Why you've probably never seen any reviews in this channel of a tws earbud that has the airpod style to them? And you know what i'm talking about the design of them, that they don't actually have the silicon tip they're, not really full in ears but more like a half in air. These are the teletronic sound liberty, 92s, and if you prefer this style over say the ones that are in here with the good seal and the tips, then they are actually worth a look. They don't sound too bad for this style of earbud. They do come with a up to five hours, run time and an additional 30 from the case, so let's check them out. So this is what you'll find in the box. We'Ve got here, a type c cable, which is a quite a thick but slim wide gauge. Cable, a little bit different we've got a quick start guide, so this does go over the controls. So i recommend you do actually read this of course, and then we have a more in depth manual. You could say with this, so there aren't any tips included. Okay, because well, these earbuds don't have the typical rubber the silicone tips that you'll find on the in ear style. So i really do like the size of this case, and it is lightweight. This is only 43 grams. The earbuds inside are just four grams each. So the material this is made out of is a nice plastic, very good finish to it.

It'S, not one of those rubberized matte ones that often sharp fingerprints. This doesn't, really it seems to be more resistant to your scratches and your fingerprints there's a status led right here for your battery inside, so it will offer 30 hours more additional charge time from the battery within this, which is good and for just five minute charge. You get about one hour of playback time type c port is down the bottom here and on the back, there is nothing now. This has quite a nice feel to it when you open it up this case and that's when the status led turns on for the battery there, letting you know at the moment that i have pretty much a full charge there, because it's not flashing away. So there is like a hidden little button right here. This is just to reset them. If you were going to be giving them to someone else, for example, then they'd have to use that to then be able to pair up to their own phone. So when you pull them out, you can probably just make out down here there's, actually the connectors there for the pogo port pins, which i'll show you shortly and then placing them back in. There are magnets that hold it into place. The lid does close quite nicely where they click there and when you open it, it does turn on straight away. There'S, like a little magnet in there, so it's using a whole sensor to detect that and that's when it pairs up to your phone.

So, depending on what you want to use just one of them, then you just pull out one for mono mode, of course, and have that pair up. So these earbuds are in a glossy black. You can see so it does pick up smudges and fingerprints and why have they gone with glossy is just to make them a little bit easier to clean. It makes sense why they've done this they're, clearly labeled left and right – and these are super lightweight. You hardly ever feel them in your ears, because they're only four grams, they kind of just feel like nothing when you insert them and down the bottom. Here we do have a pogo port connector, of course, for charging and in the middle that little hole is our microphone right on the back. Here, touch controls and there's. Also a little status led. You can see right now, shining blue because they are connected up there's. No sharp edges on this so overall, the plastics they have used are good quality and i really do like the weight of these they're. This super light all right to my ears. So how do the sound liberty 92s sound? Well, because they don't have the silicon like this i'll just demonstrate. With these there we go the silicon tip. You get a very good in air seal, these ones aren't really fully in air it's kind of like a half an ear. You don't get that deep down low, powerful bass and you also lack on sound isolation and as a result too, because they don't have a great seal.

I mean they don't even have that kind of cou you get on the silicon tip ones. You do have to push the volume up quite a bit now out of the box listening to all sorts of genres of music. I definitely find that the bass is there. It has been tuned for bass, certainly but again, just not as powerful and as deep that you can get from the ones that do have, of course, the silicon on them. So if you're a huge, deep bass lover, i would go for definitely ones that have the rubber tips on them, but it's down to comfort with these ones. Now the mints they sound, all right, reasonable. The highs are okay. At times, i do find that it can sometimes just sound a little flat on the mids there again it's, because i feel we don't have that really nice seal. In fact, we don't have any seal with these ones, but then again, this style, of course, is going to be a lot more comfortable in the long run for wearing them on hours on end versus this style, so it's down to preference of what style you prefer. So with this particular style of earbud, i do notice that i have to really boost the volume up. I'Ve got to use a much higher volume, i'd say a good 20, even sometimes 30, higher than what i would normally use in, depending on which kind of circumstances. I am if there's a bit of ambient noise around.

