give you credit for that design because doing that texture thing other than that, I have noticed that the screen is very fingerprint magnet. This tablet is narrated, waterproof doesnt have wireless charging Etc. Now also one of the things I like about this tablet when you grab the tablet like this, you wont block the speaker, so the speaker will fire from here and that will give you good sound experience and by the way, by testing this speaker in this tablet.

This sound is very amazing, the quality is good and the tablet is loud, the display quality is so important, establish the angular view is absolutely terrible, the colors are washed out and the brightness level is not good. Even color is not Vivid. So, in my opinion, one of the worst thing in this tablet will be the display something I would highly recommend the company to make tablets with decent screen, because people buy tablet because larger screens, so the screen, in my opinion, one of the most important aspect for Any tablet for the operating system: we have Android 12, something similar to the stock experience, and the only application I saw pre installed in this tablet would be the smart manager, something just to help you to kill the cache and the junk files Etc. To keep the tablet optimized with operating system, which is nice to see. The second difference will be those shortcut toggles from the notification bar over here and those, in my opinion, more organized than the stock Android, because one click you can turn the Wi Fi off and on while the Pure Stock Android. You have to go two steps. Generally speaking, the operating system, it didnt bother me in this tablet and it will give you good experience now: performance wise. You guys can expect to browse use social media applications. I dont think so. You will have any issue, even if you decide to play video games, that doesnt require a lot of Graphics in GPU.

I believe also, you should be fine. I have downloaded game. Doesnt require a lot of Graphics like subway surface. The experience was a great play. No frame drops Etc trying to go to a higher game that require more graphics, and here where we start seeing a lot of frame, drops and stuttering, and the experience in general was not too good. Even I run geekbench Mark just to see the score and the score was too low, and that tells us why this tablet its free anyway, if you are planning to buy this tablet or get this tablet, because you want to watch videos, social media applications do some Business, they will be good for you, but do not expect high performance now for the battery performance. 4080 is more than enough for this tablet. In my opinion, the Italian doesnt have high specifications or high bright screen where you use a lot of power. So, in my opinion, the battery will last you up to 12 hour screen on time and you will recharge the battery from zero percent to 100 within two hours in 20 minutes. I dont think so. We will have any complaint in the battery department and should last you for a longer time now. The question is: should you pick up this tablet from Mitchell by T Mobile, since you offered this tablet for free? If you just add it to your account, I believe it depends. If youre looking for a tablet to do some jobs, you have business and required to have a tablet or you have kids or you want to watch videos browsing social media app.

That would be perfect, for you put in your mind, youre going to be charged 15 for three gigs or thirty dollar for unlimited extra in your current bill. That was very much it for that video. Thank you so much everyone for watching. As always, guys give me a thumbs up subscribe and leave a comment.