Prime tally has recently introduced a new product for businesses in smb space and they have been calling it the new business manager across their campaigns. We decided to review the product ourselves on specific parameters to see how capable this business manager is for the middle eastern markets Music. There is no doubt that today’s businesses demand a fast, reliable, simple, yet efficient and user friendly data management, software for everyday use via accounting and purchase, receivables, payables or inventory, tracking order, processing, payroll management, bank transactions and statutory compliance. This is where you need to consider an integrated business management solution that can handle all of these requirements of your business before we review this new business manager and show you how comprehensive and functional tally, prime can be. Let us first review the cost of implementation of teleprime it’s, set up time, connectivity, vat capabilities, whether you can manage multiple companies with a single tally, prime license product insights, and how good is its customer support, so the most crucial concern. What is the basic it infrastructure requirement, and is it a recurring cost? Well, let me tell you all: you need is a 64 bit windows operating system and a very basic hardware setup, a pc or a laptop to get started. Tally, prime comes with a lifetime license, which means you own the license and you do not have to pay the license fee ever again, Music. Next, what is the setup time, and how long does it take to install and implement the software? Well, you can install and start using the product in a few minutes.

I have been running this software and mark my words. This software is incredibly intuitive and hence there is hardly any training required Music. Can you access your business data from anywhere and, if so, is it a safe connection? You can reliably access, teleprime reports from anywhere using any device, be it a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, and so on with a web browser and an active internet connection and as far as security and controls are concerned, you have complete control on who views the Reports and which reports are available to a user Music now coming to vat. You must be wondering what capabilities does it have and if it adheres to the guidelines of local tax authorities? Yes, you can generate that compliant invoices in both english and arabic, and stay on top of compliance with accurate v80 filing capabilities. The software also helps you avoid human errors and suggests corrective course of action with its vat triangulation reports, Music with tally’s multi user license. Not just your tax invoice, but you can also set arabic as your preferred display language in teleprime Music. Well, a common concern for you might be if there will be any additional payments for new users and modules. And can you manage multiple companies with one teleprime license? Well, the answer is yes, you can definitely maintain books of accounts for multiple companies with the same license, and can you keep adding more users as your business grows, with tally’s multi user license? You can actually have any number of people operating on one license on the same network.

More importantly, do you have to pay for each new module or a feature that you enable? Well, the good news is that tally offers an integrated business solution with which you can manage all your business needs without having to pay extra now. Another big question is: how does it impact decisions? How insightful is tally, prime for a business owner to take right decisions? You actually get a 360 degree view of your business via insightful business report in tally, prime, which will help you to assess the performance of the organization coming to the most crucial question. How good is tally? Prime’S customer support tally has one of the most strongest local support systems with over 200 certified tally partner across the middle east and 12×7 toll free email and chat support. While we have evaluated the above parameters it’s now time to look more closely at the recent enhancements in tally, prime let’s find out Music tally. Prime software’s master innovation is the go to tool. It helps you find data information and features quickly, be it finance, stock or taxes with go to. You can now conveniently search, explore, discover and view all new insights in one place to run your business better, even without knowing the navigation path. Yes, teleprime’s reporting engine is simply magical and it gets even more insightful with change view basis of values and exception reports that you will get across the product. Let’S take a closer look, tally. Prime’S change view suggests alternative views of the same report to get better insights.

So if you want to look at your fortnightly sales trends from your sales register or your stock summary item, wise change view will make it happen. Basis of values, offers new perspectives, tally, prime’s basis of values, changes the parameters and reports to provide a different perspective. If you want to look at overdue, builds in your outstanding report or your working capital, while reviewing your balance sheet basis of values, is there to help exception reports, one click to access data, exceptions that require your attention. So in case you want to filter out stock items with negative balance or post dated transactions. From your day book exception, reports will come in handy. You can even select below reorder level to see items that have a shortfall and need to be replenished Music. So, with a fresh new look and feel, we can surely conclude that tally. Prime, is definitely your support partner for business growth.