I really have to push that volume up as a result. Battery run time, for me, is nothing amazing, it's, quite average it's about 4 hours and 40 minutes, or so that i'm, getting out of these here before one of the earbuds will end up running out of juice. Now you can just plug them in and charge them for five minutes. They'Ve got a quick charge on there. That will give you about an hour's run time, so that's not actually too bad. I mean you do get extra 30 hours from the case, but still an average runtime with battery life here, and i believe part of that problem is because of this style. You really do need to use much higher volumes. So what about audio latency with these ones? They are actually very good, depending of course, on what phone you use so with my poco f2 pro, which this one actually is the k30 pro zoom that i have but it's, basically the same phone. The sync is perfect, so the audio is going with people's mouse perfectly it's in sync it's in time, but i did test that with some other phones and it was a little bit off so this will vary here again depending on which phone you are using and A very quick sample now from the microphone, so this is the quality you can expect using the sound liberty 92s that you can place calls and the other end will actually be able to make you up just fine.

So i rate this quality as above average here with these ones, so they are good for placing lots of voice calls onto the comfort now these ones. They are very, very good to wear these for extended long periods, and that is really the main selling point of these and the style of earbud is. They are very easy to insert, of course, and once in super comfortable lightweight they're, only four grams each and they don't give me any fatigue whatsoever. A lot of people do find that okay, the in ear ones, they often get a bit of heat, build up. You sometimes get a bit of pressure depending on the type of silicone tip, and that is just really the trade off of that style, but you do gain, of course, a better bass superior, sound quality overall, some passive noise isolation, so noise isolation with these ones. Here really absolutely – and nothing, of course, with this style not having that seal. A lot of sound comes in so that is a secondary bonus that people actually do want this now i prefer to be blocking out ambient noises. I don't want to hear my screaming two year old in the background all the time i hear that enough, and you probably sometimes pick it up on my videos. However, if you are going to be out, for example, you're out in town, you want to be able to still hear things about you, but still listen to your favorite tunes you're able to do so, and perhaps even for people that are going to be.

I don't know riding a bike or something you can hear that car coming up. You can just hear things that you wouldn't, of course, with the other style with the in ear and the seal, and that brings on to just a recap here of that: sound quality that okay, this style i'm, not a huge fan of i'll – admit that i'm. Not really that into this style of earbud because of that seal it's, the most important thing to getting very, very good, sound and especially when it comes to low. So, if you're, someone that loves just that hard hitting massive deep punchy bass, you're not going to get it out of these okay, however, okay, that doesn't actually sound too bad for this style. Now i did check some of these style. This style at least of earbuds out in the channel. I never ended up reviewing them because the to me they were flat. They were terrible, but these aren't. However, now so out of the box, yes teletronics, they have tuned the base. The lows up a little bit on these ones: the mints are okay, uh, the highs as well. I would rate them as just being average to me again it's, because we're not getting that seal, so vocals, they're kind of all right soundstage is is not where it would be with the in ear ones. It'S. It kind of feels like it's a little bit close to everything and it just changes a lot that because again the seal so that's.

Why i'm not a huge fan of them? So really it comes down to a lot of things that the volume as well needs to be pushed a lot higher, because we don't have the seal again i'm, just like a broken record aren't. I here and that's just a fact, though, so that means the battery life we're getting out of these is kind of average as well, so you can get up to five hours. You get additional 30 from the case and the case designer do like very nice. Little case here it is also very light so with the earbuds inside it's, only 43 grams, and for the price of these i think yeah they are decent. They are decent. Are they the absolute best in terms of the sound you're getting from them? Definitely no not, but really you would buy these because you want the comfort super comfortable. Have they fallen out while i'm wearing them? No, can you run around to them and jump in and, for example, do skipping? Will they pop out then possibly again, the seal there? I go how many times have i said seal in this video, someone will probably count and say: chris, you said it 52 times so. Overall, the taotronic sound liberty, 92s for this style of earbud. I don't think at all a bad thank you for watching this and there's going to be plenty more tws, earbud reviews coming up in the channel, because i've decided i'm going to start checking out more a lot.

More companies are getting in touch with me and they're. Saying: hey we've got this new one. You want to test it out and i'm just going yes to almost everything.