So in the Box itself. It is well protected by kind of this soft styrofoam, so nice protection, when you do get it, my box did take a bit of abuse, but the projector came out. Okay, you get an AC plug with no power supply attached, which is nice, its all built into the projector and your standard, two prong. So you do get a small tripod and it does have the standard quarter adapter on the top, so you can use other tripods if you do have them and uh pretty neat to have that option. Doesnt extend but still its nice base for it. You get an instruction guide, so its fairly big some information on both sides, also some wipes for the projector and also the lens. This is the remote which is quite nice, very simple and uses AAA batteries on the back two aaas, which are not included, and it is a very nice feeling remote. So it works very well very responsive and then this is the unit itself. So its quite light, probably about two three pounds and its very portable and it has kind of a nice retro look. So I do like the the look of It kind of a gray fabric plastic and then heres your manual focus on the top. So you can just go left and right kind of a wood looking carry strap but as rubber, so kind of a brown strap theres your quarter adapter on the bottom, some venting on the back, and you have your power, your 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack, a USB port. An HDMI so again, thats the front, looks quite nice in my opinion, so now lets see how this performs and lets also go over. The specs quickly says for specs youre, looking at a light source which is led. The projection brightness is 150 NC lumens. The resolution is native 1080p. The thrill ratio is 1.4 to 1, so you can go up to 100 inches. The width ratio is 16 to 9.. The Keystone is trapezoid, so you can do up down left right, projection method. You can support front rear and hanging manual focus wheel, built in speaker is 5 watt times two. It has a mediatek CPU and the Mele g31 and it can decode up to 4K. The ram is 2 gigs DDR3. The storage is 32 gigs, its running Android 9. Bluetooth 5 Wi Fi is 2.4 and 5 gigahertz. You can can also add storage with a USB or an SSD, and it does also have support for AirPlay for apple and also Miracast for Android power. Consumption is 65 Watts. So here I have the projector set up and Im going to show you first on a gray wall and here its just going to give you an idea of how long it takes to boot up so lets start it right now so go the fans start. Projector turns on and right beside the projector as far as noise goes, which Im getting about 38 decibels, quite quiet for a projector, not really going to annoy you too much as far as the noise, and this is the interface.

So if your Miracast for Android, you have your AirPlay for Apple, you have your settings, the App Store YouTube. This is not Netflix certified, so this will be SD file explorer. You have your Chrome, some other apps here and also Google Play and Prime video, and also this is not Google Certified, so you wont get HD and Netflix or Prime video or Disney plus, Etc. The YouTube would be the one to give you more HD or if you also plug in something else via HDMI, you could get more 1080p depending what device youre using and as far as settings go. So the remote doesnt seem to use line of sight. It feels fairly Snappy, so heres your Wi Fi and there, as I said before, you can do 2.4 or 5 gigahertz, the Bluetooth. You can do 5.0 heres your Zoom. So if you find that the picture is too big too small, you can zoom it down and you cant go larger. You can only go smaller and heres where you would change the mode of the projection. So if you are doing ceiling, rear or front or rear ceiling, heres your Keystone and it says auto correction for Keystone, but it seems to be possibly in a future update. So you can do it the standard way with the trapezoid. So you just adjust your picture based on the four corners here. You do have different wallpapers, so I changed the background. Otherwise, the apps are fixed on the screen, so it defaults to a white background and theres some other ones here, Ill just cycle through so nice to have some options just to give it a little bit more customization.

As far as a wallpaper close your options – and you can also set your time zone – the fan is on auto. You can also adjust that if you want more or less here gives the option to boot into HDMI, if you want to do that versus the interface use your sound settings. So if you dont like the Ketone or the boot sound, you can turn them off and sound effects, theres standard or Vivid. I just have it on standard heres, your language settings theres, quite a few options for languages, your app management, so all the apps that are installed theres, your factory reset and your system update, so lets check out a YouTube. Video, so picture is quite good for this size of projector and also the sound is quite good Music. So this is about 60 percent and it gets quite loud Music a little bit of distortion when you turn up all the way. So I like to keep it down a little bit Music, but overall, the speakers are quite impressive for the size and on the YouTube on the device it does max out at 720p. So if you want to get more from YouTube, you would have to plug in a different device Music there. You can see the frames so its 1080, but its projecting at 720, and there is some drop frames ready. So the internal CPU is okay. I would say its not the most powerful, but for general watching General viewing consumption.

It still does look quite good at 720P Music, and there is a program at the bottom which I wont show you here. But this is mainly why youre paying this kind of price for their projector and thats going to be on the Rumble videos. You can check out my Rumble channel for more extended, uncensored video of the rest of the projector as far as the interface and what youre paying for with that one app. Otherwise, I do have coupon codes which will be below as well, so you can get 20 people can get a hundred dollars off this projector. Then theres also other coupon codes there as well. So you can check that out if you are interested in purchasing otherwise lets check out some gaming on this device. Okay, so I was just going to show you the Xbox running on here and it does actually support a higher resolution, but it brings it down to 1080p, so it downgrades as a resolution, but it still does look better than native 1080p. But unfortunately, if I click on a game it wants me to sign in and its not working so Ill show you instead the switch, and then at least we can see some gaming Music here goes Music Music foreign. So here we have the projector hooked up to a proper screen now about 10 feet away. So you can see this is a 100 inch screen and this is what the room lights on so definitely its a projector thats meant to be in a dark room.

You can see the lumens just arent quite there to give enough brightness and room light. I know if I turn off the lights, then its definitely a lot better, so you can see its a lot more crispy, not so washed out. Colors are popping more. The blacks are a bit blacker, so that gives an idea of how it looks with a proper screen and hooked up about 10 feet away, which gives you that hundred inch – and this is displaying 60 hertz. So if you do upscale the video to lets say a 4K, it will down scale it and the maximum you can get lets say for gaming is 60p, so still is a fun device to game on. You can plug in anything into it and its still going to downscale or give you that 1080p. At least you get that proper. You know big screen effect big screen action on your games, this also Ill mention is a nice feature. When you turn it off, you do get the option to put it into Bluetooth, speaker mode, so we changed there. You can see its now on Bluetooth, speaker mode, so you can use your phone then other device to project to it via Bluetooth. Then you can use it as a speaker which is nice, so thats, the tangula 1080p full HD LED portable projector. So because of the platform, I can show you the one feature or the one app, which is probably the reason why youd consider a device like this.

As a projector Id say its okay, its not going to give you the best lumens, the most lumens to project the image for lets, say gaming or using another device, so youre Id say more or less going to consider this for the one app thats going to Give you more so check out my Rumble channel for that, if its not up right now, it should be up soon as Im doing this video First on YouTube and then the other one will follow. The more uncensored version will follow in Rumble after so otherwise links below. I think, for what you get youd have to be a certain person. I think, to purchase this. If you have looked at those other, maybe boxes that feature the same app thats. Something to consider, then, would be this where you can just bring it camping, lets, say or around the house or to a friends house, and you can use that provided app to to watch other things. So thatd be the demographic. I think that would look for this. So obviously Ill talk more about that on my Rumble Channel. Otherwise, thanks for watching thats, the specs and everything of this projector, otherwise I think the looks are quite good for it. The sound is quite good. The picture is good in the dark and I think for the size and portability of it its kind of a nice option. If you are that person that is going to bring it around.

So thanks for watching check out my Twitter Instagram dont forget to subscribe.